30 unusual Halloween costume ideas from popular TV series

Halloween costume ideas television-big-bang-theory-characters

Parties for Halloween and Mardi Gras or themed parties for New Year’s Eve are always a great opportunity to meet up with friends and really celebrate. The funny costumes that you have to wear make for even more fun. Today we have a few unusual ones for you Halloween costume ideas compiled that have been inspired by television series. With the right clothes, every look can be easily conjured up at home. Do you have a favorite character?

1. Halloween costume ideas from Big Bang Theory

Halloween costume ideas television-big-bang-theory-figures

There is hardly anyone who does not appreciate the intelligent humor in the Big Bang Theory. Rajesh, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Penny have won the hearts of their fans and are a great idea for group costumes.

Rajesh: dark complexion, V-neck sweater, cargo pants, purple sports jacket

Sheldon: King of Weird T-Shirts. He’s wearing the t-shirt over a long-sleeved blouse

Leonard: glasses, sweatshirt with hood and jacket with front pockets

Howard: Skinny jeans, turtleneck sweater, plaid shirt, belt with large buckle



Penny: She often wears short jeans and colorful tops, but her uniform from Cheesecake Factory works better for a costume – white shirt, yellow knit top and green apron.

Amy and Sheldon


Amy and Sheldon are an interesting couple. Amy wears glasses, her hair down, parted in the middle, a plain shirt and a striped cardigan or sweater on top.

Amy Ferrah Fowler


2. Halloween costume ideas from Vikings


Vikings is a historical television series based on the story of Ragnar Lodbrock, a legendary Viking. Not only is he a fearless warrior, but a wise king who also embodies the Nordic tradition of worshiping the gods.

Ragnar Lodbrock


According to legend, Ragnar is a direct descendant of the god of war Odin, so his emblem is a black raven.

Halloween costume ideas -tv-vikings-ragnar-do-it-yourself

To dress as Ragnar Lodbrok, you need to shave your hair on both sides and grow a medium-length beard. The raven tattoo can be painted with black paint.



Lagertha is Ragnar’s first wife and a shield-maiden with a will to fight. Many believe that no other female character is as cool as her, so many fans want to mimic her look. Try out one of Lagertha’s excellent braided hairstyles!



3. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones costumes enchant us all and are perfect for Mardi Gras, Halloween or any theme party. Daenaerys and Khal Drogo have been a popular idea for couples in recent years, but there are other characters to think of as well.

Melissandre – the red priestess


Melisandre wears a long dark red dress, a long hooded cape of the same color and a gold chain around her neck. She wears her hair half open or in a side braid.


Jon Snow


As a man on the night watch, Jon Snow wears an all-black uniform. To recreate them true to the original, you need black dresses, leather gloves and a cape with fur on the shoulders. Jon Snow has black, medium-length hair, carries a sword and is accompanied by his wolfhound, Ghost.

Arya Stark


After Arya fled her home, she wears boys’ clothes and short hair so that she will not be recognized by her enemies.

Cercei Lanister


A long dress in red and gold with lion motifs and long blonde hair.

4. Breaking Bad


Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are two iconic and unforgettable characters that we have known since 2008. And although there is no new season to be shot, Walter and Jesse remain a popular Halloween costume idea for couples. This look is very quick and easy to achieve. You just need yellow protective suits like this, both of which wear while cooking their product. To complete the costume, you can still get an inexpensive gas mask, safety glasses and gloves.



5. Two and a half men


Charlie Harper lived the life of a playboy. He’s a laid-back guy who drinks a lot of alcohol and has countless one-night stands with beautiful women. His favorite items of clothing are a shirt with short sleeves, short khaki pants and white socks that reach down to the calf.


6. Suits


We know Mike Ross and Harvey Specter are popular characters from the television series Suits. As lawyers, of course, they have to wear tough suits, but both are of a different style. Mike is a casual guy, rides a bike rather than a car, and has a large leather Postman bag.


Harvey Specter values ​​the high quality of a suit. He combines a gray suit with a white shirt with a shark collar, French cuffs and a blue tie.

7. Once upon a time – once upon a time




Boots, black leather pants, a black T-shirt and a knee-length coat with leather elements are part of this look. The key to a successful Rumpelstiltskin costume is the make-up and the gold glittering face.


Emma Swan


Emma Swan’s look is a bit simple for a Halloween party, but is perfect for a last-minute costume. Especially if you have long blonde hair and a red leather jacket in your wardrobe.

Evil Queen Regina


The Evil Queen from the Once upon a time TV series has so many great devilish outfits that it’s hard to imagine just one of them. A long black dress with a high collar, a black wig and dramatic make-up (smokey eyes and deep red lips). An important element of this costume is the red apple in hand.


8. Dr. House


Who as Dr. House wants to perform has a few things to consider. He is wearing a white T-shirt under a blue shirt and gray jacket. These are combined with jeans and sneakers. To complete the look you need a support stick and a stretchoscope.


9. Arrow


Arrow is a modern take on the story of Robin Hood. That’s why Oliver Queen wears a green outfit with a hood and one elbow in one hand.