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Halloween costumes for men – 3 original & unusual ideas for the upcoming scary party

The creepier, more shocking and bloody a Halloween costume, the more attractive it is. Especially when it comes to Halloween costumes for men, the characters should be as daring, realistic and unusual as possible. We have selected three unique men’s costumes for Halloween that will freeze the blood in your veins – superhero undercover, baby parasite and nerd. Have fun copying!

Ideas for Halloween costumes for men – superhero undercover

original halloween costumes for men superhero undercover

Our first suggestion would be a male disguise that does not contain any blood at all, but it is still particularly creative and cool. Here are the materials you need for the superhero undercover costume:

T-shirt (red, orange etc. We used a blue one.) Yellow and red felt pencil scissors needle sewing thread shirt

superhero undercover halloween costume men craft materials

This is how the Halloween disguise is made:

superhero halloween costume men crafting instructions

First, draw your initial on the yellow felt. Cut them out.

instructions superhero costume tshirt felt initial

Sew the initial to the other piece of felt using a needle and thread.

simple halloween costumes for men superhero tshirt

Then sew the rectangular piece of felt with the initial onto the chest area of ​​the t-shirt.

superhero undercover ideas halloween disguise man

Put on the t-shirt. Complete your superhero look with a shirt. Do not button the shirt all the way and make sure the superhero logo is clearly visible.

Halloween costume ideas for men – baby parasite

baby parasite long sleeve babay doll fake blood diy halloween ideas

Here are the required materials:

T-shirt (optional: with pocket) doll baby superglue fake blood scissors

men halloween costume ideas baby parasite materials

This is how the baby parasite disguise is made:

halloween costumes men baby parasite craft materials instruction

Get a t-shirt and a baby doll. Separate one of the arms from the doll and place it in the pocket of the t-shirt.

Use superglue to glue the arm to the fabric.

Drip some fake blood on the arm and around it.

long sleeve slit make baby doll halloween costumes men

Make a small slit on the chest area of ​​the T-shirt through which the baby doll’s head should fit.

Slide the doll’s head through the slot. The body of the baby doll should remain under the garment.

Spread a generous amount of superglue around the doll’s head. Let dry a few seconds.

men halloween costume make yourself baby parasite

Then make slits for the arm and legs and glue them to the fabric as well. Make sure everything holds up well.

halloween costumes men baby parasite instructions

To give the great Halloween costume for men an additional eerie effect, spread fake blood on the visible body parts of the doll and around it.

Scary Halloween costumes for men – nerd

The following materials are required for this scary Halloween costume for men:

Shirt nerd glasses of your choice (e.g. round glasses, cat eye or wayfarer)

nerd costume make yourself halloween carnival plaid shirt glasses

For the nerd look, you can wear a shirt of any color. A checked shirt would be particularly suitable.

Button all the buttons on the shirt and put on your glasses.