Johnny Depp’s hairstyle and styling over the years: from shoulder-length to rasp-short

Johnny Depp hairstyle medium length blonde tips

Johnny Depp is undoubtedly one of the most famous actors of his generation. Over the years, the heartbreaker has changed his haircut several times and offers tons of styling ideas. In today’s article, we’ve rounded up some of Depp’s most iconic hairstyles. Styling the Johnny Depp hairstyle yourself has never been so easy!

johnny depp hairstyle 2015 Dior long top hair

Johnny Depp was best known for his role in the TV series “21 Jump Street” in the mid-1980s. As an actor, he has played some of the most challenging film roles and has been recognized for his eccentric demeanor. These include Edward Scissorhands, Gilbert Grape, Donnie Brasco, George Jung, Jack Sparrow, Morton Rainey, Sweeney Todd, John Dillinger, and the Hatter.

Because of these roles, Depp should keep changing his haircut. But the style remains the same: cool, simple and casual. At 54, Johnny Depp still has a well-groomed appearance and shows himself on the red carpet with a perfect haircut. So get inspired by the Johnny Depp hairstyle!

Johnny Depp’s mullet hairstyle from the 80s

Johnny Depp hairstyle 80s mullet retro

Before the fame, failed marriages, and other scandals, Depp was just an unknown Kentucky teenager trying to start a music band. He wore a mullet hairstyle during this period of the early 1980s. We have nothing more to say about that.

Johnny Depp Hairstyle – The 90s

Johnny Depp hairstyle side parting 21 jump street

In 1987, Johnny Depp first appeared as the young heartbreaker, Officer Tom Hanson, on the TV series 21 Jump Street. It was parted on the side with short bangs. In contrast to the mullet, this look looks fresh and cool. The top hair is left longer, the hair on the lower part of the head and on the sides is shorter. The bangs can either fall loosely down the side or be styled backwards. The hairstyle is low maintenance and is one of the best looks of the 90s. In this photo the styling looks a bit old-fashioned, but it can be interpreted in a modern way.

Important for the look:

– This haircut works well for thicker hair, ideally with a slight wave.

– If you have a diamond-shaped face like Johnny Depp, this hairstyle is for you as it emphasizes the jaw and cheekbones ideally.

– The top hair should be about 10 cm long, while the length can vary on the sides.

Styling tips:

Work some volume powder into still damp hair. Then take the hair dryer and dry on a lower setting. To do this, comb the hair with your fingers and pull it in the desired direction.

Johnny Depp hairstyle from “Cry Baby”

johnny depp hairstyle cry baby 90's pompadour

In 1990 Johnny Depp showed in the movie “Cry Baby” what a successful quiff should look like. While the film was not so well received by the audience, Johnny Depp’s hairstyle was – a gelled great with a strand of hair falling deep into the face. For this rockabilly look you wear a simple, white t-shirt and a black leather jacket.

Important for the look:

– This haircut is suitable for thicker, straight hair.

– The hairstyle works well for most face shapes – diamond, oval, square and heart.

– The top hair should be 12-14 cm long, about 6 cm on the sides and on the neck.

Styling tips:

– Wash your hair and dry it briefly with a cloth. Then shape with a comb and a hair dryer.

– Rub a small amount of pomade between the palms of your hands and work it into your hair while it is still damp.

– Blow dry your hair backwards.

– Style the hair back on the sides as well, so that it sits firmly on the head.

– Then remove a few strands of hair from the great.

Johnny Depp hairstyle: long hair

johnny depp blow hairstyle long hair open

In 1992 Johnny Depp let his hair grow long and the following year it was the result. His long mane marked the beginning of grunge culture and was a perfect match for the role in the film “Gilbert Grape – Somewhere in Iowa”.

Important for the look:

– Face shapes – oval, heart and diamond

– A long haircut is generally good for straight hair. However, they should be slightly wavy.

– The biggest challenge would be growing hair long. You have to stick to the transition phases.

– To get it over shoulder length, your hair should be about 30-40 cm long.

Styling tips:

– Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner to keep hair looking healthy and well-groomed.

– You can either do a center parting and wear your hair down or tie it back in a ponytail.

– To give the hair some structure and volume, use hair foam or salt spray.

Johnny Depp’s Buzz Cut

Johnny Depp hairstyle short hair buzzcut

Yes, this is Johnny Depp. The days of long hair were over in 1997 when he slipped into the role of Donnie Brasco. The buzzcut is very different from his other hairstyles, as Depp prefers long haircuts. Short-shaved hair looks just as good on him.

Important for the look:

– If you don’t like the shape of your head it is best to avoid the buzzcut.

– The haircut works best on angular face shapes.

– The hair length can vary between 0.5 cm and 3 cm.

Johnny Depp’s short hair in a fluffy look

Johnny Depp hairstyle 1998 medium length short undercut

One of Mr. Depp’s coolest short hairstyles. The hair is not combed back strictly, but casual and tousled. This look is still called “Out of Bed” and is very modern nowadays.

Important for the short haircut:

– The haircut works well for all face shapes.

– Ideal for thicker hair

– Hair length 4 – 8 cm

– The top hair is cut in stages, hair on the nape of the neck is shorter.

– Mattifying gel or wax is used for styling.

Johnny Depp long hair middle parting blonde highlights

In 2001 in the movie “Blow” he wore a long hairstyle with side parting. His dark hair was lightened for the role and at the premiere he only had his hair bleached on the left side. His appearance is rebellious and is exactly in the Grundge style.

Johnny Depp Public Enemies Hairstyle 

Johnny Depp hairstyle Public Enemies film thin hair

In 2009, Johnny Depp starred in the film Public Enemies as the bank robber John Dillinger. As “Public Enemy No. 1” Depp wore a classic short hairstyle with an undercut. The long top hair falls down in strands.

Johnny Depp hairstyle long top hair center parting

How to Style the Dillinger Hairstyle:

– Same as the undercut, the haircut is suitable for most face shapes

– The hair is shaved briefly from the temple to the chin.

– The front section is extremely long. A few levels give the hair a bit of fullness.

Styling tips:

– The hair is styled backwards with a comb and some wax.

– To create the 1930s look, use a glossy gel pomade.

Johnny Depp hair 2015 glasses long top hair 9 mm