30 DEXTER MORGAN ideas for creepy Halloween party decorations to make yourself


Have you watched the American crime series “Dexter” in which Dexter Morgan practices vigilante justice without leaving any trace? The elements of black humor in this movie could turn you into a creepy-bloody one Halloween party decoration to inspire! Halloween is the perfect occasion to let your imagination run wild and create a dramatic decor that will frighten your guests.

Halloween party decoration with blood stains


Receive your guests in a gruesome environment with the right decoration. Start with the front door and mirrors by leaving bloody handprints on them. The typical Halloween party decoration must convey a scary feeling.

Make Halloween party decorations for the table


To protect against creepy creatures, smear fake blood on the windows as well. Garnish the ghostly decoration with garlands, cobwebs, plastic bones, skulls, plastic vampire bites. Floors, walls and table runners that are extensively spattered with blood form an ideal backdrop for gruesome productions. The red liquid, which resembles blood, can be found in every party shop. Ticked off feet and arms and torn off ears, which are also available in every Halloween store or online shop, create an exciting horror atmosphere.

Human fingers and other plastic parts with traces of blood


Halloween party decoration in the bathroom too


Halloween party decorations with blood stains everywhere

Creepy party horror movie environment haunted house crafts ideas dining table

Decorate glasses and cups with red edible paint

Chalkboard Tableware Dexter Film Inspired Glasses-Bloody Spot Halloween Party Decoration

Human footprints as a Halloween party decoration

Mirror fingerprint bloody red spot Halloween party accessories accessories

Tinker invitation card with bloody stains

Halloween party invitation artificial blood stain crafts

Halloween invitation – make invitation cards for a scary party

Serve red juice in syringes

Splash blood sample Dexter Halloween decor craft party jewelry ideas

Halloween dinner – prepare bloody fried eggs

Serving Fried Eggs Prepare Halloween - with drops of blood - season to taste

To create the impression of blood, mix red pepper with a little water and splash the mixture on the food.

Decorate dessert with broken glass

Ice cream topping-syrup biscuits decorating-Halloween glass shards broken

Bloody cocktail accessories

Cocktail Accessories Set Bloody Decoration Halloween Crafts Party

Halloween decoration inspired by horror films – bloody plastic heart

Bloody Heart Party Decorations Halloween Crafts Ideas

Horrible blood stains everywhere

Blood Patch Halloween Horror Scary Party Resembling Walnuts Brain

Leave bloody prints

Horror Party Bloody Handprint Wall Decoration Jewelry Ideas Halloween

Prepare the cake with drops of blood

Halloween horror decoration party tinker-cake bake-artificial blood

Lanterns decoration for Halloween

Lanterns decoration-Halloween shop accessories-artificial blood

Decorate tableware and biscuits with broken glass

Dexter Bloody Accessory Inspired Halloween Decoration Party Costume

Theme party for Halloween – cake pricked with a knife

Torte Cake-Preparation Bloody knife-pricked Halloween biscuits

Ghostly light ambience

Decoration with pillar candles horror party jewelry handicrafts Halloween

33 ideas for Halloween make-up and costumes by Catherine Falcon

 With the blood stain on the tablecloth you have made your guests afraid

Halloween tableware table decoration-bloody spots straw bloody-tinker

Decoration with drops of blood

Red-colored glass handicrafts, winter lights-decoration, Halloween jewelry-make yourself

Halloween napkin made of bloody gauze bandage

Party decoration Halloween plates decorate test tube blood-like liquid

Horror tableware ideas

Knife-stuck biscuit decoration Halloween ideas party tableware

Festively decorate small biscuits with red topping

Little biscuits drop of blood in the baking-Dexter inspired Halloween party

Wall decoration with blood stains

Halloween party blood stains ideas board decoration make yourself

Chopped off hand as a table decoration for Halloween

Halloween Celebration Event Festive Jewelry Table Party Accessories

Doll body parts as Halloween decorations

Barbie pump-bloody decoration-small biscuits with blood splatter-prepare bloody-drops

Halloween decoration with a sharp knife and broken glass

Creepy decoration Halloween ideas blood artificial cake biscuits

Splatter cakes and biscuits with blood

Shattered glass broken glass bottle decoration idea biscuits-Halloween

Bloody heart

Bloody Heart Party Decoration Halloween Chalkboard Jewelry Ideas

Horror party decoration

Bloody-Decoration Ornaments-Halloween Party IDeen Brain-Reagent Glass Flask

Decorate tableware for the horror party

Bloody decoration craft idea-Halloween table jewelry-name tags