Bat make-up: Great make-up tips for eyes, mouth and cheeks

If you want to slip into the role of Batman or Batgirl and turn yourself into a bat for Halloween or Mardi Gras, you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd with a self-made costume and the matching make-up. In today’s article you will find tips, ideas and instructions on how to put on make-up as a creepy or a cute bat. In the following picture gallery you will find interesting suggestions for women and children. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions!

Make up your face as a bat – simple instructions

Make-up bat-eye carnival

If you want to dig a little deeper into the horror box this Halloween and dress up as a Batgirl, you absolutely need the right make-up to complete your great costume. If you paint your face in black as a bat, you have several design options. If you want to put make-up on a bat mask around your eyes, you should first prime your face with white make-up or powder so that your complexion looks even and your self-made make-up comes into its own. Using a black kohl pencil, carefully paint the outline of the bat around your eyes, matching the body of the flying creature to the bridge of its nose.

Bat face paint for adults

black-eyed bat woman

Paint the lines precisely and design the bat’s head and wings. Now you can fill in the bat eye mask with water-soluble make-up paint. In this way you can quickly and easily put on bat makeup. The ladies who want to appear in this unique and expressive look can decide for themselves whether they want to design the classic Batgirl mask on the eyes and forehead or whether they want to impress with their own interpretation. For example, you can depict the scary bat in flight. For this purpose, the flying animal’s head should be facing down and painted on your nose.

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To make your Halloween make-up look scary, you can pull the ends of the bat wings upwards to the temples. With this dramatic make-up you will get all the attention on Halloween night. A successful Halloween bat costume and the associated make-up do not necessarily have to look scary, dark and evil. If you still want to look elegant and seductive in the night of horror, you can spice up the mask with a little pearl shine or glitter powder. Paint only the outlines with black and fill in the resulting frame with the desired color. Combined with a glamorous outfit, you will shine at the party.


If you would rather avoid the horror factor, this attractive make-up might be a great idea, how you can skillfully pick up and style the bat motif. If you want to make up as discreetly as a bat, you can make up your eyes elegantly instead of a complete eye mask and also make up your mouth thematically. Simply apply a black lipstick to your lips or alternatively choose another dark color or a rich, dark shade of red.


Apply the selected lipstick completely to the upper lip. The lower lip should only be partially covered with black. At first glance, the dark make-up on the mouth is reminiscent of a dark cave inhabited by the creepy acrobats of the air. Now paint several small, black bats that are flying out of the dark cave. A steady hand and a sure instinct are required here. You can apply eyeliner to the eyes as usual and pull the end of the line to the temple. Make slight wave or zigzag movements so that the typical wing shape comes about.


Apply mascara and also darken your eyebrows with a suitable pencil. If you only want to hint at the bat motif, the picture above could be an inspiration for you if you just want to make up your eyes to match the Halloween or carnival costume. As is well known, the agile aviators are active at night, which is why a night sky covered with stars is a perfect background when you put on make-up as a bat.


The choice of color is of course up to you. Blue and purple shades that merge into one another look classy and feminine. The shining, white moon and stars stand out, while the little bat on the upper eyelid suggests a certain horror. You are also welcome to adapt the color of the eyeshadows to your outfit and ensure a harmonious appearance. To do this, frame your beautifully made-up eyes with the colored eyeshadow and add several smaller or larger bats to the area around the eyes.


A slightly more elaborate, but all the more fascinating make-up for women, is the example in the picture above. The Batman logo was painted on the forehead and shines in different shades of blue. The precisely drawn bat is a true work of art and represents the superhero Batman and a dark city landscape. So that you succeed in this variant when you make up a bat on your face, it is best to use a stencil.

If you would like to put on a creepy bat and scare people with your Halloween make-up, you can paint a black bat around your mouth. Draw their wings over the cheeks and decorate the long wings with black make-up. Wear black make-up paint around your eyes and round off your scary look with white, ice-cold contact lenses.

How to make up a child’s face for Halloween or Mardi Gras as a bat

bat paint boy face sunset

Children in particular have a lot of fun dressing up in different costumes. If your girl or boy is already waiting impatiently to appear dressed like Batman on the long-awaited Halloween night, you can think together about how you will make him / her a cute bat.

batman make-up silver make-up boy carnival

Just as with adults, there are also countless Halloween bat masks for children that can be conjured up in a few simple steps. As in the examples above, you can either decorate the child’s face with a bat that encompasses the small nose, eyes and cheeks, or you can also decorate the forehead with art. Every color and theme comes into question here. The main thing is that your little ones feel comfortable and unique in their role.

batman make-up face-make-up-mask-bat-child

The children can of course decide for themselves what effect the fastest flier in the animal kingdom will have. A bat on your face smiling at you looks just as great and attractive as the terrifying animal figure. The children can’t get enough of the Halloween costumes and make-up. Be willing to experiment and have a lot of fun with bat make-up!

Halloween face painting bat on forehead

Batman make up for child bat mask paint

Batman characters make up on the cheek

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