45 celebrity inspired Halloween costumes and makeup ideas


Celebrities often aim to provoke the public with their behavior and dress. Their appearances often resemble creepy Halloween parties and there are long discussions about which message they want to convey with the help of art. Many pretend that they have sold the soul to the devil. We very much hope that this gruesome outfit is just part of the image that many artists want to build for themselves. We have put together a lot of stars with eccentric tastes in this article and let their creativity inspire us for effective Halloween costumes and make-up. Take part!

Ideas for extravagant Halloween costumes and makeup inspired by The Antwoord

The South African rap rave band “The Antwoord” have an unmistakable styling for every appearance or video. Ninja – the man, Yo Landy – the woman, often appeared creepy and like out of this world. It is definitely related to their works and music. They often mix statements about social criticism and satire in their texts and sing in a special dialect – Africaans, Xhosa and English. In her last video, other celebrities also take part, like model Cara Delevingne.

Halloween costumes and make-up – Cara Delevingne recording the video “Ugly Boy”


A “more delicate” version in white – an idea for Halloween costumes and make-uphalloween-costumes-make-up-the-antwoord-weiss-yo-landy-saenger

Ideas for extravagant Halloween costumes and makeup inspired by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga stage show costume red make up Halloween ideas

Lady Gaga is really a monster on stage. The pop singer is known for her willingness to experiment. But it doesn’t really surprise us anymore. Eccentric corsages, dresses made of real meat, blood-soaked “clothes”, unusual designer pieces – the style of Gaga is a real eye-catcher everywhere. Many are still enthusiastic about the idea of ​​dressing up as Lady Gaga for Halloween.

attractive costumes women halloween party hollywood stars inspiration

The provocative dress made of real meat

Halloween costume Lady Gaga-outfits dress-made of real meat

A monster on stage and … in life

Gaga outfits eccentric fashion pieces costumes halloween scary party

  Unusual design dress of the new Queen of Pop

Lady gaga dress black design ideas for costume accessories halloween scary party

Halloween make-up in Marilyn Manson style

Make up blood creepy-on Halloween-marilyn manson make-up

Marilyn Manson is one of the stars who always shock with their outfit! But his style and make-up are unmistakable and can be further interpreted on Halloween.

Dress code red-black 

Marilyn Manson Clothes Red Suit Make Up Ideas Halloween Make Up

The former wife of Marilyn Manson – Dita von Teese

Halloween costume black ideas lipstick red dita by teese

“Kiss” – Halloween make-up ideas for friends

Kiss masks face make-up ideas Halloween costumes terrible make-up

The Prince of Darkness: Ozzy Osbourne

ozzy osbourne-The Prince-of-Darkness-Make-up Idea Halloween black

Demonic outfits are the classic on Halloween

Ozzy Osbourne Demonic Makeup Ideas Halloween Metal Party Celebrations

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” 

MJ Thriller-Halloween Make Up Ideas-Costumes Zombie

Terrifying zombies

Thriller costume Michael Jackson Halloween ideas make up

“King of Pop” look for Halloween

Ghosts Michael Jackson Halloween Make Up Costume Ideas

“Ghost” by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson ghost -Video skull-Halloween ideas make up

Freaky design costumes by Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj corset flashy halloween party costumes- hot women

The brightly made-up extravagant singer is known for her fondness for the color pink and her crazy outfits. The rapper is often dressed in bright neon colors, wears multi-colored wigs and is never boring.

Change the hair color for Halloween

niki minaj-pink hair hairstyle ideas Halloween make-up

Halloween appearance in Boy George style

Boy George-Style Yellow Hat Makeup Tips Halloween Costume Ideas

Cute outfit like Katy Perry – maybe femme fatale has blue hair?

Katy Perry blue hair candy colors Halloween party costume and make-up idea

Make-up idea from the video “Extraterrestrial”

extraterrestrial creature-Katy Perry-make-up ideas Halloween design costumes

Icelandic singer Bjork – source of ideas for parrot-inspired costumes

Bjork Style Parrot Make Up Tricks for Halloween

Dress up as Freddie Mercury – don’t forget big teeth

Freddie Mercury Queen Halloween Ideas Costumes yellow jacket-white suit

Amy Whinehouse – apply a thick retro hairstyle and eyeliner

Amy Whinehouse-Hairstyle Style Make-up Idea-Halloween Costumes

Designer Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Faschion Designer at Halloween Costumes Accessories Ideas

Karl Lagerfeld belongs to the designers who set the tone when it comes to world fashion. His outfit is not complicated to imitate.

