45 garden decorations for Halloween – eerily beautiful party ideas


Halloween is just around the corner and if you haven’t yet decided how to add atmospheric and spooky decor to your garden, then these are you Garden decorations for Halloween be very useful and interesting to you. We have tried to put together the coolest Halloween decorations for outside to help you create the perfect ambience for this fun festival.

Garden decorations for Halloween – ceramic pumpkins as candle lanterns


In the following you will find simple and creative ideas that you can easily make and apply yourself. With materials and decorative items that you can easily find in the craft shop and are inexpensive. Of course, there are a ton of examples with the most popular Halloween decorations, namely the carved pumpkins. You shouldn’t regret it if you are not very good at carving. Alternatively, you can decorate your pumpkin with rhinestones, sequins, paper masks and much more.

Garden decorations for Halloween – the front door


In addition, funny ghosts, various undead, skeletons, ravens and bats can invite into your garden. You can also create interesting lighting effects with jack-o-lanterns, glass candle holders and fairy lights. Don’t forget to decorate the trees in the garden with mummy bandages or garlands made from mini pumpkins. The ghosts are also a fun craft idea. You can use cheesecloth linen or some other light fabric for this.

We hope you find some nice suggestions and ideas below.

Make a gigantic spider yourself out of black disposable bags and PVC pipes


Real monster made from real tree trunks


Decorate the front door imaginatively

halloween door decoration house paper bats

Pumpkins turn into wonderful funny or scary faces

outdoor decoration halloween ideas pumpkins decorate

Decorate the garden path with fun pumpkins, small and large

garden decoration halloween ideas way illuminate pumpkins tree

black crows and pumpkins

garden decoration halloween ideas black ravens skeletons

Making pumpkins with paper masks and ghosts

halloween decorations outside ideas ghost pumpkins

Forming pumpkin towers

halloween decoration inside outside pumpkins painting ghosts

decorate the porch stairs

halloween decor ideas porch broom pumpkins

mini Jack О’Lanterns

halloween decoration ideas outside mini pumpkins lanterns paper bats

Creepy trees and light effects

halloween front door ideas pumpkins light corn leaves

Candy bags and dry corn leaves

halloween decoration outside bags candy corn leaves front door

fill the glass candle holders with beans and corn kernels

halloween decoration outside glass candle holder corn beans

funny faces

halloween outdoor decor ideas pumpkins carving monsters look

halloween outdoor decoration bottle gourd front door stairs

garden halloween decoration white pumpkins carriage

garden decorations for halloween scarecrow pumpkin head

garden decorations halloween plate house number wheelbarrow skeleton

garden decorations halloween skeleton suit host

garden decorations halloween ideas mummies tombstone skeleton figure

garden decorations halloween ideas tombstone undead grave stand up

garden decorations for halloween ideas tombstone skull tree lanterns

halloween decorations skeletons cauldron white disguise

garden decorations halloween ideas garland pumpkins flower vases

garden decorations halloween ghost bed sheet witch

garden decorations outside halloween ideas tree eyes paper   garden decoration halloween tombstone skeleton rip

garden decoration halloween tinker bats pumpkin faces

decorations halloween outside garage porch

garden decorations halloween ideas plastic pumpkins fence

garden decoration halloween ideas bed sheets ghosts funny faces

garden decoration halloween outside ideas ghost circle dance

halloween floor mats black spider web pumpkin

Halloween decoration ideas outside skeleton fairy lights pumpkins

halloween aliens make your own balloons paint a net

garden decorations halloween ghosts glow corn leaves

decorations halloween facade ideas witch pumpkins