Children’s punch for Halloween: 5 recipes for refreshing and healthy drinks

Preparing children's punch for Halloween eyes scary and healthy

The children love a refreshing fruity drink – especially on special occasions such as parties or birthdays, a children’s punch is an ideal choice. We offer you five delicious recipes for a children’s punch for Halloween. Especially on the eve of All Saints’ Day, she shouldn’t be missing at the children’s table. With the right decoration, it can even become the highlight of the festive table. And best of all: an alcohol-free punch tastes great for young and old and can be prepared from just a few ingredients.

Pure horror children’s punch for Halloween with eyeball

Children's punch Halloween eyes juice

Eyeball, pythons and spiders – it couldn’t be scarier. In this pure horror children’s punch, orange juice plays the main role. You can serve the punch at the children’s table as dessert, or pour it into mason jars and give it to the neighbors’ children. You need these ingredients for the drink: 3 liters of orange juice (or large ripe oranges for juicing), 450ml pomegranate juice (or 5-6 large pomegranates), 800 ml sparkling water, eyeball Kaugimmi, Haribo pythons, plastic spiders. You can also cut the spiders out of paper and use them to decorate the punch bowl.

Children's punch Halloween make yourself a healthy recipe

And this is how the punch is prepared: First, wash the fruit thoroughly, dry, peel and extract the juice. Optionally mix the orange juice with the pomegranate juice in a large plastic bowl, mix with the eyeball chewing gum, the Haribo pythons. Add the plastic spiders. Place a small porcelain bowl in the middle. Freeze the mixture for 2-3 hours, then take it out and carefully remove the porcelain bowl. Pour sparkling water in the middle. Wait half an hour and serve chilled.

By the way, we still have a recipe for you that you can serve in syringes. You need the following ingredients: 3 liters of ginger lemonade, 250 ml of lime juice, 100 ml of raspberry syrup, sparkling water, purple food coloring, white granulated sugar, ice, syringes (one per cup). And this is how the drink is prepared: Simply stir in the ginger lemonade with the lime juice, sweeten with brown sugar if necessary. Add sparkling water and mix well again. In the meantime, color the white sugar with the purple food coloring and let it dry. Carefully moisten the edge of the glass in lime juice and then stick it in the sugar. Pour ice into the glasses, then pour the punch. Fill the syringes with the raspberry syrup and put them in the glasses. complete!

Serve children’s punch with orange juice for Halloween

Children's punch recipe halloween juice without alkochol

When preparing the next children’s punch for Halloween, orange juice plays the main role. You need the following ingredients: 4 cups of water, 1 packet of strawberries – gelatin, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of lemon juice, 1 liter of orange juice, soft orange sorbet, 1 liter of ginger lemonade.

Preparation: First bring two cups of cold water to the boil, then add the gelatine and sugar. Stir until the gelatin dissolves completely. Pour in two cups of cold water, the lemon juice and the orange juice and stir. Let cool in the refrigerator for several hours.

Children’s plank for Halloween: The monster from the swamp

Kinderbowle Halloween recipe delicious sweet glaze

Have you already had cocktails with a sugar rim? We will offer you a similar, alcohol-free variant in the next recipe. You need the following ingredients: 2 cups of ice cubes, 1 banana, 1 liter of kiwi and strawberry juice, 500 ml of mango juice, 500 ml of orange juice, 1/2 cup of coconut milk, frosting, green food coloring Halloween sugar sprinkles with ghosts, spiders and pumpkins. Simply put all the ingredients (without the sugar sprinkles, the green food coloring and the frosting) in the blender and puree them finely. In the meantime, melt the frosting in a water bath and color it green with the food coloring. Rub the edge of the glass with lemon, put the glass upside down in the sugar and turn it carefully. Sprinkle the sugar sprinkles on the glass and serve the drinks chilled.

Children’s bowl for Halloween – make ice cream molds yourself

kids punch halloween hands make ice cream yourself

Do you have new rubber gloves at home? Then just fill the gloves with water, tie the ends and leave in the freezer for several hours. Prepare non-alcoholic punch according to your own preferences and take the rubber gloves out of the refrigerator shortly before serving. Carefully place your “hands” made of ice in a deep glass bowl and pour the punch over it.

Prepare seasonal children’s punch for Halloween

kids punch halloween pumpkin juice chocolate chips

Whether baked, boiled, mashed or cut into pieces – the pumpkins open the culinary autumn season. For the drink shown above you need the following ingredients: 1 liter of sparkling water, 2 cups of orange juice, 1 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup of spice syrup, cinnamon sticks for garnishing, 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree, 1/2 cup of ice cream, chocolate Coated tablets. For the spice syrup: squeeze 5 large lemons, mix the juice together with 150 g sugar, 2 cloves, 1 cinnamon stick and 2 star anise and bring to the boil. Simmer for 2 minutes, remove from heat, allow to cool. Carefully remove the spices. Then mix the spice syrup with the lemon juice, orange juice and ice. Puree finely in the blender together with the pumpkin puree. Serve with chocolate dragees in the glasses.

Decorate drinks for Halloween with sugar eyes

Children's punch Halloween prepare berry juice

Raspberries and grapefruit form a heavenly delicious ensemble with an autumn note. For the fruity punch you need: 1 cup of grapefruit juice, 4 cups of raspberry juice or one cup of pureed raspberries, 1 cup of ice cream, 4 cups of sparkling water. Simply puree all the ingredients in a blender. Pour the punch into a punch bowl, put sugar eyes inside. Serve chilled with finger food.

kids punch halloween eyes candy

Sweets should not be missing at home, especially on Halloween – sweeten the life of the little ones with tasty and healthy drinks. It is better to choose seasonal ingredients such as various berries, pumpkin, pomegranate juice. Not only are they delicious, they’re also guaranteed to be fresh. If you have a juicer at home, you can also make the juice yourself. The edible decoration comes into play so that the punch not only tastes good, but also looks scary to match the occasion. Whether sugar eyes, sugar sprinkles with skulls or fruit gums in shapes like spiders, bats and teeth – the selection of Halloween-inspired sweets is large. Let your imagination run wild and decorate the table and the plank vessel with silhouettes of various animals or ghosts. The end result is sure to be worth the effort and is guaranteed to delight the children.