Decorate Halloween pumpkins using original techniques

halloween pumpkins colors paint zigzag pink blue purple yellow

The traditional fall colors are orange, red, yellow, chocolate brown and burgundy red. But how can you decorate your home if you don’t like these colors or if these nuances don’t go well with your interior at all? Don’t worry, there are so many ideas and shades to use here – from bright pink to deep black! The most important elements for your fall and Halloween decorations are the Halloween pumpkins, that you can quickly paint in any color you want.

Decorate Halloween pumpkins with decoupage

halloween pumpkins decoupage idea romantic motifs bird flowers

If you want to try something new this year, the decoupage technique is perfect for you. Pick a popular pattern and it can easily and quickly wrap your pumpkin. You can use different materials for decoupage – napkins, textile, printed pictures, etc..

Halloween pumpkins – decoupage with sequins and other things

halloween pumpkins white sequins technology black cobweb spider

Alternatively, you can not just dress up your Halloween pumpkins in fabric, but paint them and decorate them with an interesting accent – like this black lace. Bows, pearls, decorative stones, even old buttons and paper – they are all perfect for the pumpkin decoration. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new fabrics and unusual colors.

Pumpkin with rhinestones

halloween pumpkins rhinestones pink silver glamor

Idea for the pumpkin with ribbons

halloween pumpkins ribbon dots pattern original idea

Ribbons were simply used for this idea of ​​designing Halloween pumpkins. You can of course choose these in any color and with a wide variety of patterns. Just wrap them around the pumpkin and tie or glue them to the stem.

Paint and decorate Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkins decorate bright white flowers lace

Blue is a cool and calming color that can contrast perfectly with the red colored autumn leaves or berry branches. Here this sweet light blue pumpkin is decorated with lace flowers and looks very elegant and shabby chic.

Decoupage pumpkin with photos

Halloween pumpkins decoupage technique black and white photos

Metallic pumpkins

silver halloween pumpkins decoration house

Pumpkin with wallpaper

Halloween pumpkin blue white floral decoupage

White pumpkins and black lace

Halloween pumpkins decorate white black lace

Zigzag pattern in yellow and white

Pumpkins stick on paper white yellow zig zag pattern

Glue buttons to paper

pumpkin decorate paint pink zig zag pattern buttons

blue pumpkins and berries

Halloween pumpkins untraditional colors blue white

silver pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins painted silver black spiders

spray with glitter spray

Halloween pumpkins glitter spray paint red gold glass cake stand

black pumpkin and raven silhouette

halloween decoration black pumpkin book raven

light blue and orange

deco pumpkins veranda light blue orange ribbon

decor pumpkins unusual patterns colors use ideas

white pumpkins countertop arranged kitchen decor

unusual pumpkins pink black painted halloween

door decoration picture frame mini pumpkins hanging  pink pumpkins decorate house decorate  Pumpkins pink purple paint porch decoration  painting pumpkins halloween decoration house silver gold copper

autumn deco covered table garden green white candles

Halloween table decoration gold black gourds plate   Halloween pumpkins light pink non-traditional color

Painting Halloween pumpkins blue is not traditional

Painting Halloween pumpkins zig zag pattern white black orange

Pumpkins paint different patterns in pink

decorated pumpkin decoupage flowers vintage pattern

blue pumpkins paint house decorate

blue painted pumpkin autumn leaves berries decoration

Halloween pumpkins black white checkered golden stem

mini decoration pumpkins pink paint candlestick

Paint pumpkins decorate light pink white

Wrap circles around Halloween pumpkins on tissue paper

Halloween pumpkins paint gold leaf blue mantelpiece

decoration pumpkins white blue mantelpiece leaves vases

Halloween pumpkins poke candle holder delicate pattern