20 make-up tips for Halloween and make-up ideas in bright colors

Make-up tips for Halloween -make-up-sugar skull-bright-colors

The opportunities to dress up and apply artistic make-up are more diverse than ever: Carnival, Halloween, theme parties and cosplay. People always want to slip into other roles and celebrate differently. The wide range in the field of disguise and party make-up makes this possible and easily accessible to everyone. Have you already got yourself a costume or a character on your mind? Then all you need is the right make-up. We support you with helpful make-up tips for Halloween and a few wonderful ideas to inspire you.

Make-up tips for Halloween – basic make-up utensils

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Depending on the look and character you’ve chosen for Halloween, the makeup also depends. Whether artistic or creepy, simple or abstract, a few specific accents are often more important than if you smear your whole face with paint. So that the make-up finally succeeds, which aids, materials and make-up colors are required. The basic make-up utensils for Halloween include high-quality make-up colors or cream make-up in any color. You do not need to buy whole pallets, but the basic colors black and white and a few additional ones that are characteristic of the selected character. Artificial blood, tooth or scar fluid, horror skin, vampire teeth or a pair of white contact lenses round off the creepy look. Fixing spray or powder ensure a perfect finish and long-lasting Halloween make-up. A classic make-up set, make-up brushes and sponges are accessories that will make your work a lot easier.

Make-up tips for Halloween – Rise up the light base

Make-up tips for Halloween -make-up-face-white-powder-apply

Before you start to make-up, it is advisable to smear a fatty cream, especially for sensitive skin. Then you can apply a base color, preferably white. It works as a basis for Halloween make-up, because the face looks like a bare canvas. If the character you have chosen for your Halloween look has a very typical skin color, then you should get enough of it and apply it as the base color. Nevertheless, you can color the areas that are lavishly made up in white so that the colors used come into their own.

Make-up tips for Halloween – Make-up only the lips or eyes artfully

Make-up tips for Halloween-make-up-basic-instructions-white-face

Often overly accentuated lips or eye make-up that is too conspicuous are not a good idea for everyday life. For Halloween and themed parties, however, they are perfectly appropriate and even desirable. Depending on what kind of effect is being sought, it is tasteful to only focus on one part of the face. We will soon be presenting two ideas for creepy Halloween lips and artistic eye make-up by artist Tal Peleg.

Creepy lip makeup

Make-up tips-halloween-make-up-lips-art-art-paint

It can hardly be more detailed than this work. On the red-blue lips you can immediately see the black spider that has crawled out of the mouth. Creepy, even disgusting, but at the same time cool, this make-up immediately attracts attention and is ideal as a last-minute idea for Halloween. Something similar, but with a moth instead of a spider, can be copied from the image on the Mediabook cover of the film “The Silence of the Lambs”.

If you thought that lip makeup couldn’t be scarier, then take a closer look at the picture above. They are actually lips that are artfully and detailed made up like an eye. Even artificial eyelashes are attached to the upper lip. With such an elaborate make-up, it is definitely worth fixing it at the end. This works best with transparent powder. You can remove it just like the make-up itself with a good make-up remover.

Artful eye make-up for Halloween

Make-up tips-halloween-make-up-eyes-butterfly-art

You can score points on Halloween even if you don’t cover your whole face with make-up. The eyes themselves serve as a canvas on which to paint imaginative pictures with makeup. Of course, you need to be very good at painting and have a whole make-up palette on hand to recreate these elaborate eye make-up ideas. The examples here are by Israeli artist Tal Peleg.

Make-up tips-halloween-make-up-eye-art

She tries to show a fairytale side of make-up art. Her work lies on the border between make-up, art and design and enchants with her subjects. In this way the artist tells whole stories. With eye makeup like this, it doesn’t take much to stand out.

Make-up tips for Halloween – trend: Galaxy make-up 

Make-up tips-halloween-make-up-galaxy-idea-trend

Currently on Instagram the new trend is called “Galaxy” or “Space” look. We can’t imagine this for everyday life, but for Halloween and motto parties – yes. Either the whole face or only the eye area is made up with a very shimmering make-up and designed as a kind of Milky Way. Small stars and other details can also be inserted very well.

