New hair transplant method developed in Turkey, in the Mecca of hair transplantation

Many people affected by hair loss travel annually from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Istanbul for a hair transplant. This is not unusual as Istanbul is the Mecca for hair transplants and beard hair transplants. The luminaries for hair transplants work in Turkey and do their best every day to give people affected by hair loss a new self-confidence through their new aesthetics. Most of the innovations in the field of hair transplantation also come from Turkey.

New hair transplant method developed in Turkey

It is brand new NEO FUE hair transplant, which is based on the conventional FUE method of hair transplantation and represents an effective further development. This innovative method was developed by Dr. Balwi and his treatment team developed and carried out exclusively at Elithair. The revolution in hair transplantation is based on the knowledge that strengthened hair roots connect faster with the supply nerves. This shortens and optimizes the healing process and the growth rate of the implanted hair is higher.

What is specifically new with this method??

The transplanted grafts grow better on the basis of the activation of the hair roots in advance

The new development is preceded by many years of research and numerous practical tests. This takes hair implantation to a whole new level. Weakened follicles in the scalp are pre-activated, so you can count on strong and healthy grafts at the time of your hair transplant in Turkey. This shortens and optimizes the healing process and the growth rate of the implanted hair is higher. Two weeks before the minimally invasive procedure, the patient receives a package containing the NEO FUE PREPARATION including instructions for use. Based on the hair root activation in advance, the transplanted grafts grow better and the hair density in the recipient area is increased. The overall result is more voluminous, as the hair roots have been optimally prepared for removal and transplantation.

After many years of research with unlimited expertise and practical experience, the hair transplant technique has been optimized to ensure the best result. The NEO hair transplant in Istanbul creates a completely natural hair density in the donor and recipient area. The transplanted hair is significantly more voluminous than with other methods. The PREPARATION has a positive effect on healing and effectively accelerates the process.

Why do many choose to have hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplant method in Istanbul, the Mecca of hair transplantation

The luminaries of the industry work in Turkey and are already developing modern hair implantation techniques until they have been perfected and therefore absolutely reliable.

One reason for medical tourism in Turkey that cannot be dismissed out of hand is the low prices with the same quality as in Germany. Anyone who has hair transplantation carried out in Istanbul can be prepared for German standards and maximum hygiene. It is no longer a secret that the same services in the same quality as in Germany are much cheaper in Turkey.

With Neo Fue hair transplantation, the growth rate of the implanted hair is higher

Who the prices for a Hair transplant in Turkey If you compare it with the cost of hair transplantation in Germany, you will quickly notice a serious difference. But contrary to the first thought that the savings can be found in the quality, the price advantages have completely different reasons. The personnel costs in Turkey are well below the tariffs in Germany. Since full hair is of particular importance in Turkish culture, the hair transplant sector is even subsidized by the state. In addition to the personnel costs, the real estate rental and purchase costs in Turkey are lower than in Germany. On average, a graft in Turkey costs around EUR 1.89, while the same graft in Germany costs EUR 3.29.

It should also be mentioned that booking an all-inclusive package ensures that your stay is perfectly organized and tailored to the hair transplant, including a shuttle to and from the airport, hotel accommodation and transfer to the hair clinic. Follow-up care is also included in the service package and can be done in a hair clinic in your own place of residence in Germany.

Hair transplant experience in Istanbul

Hair transplant experience in Istanbul

The experiences and reviews for hair implants in Turkey are consistently positive. You can get the best impression by looking for reviews on the Internet or watching videos on YouTube. In the evaluations of the people who have already had the hair transplant successfully carried out, in addition to their enthusiasm for the result, the quality of service is also reflected. The friendliness, a German-speaking treatment team, a courteous all-round organization and price benefits are just as popular as the hair transplant itself. The many videos that document the treatment process or the before-and-after pictures create maximum transparency for the patient right from the start given a good feeling.

Hair transplant in Turkey during Corona times

Hair transplant in Turkey during Corona times

In times of the Corona crisis, many people affected are now faced with the question of whether a hair transplant is even possible in Istanbul. However, there is nothing to worry about. Treatment takes place under Covid-19 security measures and the highest hygienic standards. All you need for entry is a PCR test that is not older than two days. Another corona test is necessary before the minimally invasive procedure, but this is offered without any problems in the hair clinic with its own laboratory. If the result is negative, there is nothing to prevent a hair transplant. You can find more information in the video below: