Cleopatra make-up for Halloween or Mardi Gras – instructions and beautiful ideas as inspiration

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Halloween is coming soon and you want to make a really big impression with your costume? Then the little details are exactly what matters most. For example, if you have decided on an Egyptian costume for the upcoming costume party, we will show you how to complement the look with the right make-up. Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, is a popular role model for the Egyptians. In the following we reveal how you put on make-up as Cleopatra and create a complete look for Halloween or Mardi Gras.

Applying make-up as Cleopatra – what to watch out for?

Mardi Gras Halloween Cleopatra Make Up Ideas

Cleopatra was considered the most beautiful woman in ancient Egypt. That is why many women want to slip into the role of the famous Egyptian for Carnival or Halloween. If the costume is already finished and is in the closet, you can now think about the right make-up. So that the make-up works perfectly on the day of the celebration, it is advisable to try it out the day before at the latest. With practice, you can make sure nothing goes wrong right before the costume party. To make the task easier for you, we take a closer look at the most important steps.


The eye makeup is the most important part of disguising as Cleopatra. Her eyes are pronounced and the generous eyeliner is one of her most famous features. Many women use “Cleopatra eyeliner” to put on make-up for a party evening because the look is mysterious and expressive. However, Cleopatra eye make-up is not suitable for women with small eyes. As for the eyeshadow, strong colors like blue are recommended either over the entire lid or up to the crease.

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If you want to put on make-up as Cleopatra, you should definitely emphasize the eyebrows as well. Otherwise the look looks somehow incomplete. You are also welcome to use make-up to make the shape of the eyebrows more angular to imitate the famous Cleopatra look.


The right color for the lips rounds off the entire look. You can make up the lips in a brownish or golden shade, as well as red, pink or even purple. The main thing is that the make-up attracts attention.

Cleopatra make-up – instructions and inspiring ideas

Cleopatra make-up instructions tips eyes

Perhaps you have already noticed that you can use make-up as Cleopatra in different ways. No matter which variant you choose, you should always include the most important features of the look. Below you will find step-by-step instructions that can serve as a guide for your Cleopatra make-up for Halloween.

Cleopatra make-up instructions for eye make-up

1. Using a flat eyeliner brush, apply the dramatic cat’s eye outline with a deep blue-green eye shadow.

2. Now take a flat eyeshadow brush and fill your eyelid with the shimmering, blue-green eyeshadow. Blend it to the edge of the line you made for the cat’s eye.

3. Then go over the original cat’s eye line with a light shade of blue, but this time draw the line along the crease of the eyelid. Try to create a gradual line that fades almost completely into the inner corner of the eye.

4. Now trace the cat’s eye line with black gel eyeliner to emphasize its outline.

5. Using the same eyeliner and a fine brush, outline the entire upper lash line and the inner lower lash line. Both lines should fade into a fine line towards your outer lash line. Lightly draw the line where both lines come together on the bridge of the nose.

6. Apply more of the light blue eyeshadow under the cat’s eye strip using a flat shadow brush to highlight the lines.

instructions cleopatra make-up steps

7. Extend the lower lash line to meet the cat’s eye line with a shimmery gold eye shadow.

8. Use a smaller flat brush to apply the same gold eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye. Blend it with the teal for a perfect finish.

9. Blend the makeup on the eyelid with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

10. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.

11. Apply a few coats of your favorite mascara.

12. Fill and shape the eyebrows with a brow pencil or powder to make them fuller.

make-up instructions cleopatra costume carnival

13. Now apply some concealer under your eyes to cover up small blemishes so that you have a good foundation for the intricate oriental shapes. The curved lines under the eyes are exactly what the Cleopatra makeup is all about.

14. First draw a slightly rolled line with black gel eyeliner about 1 cm below the point on the inner eye on the left eye with a fine brush.

15. Draw the same thing on your right eye, but this time add a second dot or line that appears right in the center of your eye.

16. Now add a third upward curving stroke that approaches the eye. With these little elements, the whole look looks more mysterious.

17. Apply bronzer under the cheekbones.

18. Use a highlighter on your cheekbones with a flat foundation brush.

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If you want an even more eye-catching look for Halloween, you can get inspiration for the Cleopatra costume from the music video Dark Horse by Katy Perry. There the singer is disguised as a modern version of the mighty Queen of the Nile and fascinates with her magnificent costumes. Katy Perry’s make-up can also serve as inspiration for you. Also, check out the other ideas we’ve gathered to help you find the right look for yourself.

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