Make-up tips-halloween-make-up-galaxy-glitter-trend

You create the spacey make-up by using shimmering eye shadows and powder in blue, purple or pink tones. Glitter and glitter shouldn’t be missing either. The extraordinary look is complemented by hair in rainbow colors. For this you can either use a colored hairspray or a great, bright wig.


If you want to do the Galaxy look, but also any elaborate make-up yourself, we recommend that you do a test make-up beforehand. This will avoid surprises and disappointments on the day of the party. You can also plan your time better on the second try and correct things that you don’t like or incorporate other details. In general, the more complex the make-up, the more time you have to plan. Good lighting, a large mirror and a table with everything you need on hand will definitely help.

Sugar skull or Día de los Muertos makeup for women

make-up tips-halloween-make-up-sugar-skull-pink-üink

The representations of skeletal people and calaveras for the day of the dead in Mexico are the style for the so-called sugar skull. People believe that the dead will come back to earth on this day and organize a big celebration with their relatives and also on the street. For this, people prepared delicious finger food and, above all, sweet pastries – sugar skulls. The make-up is basically black and white. This makes the face narrower and with hollow cheeks and the eye sockets like black holes. What distinguishes the sugar skull from the skull are the colorful details, floral motifs and ornaments. So one can summarize that the sugar skull is a nicer variant of the skull.

In this example, the blogger shows how you can design a sugar skull in pink. For this beautiful version, she also put a long wig in pale pink, attached a few self-adhesive rhinestones to the skin and glued on false eyelashes. A wreath of flowers rounds off the look. Take a look at the video instructions!

Make-up tips for Halloween – make-up idea for men

Make-up tips-halloween-make-up-man-devil-monster-color

We have also selected helpful and colorful make-up tips for Halloween for men. In this sample photo you can see a very detailed make-up that is very suitable for men. A kind of mask is shown that looks creepy, but is at the same time artistic and designed in beautiful colors. A really great inspiration for men!

Make-up tips for Halloween – Zombie

The zombie is one of the favorite looks for Halloween. There are a lot of great suggestions, but most of them are not really colorful. Here we present a really successful implementation in Pop Art style. The Roy Lichtenstein-style look works not only with the face, but with the whole body. The bright colors and black outlines are typical of Pop Art. When applying make-up, the wounds are first sketched in black, then the rest of the skin surface is colored in a basic color. Of course, you need to have decided in advance whether you want to be a blue, green or pink zombie and get enough of the appropriate make-up color. A zombie can be scary and very colorful at the same time. The best part is that you no longer need a special outfit. Everyday clothes in matching colors would also work.

Simple make-up tips for Halloween doll

Dressing up as a creepy doll and applying make-up is a great and, above all, easy to implement idea for Halloween. The large eyes are typical of a doll. The mouth creates a creepy effect like that of a nutcracker. Small details such as breaks in the ceramic. For a realistic effect, first color the whole face, décolleté, neck and maybe also the shoulders in white or optionally in a lighter skin color. And then you start with the actual makeup. False eyelashes are sure to enhance the effect of big eyes.

Make-up tips for Halloween – simple make-up “scarecrow”

Make-up tips-halloween-make-up-scarecrow-instructions-easy

Dressing up as a scarecrow and putting on makeup is a simple idea that can look cute and creepy at times. In addition, it is also suitable for the last minute, because an overalls and a straw hat are definitely hanging in every wardrobe, which actually make up this look.

Scarecrow make-up sometimes cute, sometimes scary

make-up tips-halloween-make-up-scarecrow-cute-creepy

Whether the scarecrow make-up looks creepy or nice depends above all on the appearance of the eyes. If you want a cute appearance, make up your eyes as usual, but maybe more festive and emphasize them more, because this is about party make-up. Eyes like buttons look really spooky. You can create the effect either with make-up or you can make two large buttons with holes that you can see through from cardboard.

Make-up tips for Halloween – light make-up with a pixel look

Make-up tips-halloween-make-up-pixelated-idea

Another particularly simple idea for last-minute Halloween makeup is this pixel look. A photo of you that you have filtered on your computer or mobile phone can serve as a model for this. The conventional foundation that you usually use serves as the basis for the party make-up. On the whole, you don’t have to buy any special make-up colors for this look, but use the existing eyeshadow and blush. It is advisable to get a flat brush with which the effect will surely be easier to achieve.