Celebrities show off in wild hairstyles – Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Halloween Hairstyle Ideas-Orange Hair-Dye

Feeling like a VIP in the glamorous world of celebrities – Cher stage costumes

Bodysuit Cher stage show costumes ideas Halloween celebrities

Sometimes she wore a tight, more transparent bodysuit, sometimes leather boots and a leather jacket. The musical icon is still impressive today with its openness on stage.

Dress up as the Korean rapper Psy and prove your dancing skills!

Psy Gangnam Style Suit blue clothes for-Halloween exclusive-ideas

Men in tights? LMFAO Party Rock Style on Halloween

LMFAO Style Costumes Men-in Tights-Animal Pattern Halloween Celebrities Party

LMFAO’s clothing style might be the best disguise for you at the Halloween party! The eclectic mix of animal patterns, stripes, neck jewelry and fashionable sneakers is sure to captivate the eyes!

Pop singer Kesha often shocks her fans

Celebrities Halloween Ideas Hairstyle Makeup Accessories Inspiration Kesha

Halloween costumes and makeup inspired by freaky people who have pride of place in the Guiness Book of Records

Leopard Pattern Bodysuit Ideas Halloween Tom Leppard Tattoos Leopard Man Tattoos

Tom Leppard is still known by the name “Leopard Man”. The 78-year-old’s skin is covered with a leopard print.

Rick Genest – The Zombie Boy

Zombie Make Up-for Halloween-Rick Genest-the zombie boy tattoos skeleton

The zombie boy from Montreal, known for his participation in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video, has tattoos depicting the human skeleton.

Eric Sprague – The Lizardman 

Mesch Reptile Tattoos-Eric Sprague Ideas Halloween Bodysuit

The fearsome lizard man with forked tongue has had his whole body stabbed.

Elaine Davidson – the woman with the most piercings in the world

Extreme Halloween Make Up Ideas-Hairstyles Elaine-Davidson Face Piercings

The Brazilian born Elaine Davidson had her whole face and large parts of the body pierced by a piercer. In total, she has 6925 piercings, lots of tattoos, brightly colored hair and long ears with drilled holes. What does her face look like behind all this jewelry, one can only guess.

Elaine Davidson also holds a place of honor in the Guinness Book of Records

Elaine Davidson the woman-with the most-face and body piercings Halloween ideas

John Lynch A.K.A. Prince Albert – the most pierced man in the world 

Prince Albert Mann-with the most-piercings in the world-Idea Halloween make-up

Compared to Elaine, his 241 pieces are relatively fewer, but really enough, we think.

Overdo it with tattoos and body piercings on Halloween

Bodyart Prince Albert Elaine Davidson-Ideen makeup Halloween

Lucky Diamond Rich – the most tattooed man on the planet

Most tattooed person-the world-Lucky Diamond-Rich Records Guiness

His body is completely covered with tattoos. For him, tattoos are like drugs – they actually led to an addiction.

Ideas for “tattooed face” on Halloween

Lucky Rich on the most tattooed man in the world-ideas make-up-Halloween make-up look

Dennis Avner – the hangover man

The Hangover Man Dennis Avner Stalking Cat-Eccentric Make Up Ideas Halloween Party

In this case, one doubts whether Dennis is actually a tattoo addict or a cat addict. The eccentric man has his body tattooed with tiger stripes and even implanted whiskers.

Tattoos like this one by Matt Gone – his body is covered in tattoos up to 98%

Matt Gone tattoos-Chess Board-Makeup Ideas-Halloween scary party

Celebrity Halloween costumes and makeup – ideas from recent years

Hollywood celebrates helloween costumes cat woman monkey costume

Seductive woman monsters

Celebrities Halloween party costumes red black dress code

Provocative Halloween costumes captivate the audience

Halloween Party Costumes-Hollywood Celebrities Heidi Klum

Halloween “reincarnation” of Christina Aquiler and Jordan Bratman

Celebrities on Halloween Christina-Aguilera Jordan Bratman Bridal Costumes