Men’s hairstyles in short: ideas and styling tips for undercut haircut

men hairstyles short undercut boys hairstyles side styles tips ideas

Undercut hairstyles have been enjoying increasing popularity for several years. The trendy haircut is rock, smart and stylish at the same time. So it’s no wonder that his numerous variants for short or medium-length men’s hairstyles set the tone this year as well. We have put together the coolest hairstyles for this year for you.

Men’s hairstyles in short: undercut for real trendsetters

Men hairstyles short undercut boys hairstyles side parting hair style tips

Undercut hairstyles offer numerous styling options. The easy-care and at the same time trendy cut has crept into the hearts of men in recent years. Very short or medium length: there is something for every lifestyle and every face shape. So everyone can choose a cool hairstyle.

Men's hairstyles, short, smooth transition, medium-length top hair

When choosing an undercut hairstyle, it’s not just personal preferences that play a decisive role. Important criteria for a successful haircut are, for example, the hair thickness, the hair structure and the shape of the face and head. Last but not least, every man should also consider how much time he can devote to styling every day.

Short men’s hairstyles: undercut with voluminous top hair and shaved sides

Men's hairstyles short undercut curly hair style

Men with full curly hair are also welcome to show it off. A shaved undercut area makes the voluminous top hair even more effective. Together with a full beard, you have successfully re-styled the “lumber” look. The undercut hairstyle suits men with a low forehead or a round face.

Short men's hairstyles tie top hair buns

If you don’t have free time in the morning to style, you can style your medium-length top hair into a bun. Extensive blow-drying and styling with gel can be a problem. Instead, the top hair on the back of the head is twisted into a topknot and fastened with a rubber band. It looks best when the elastic is chosen tone-on-tone with the hair color.

Who suits the undercut boys hairstyle: Men with straight hair can wear this look. The sides are kept very short, while the top hair is between 15 cm and 20 cm long.

Short men’s hairstyles: the classic pompadour hairstyle

undercut boys hairstyles upper hair section pompadour

In order for the difference in hair lengths to be clearly seen, the stylists recommend opting for a pompadour hairstyle. It flatters angular faces and creates optically more length and fullness through the voluminously styled outer hair.

undercut men's hairstyles short boys upper hair section voluminous

The modern variant of the popular haircut is full of contrasts. The sides are either shaved or cut back very briefly. The rest remains 7 cm to 10 cm long. You need to devote more time to styling, however, as the top hair is styled with hairspray.

undercut boys hairstyles smooth transition

The traditional pompadour cut, on the other hand, relies on a smooth transition. The hair is getting shorter and shorter towards the base of the head, and at the bottom it is shaved. The top hair is combed back. Perfect for men with naturally full, straight or wavy hair.

Men’s hairstyle with a modern touch: the trendy “sidecut”

undercut boys hairstyles side parting style gel

If short haircuts with a transition are too boring for you, you can opt for the trendy “sidecut” hairstyle. Asymmetrically styled hair that is combed to one side is noticeable both in the club and in everyday life. For the trendy haircut, the hair can be above the ears.

undercut men’s hairstyles short style pompadour

The smooth transition on the sides and the accurate shape of the top hair make the undercut hairstyles for medium-length hair look particularly stylish. This haircut is suitable for the office and maybe that’s why it’s so popular.

Undercut: Maintain, trim and style the hairstyle

undercut men's hairstyles short side parting easy-care men's haircuts suitable for everyday use

Men with straight and full hair do not necessarily need to style the top hair. It is enough if you comb your hair casually to one side. For the styling to look good, you should definitely take care of your scalp and hair. You should fight itchy and dry skin with hair masks and treatments.

undercut men's hairstyles short hairstyles comb back top hair

This is especially true for men with dark hair. It is very important to maintain your hairstyle and have your hair cut by a hairdresser. Because the stylists can best adapt the desired haircut to the shape of the head and face.

undercut boys hairstyles side parting beard

Men with light hair are lucky: blonde to light brown hair can hide even a full-blown hairstyle.

undercut shaving men's hairstyles short outer hair, medium length comb in front

How often you need to recut your hair is closely related to the haircut you choose. Layered sides and a long top coat need regular grooming. You can visit your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks. However, if the sides are shaved, you will need to have them trimmed once or even twice a month.

undercut men's hairstyles short long outer hair beard

Regular visits to the hairdresser, daily hair care and styling: Does casual sound different to you? A small consolation for all gentlemen: Apparently most women are into undercut hairstyles. So it’s no wonder that the haircut has established itself as a real classic over the years.

In the photo gallery below we have put together numerous examples of undercut boys hairstyles for you. Let yourself be inspired and choose your favorite styling!

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