DIY Halloween background for a photo booth or as a wall decoration for the party

After putting so much effort into the Halloween costume and make-up, you want to have a great memory of it, of course. That’s why you usually take a lot of photos. For this reason, if you have planned a Halloween party, it is also a great idea to provide the guests with a creative Halloween background that they can use for such photos. In this way, the costumes come into their own and the photos are given the finishing touches with the right theme. Such backgrounds are also suitable for dessert tables or the buffet, as a background for dance floors or just to design a free wall. But what can such a background look like for Halloween? We’ll show you some wonderful ideas to do it yourself!

Make your own Halloween background for photos and as decoration

Halloween background with pumpkin from balloons

Halloween background from balloons in orange and yellow - make your own pumpkin

Isn’t this Halloween background just wonderful? This creative idea is also really very easy to implement. All you have to do is allow a little more time and be prepared to inflate loads of balloons – unless you are using a balloon pump (which we strongly recommend). In this case, you get an elaborate accessory for a corner to take photos of which your guests will never get enough of. Here’s what you need:

  • cardboard
  • orange and some yellow balloons
  • green crepe paper
  • hot glue

Halloween background craft idea - make a frame out of cardboard and stick it with balloons

Take the cardboard and cut it into many strips. At first you put these strips together like a pumpkin. Feel free to look at pumpkins online for this purpose to create the correct shape. If you are satisfied with the shape, you can glue the strips together. While the glue dries, inflate lots of balloons. The Halloween background will look even more interesting if you combine balloons of different sizes and also add a few yellow here and there instead of just orange. Then glue the nodes of the balloons to the cardboard frame you just made. Now cut out a piece of cardboard for the stem, wrap it with the green crepe paper and glue it to the pumpkin as well.

Bats on the wall

Make the wall simple and beautiful with black paper bats

The following idea is made even simpler because all you need is a template, which you can find and use below, to transfer the bat shape onto black paper, plus scissors and tape or dots of glue for the wall. Print out the template and then cut out the bat. Place the design on black paper, trace the outline with a pencil and repeat these steps many times until you have the desired number of bats.

Homemade photoboth with bats - print template to cut out

Then fold each bat in half, stick a piece of tape or dots of glue on the underside, and then put the bat on the wall. Then design the free wall like this and you will get an attractive Halloween background, which is great both as a normal Halloween decoration and for taking photos at parties. The adhesive strips can be easily removed later, so you don’t have to worry about your wallpaper or wall paint.

Hanging spiders with glitter on helium balloons

Halloween background with paper spiders and balloons with helium

Don’t you find this decoration idea for a Halloween background just super creative? You can either hang the glittering spiders on balloons that are filled with helium and float on the ceiling, or alternatively you can hang them directly on the ceiling. This is how easy it is to make these types of Halloween backgrounds yourself:

Make your own Halloween background - design spiders with glitter

Print out the template for the spider several times and then cut out the spiders. If you prefer to save your printer ink, you can print out and cut a spider instead and then transfer it several times onto black paper in order to then cut out the motifs. Then put a little glue anywhere on one spider and sprinkle glitter over it and repeat with the other spiders. Once the glue has dried, you can tap off any excess glitter.

Template to print out for a spider for handicrafts

Then poke a hole in the spider’s body (or use a hole punch), put string through it, and tie a knot in the back to keep the string from slipping out of the hole again. If you haven’t already, you can then bend the spider legs to make the spiders look more realistic. Now you can tie the spiders to the balloons and let them float in space.

Monster teeth as a Halloween background

Design Fotoboth with self-made teeth on a black curtain

You will need white poster paper from which you will cut out the large teeth. You can use the template below for this purpose. Instead of printing out the teeth (you probably don’t have such a large printer anyway and would have to go to a copy shop), you can simply mark the teeth by hand to get really big teeth. They don’t have to look perfect either. After all, monsters don’t have perfect teeth!

Easy DIY Halloween background made of white teeth - tinker with a monster's teeth

So that the teeth can also come into their own, you should prepare a darker background to which you can glue the teeth. Sheets, curtains and the like are suitable for this purpose. Glue the teeth to the background like a set of teeth and you’re done. White is too boring for you? Why don’t you try yellow ones, which will look even more creepy and disgusting!

Free template for monster teeth to transfer onto poster paper

Candy corn as Halloween background images with a template to print out

Halloween background with candy corn made of paper for a happy party mood

This Halloween background is friendly and whets your appetite for sweets. Candy Corn is one of the most popular sweets on Halloween in America and should not be missing in any decoration – whether as a candy, a crafted motif or simply in the form of its typical colors. This is the perfect idea for a Halloween background with candy corn made of paper, don’t you think so? All you have to do is get the following things:

  • Craft cardboard in orange, yellow and pink (or three others if you like)
  • scissors
  • duct tape
  • Adhesive tape for the wall
  • printer

Party decoration for the wall - candycorn in pink, orange and yellow

Download the template at the end of the article and print it out on the selected paper colors. Then cut out the individual elements, marking out which element has which number (e.g. with a pencil on the back). Then stick with the tape or glue 1a on 1b, 2a on 2b and accordingly also 3a on 3b. Then glue the resulting three elements together (1a / b is the top, 2a / b is the middle and 3a / b is the lower part). Finally, you just stick the adhesive strips on the back of each candy corn and then on the wall.

Photo background from fringes

Beautiful backgrounds for the Halloween party and great photos as a souvenir

Or how about such simple fringes as a Halloween background for any area at the Halloween party? It is the typical Halloween colors that make up this decoration: orange, black and white. But purple, red, green and yellow are also suitable, so that you are welcome to put together a different color scheme. What you need for the wall decoration:

  • Plastic snow fence (see picture below)
  • thin oilcloth tablecloths in the desired colors (about 3 per color)
  • hot glue
  • Background stand or, for example, a long wooden stick to hang the background (you can also attach the fringed background directly to the wall.)

Tinker fringed curtains with plastic tablecloths

Fold one of the tablecloths in half, cut the two layers apart along the crease and repeat this with the two halves so that you have 4 pieces in total. Place these four pieces on top of each other and cut them into 1 to 2 inches wide strips. Caution! Do not cut them all the way through, only to about 5 cm below the top edge so that you get the fringes and no separate strips. Repeat for all the other tablecloths, but set aside two pieces of each color.

Make a curtain for the Halloween party out of fringes yourself

Now cut the snow fence to the size you want and attach it to your stand or wall. Now glue the prepared fringes to it with hot glue, starting at the bottom and working your way up (in this way the upper layers always overlap the lower ones and even transitions are created). Now take the tablecloth pieces that you put aside earlier and cut them in half (you will get 12 pieces if you work with three colors). Place these over the top of the stand to cover any free spaces. Finally, trim the curtain you received at the bottom so that it ends at floor level and the Halloween background is ready!

Make your own garland for the Halloween background

Simple craft idea for the Halloween party to take photos

A simple garland can be enough to make the Halloween photos more interesting or to highlight a buffet or dessert table. And you can put these together with ready-made decorations such as paper fans, lanterns, balloons or honeycomb balls. They are offered in different colors, so you won’t have any problems finding the right Halloween colors. Just take yarn, cut it to the length you want, hang the piece and attach the chosen decorations to it.

Make beautiful Halloween garland yourself out of lanterns, fans and spider webs

Also look for a few typical Halloween motifs such as cobwebs, spiders, bats, small pumpkins and the like to give the garland the finishing touches for the Halloween background. In principle, you can let your creativity run free.

Crescent moon in bright colors

Colorful crescent moon made of fringes and styrofoam - creative wall decoration with bats

Whether you design the moon in bright colors as in the example or prefer to use typical Halloween colors to design a gloomy crescent moon is of course up to you. You don’t need more than:

  • Fringed ribbons
  • Styrofoam plate
  • duct tape
  • box cutter

Instructions for making a moon as a wall decoration with metallic fringes

Draw the shape of a crescent moon on the styrofoam sheet. To do this, you can simply use a pointed object and lightly push it into the plate. Then cut out the shape with the utility knife. Since quite a lot of polystyrene parts will fly around in the process, you can also do this outdoors. Then take your fringes and cut them into smaller pieces. You can also shorten them. Use the tape to stick the fringes to the moon. Start at the bottom and work your way up one row at a time.

Lettering for decorating the dessert table or for a photo booth

Of course, the moon is by no means the only motif that you can choose. It is really suitable for anything that you associate with Halloween. As an aid, you can also print out a large template and use it to transfer the respective motif onto the styrofoam plate. Lettering is also well suited. And if you want, you can add a few more decorations around this motif. For example, how about some of the bats from the instructions above?

Candy corn template