Hair Transplant in Turkey? HT expert gives recommendations

Hair loss is a problem that can lead to marginalization in society. On average, around 6,800 people are currently gathering information about hair transplant options in Turkish clinics every month. This trend is also evident for 2021, despite the restrictions caused by Corona. The reasons for this are certainly the significantly lower costs than in this country and the many years of experience of Turkish surgeons in using the gentle FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

Costs for own hair transfers in Turkish clinics

Inherited hair loss occurs specifically in men

Inherited hair loss occurs specifically in men and can even be a cause of depression. Certain agents or medications can reduce or stop hair loss as long as they are taken or used. However, it is only the hair transplantation that can produce new, permanent head of hair.

The costs that those affected normally have to bear themselves are enormous in this country. For example, 4 euros are charged per graft. To fill in a receding hairline, around 2,500 grafts are often required alone, as part of an FUE hair transplant. The treatment costs would therefore be 10,000 euros. For larger bald spots and around 4,000 grafts, the bill is around 16,000 euros.

Man with a receding hairline affected by hair loss

If these costs are compared with those calculated by Turkish clinics, patients can save over two thirds. Because the average price per graft is 1.25 euros, including treatment by the head physician.

However, if you do not want to miss out on German-speaking support prior to the treatment, during and after the procedure, you can leave the organization of your hair transplant in Turkey Health Travels. The managing director of Health Travels is Mr. Clemens Weber. The agency is headquartered in Istanbul. In addition, Mr. Weber has been an expert in hair repositions for over 10 years and has already accompanied more than 1,500 patients on their trips in this role.

Has a clinic test winner been determined? Which surgeons top the ranking??

Experience of satisfied hair transplant patients in Turkey Health Travels

If the demand increases more and more, there are also more and more Turkish providers of hair transplants. This often makes it difficult for patients to choose the best clinic.

How do I recognize reputable providers and good doctors? How serious are the providers? How do I find the best doctor? So these and many other questions are in the room. Independent, objective evaluations of hair transplants such as those from a TÜV institute and official rankings of Turkish doctors have not been available so far.

Therefore, as an HT expert, Mr. Clemens Weber now gives the following recommendations:

1. The decision to consult a doctor should depend on whether he or she undertakes the decisive steps of the hair transplantation himself. In particular, the extraction of the hair follicles (grafts) from the hair circle (donor area) and the setting of the receiving channels should also be carried out by an experienced surgeon.

However, if the hair operation is carried out by a technician or a nurse who has relatively little experience, the following problems can arise:

– uncontrolled thinning in the donor area

– Damage to the neighboring grafts

– unnatural look due to incorrect stitching of the receiving channels

– lack of experience in the distribution of implants.

best doctors turkey hair transplant

2. Patients should avoid providers who treat more than 2 patients per day. Since hair transplants can only be marketed at low prices, this approach can only work if various patients are treated on a daily basis. However, the quality of the hair surgery is often poor and leaves patients frustrated.

3. Patients should always ensure that German-speaking contacts are available in the Turkish clinic before, during and after the hair operation. This ensures that questions are answered competently.

Excellent hair surgeons who are completely familiar with the FUE method, perform the most important operations personally and only perform 1 treatment per day are:

– Dr. Erkan Demirsoy

– Dr. Gökhan Gür

– Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu.

FUE technique – gentle treatment without visible scars

hair transplant-turkey-good-doctors

In Turkish clinics, the FUE method is mainly used for hair operations. In this country, however, the traditional FUT technology is still used for the most part.

As part of the FUE hair surgery, the surgeon takes the smallest hair units / grafts directly from the hairline with the help of a very fine hollow needle. In contrast to the older technique F.U.T., NO skin strips including grafts have to be cut and then sewn. This means that no visible scar remains.

If the FUE hair operation is successful, patients can wear a stylish short hairstyle again shortly afterwards. The tiny micro-scars can hardly be seen by third parties. However, this only applies if the hair operation is carried out by a very experienced specialist. An FUE hair transplant can also be carried out without shaving the main hair.

Another modern method of hair transplantation is the DHI technique. The grafts are removed with a special CHOI implanter pen. This surgical device is hollow, so it picks up the grafts and inserts them directly into the bald areas. As part of the DHI hair transplant extraction and implantation are carried out in one operation.

Experiences of satisfied hair transplant patients in Turkey

happy couple in a hair transplant clinic in turkey

Those affected by excessive and pathological hair loss who are interested in a hair transplant in Turkey can find various testimonials from former patients in online forums and especially on YouTube. Satisfied patients document here by video your trip, your stay and the process of your hair transplant.

Furthermore, posts can be found in which the chronological sequence of the growth, from the beginning over 3 to 6 months and finally 12 months, of the new hair is shown.

Before after: The success speaks for itself!


As an HT expert, Mr. Clemens Weber speaks of more than 90 percent of all hair operations that are carried out through recommendations from satisfied patients. Active advertising is therefore hardly necessary for Mr. Weber, since the excellent results of the patients he cares for are the best and, above all, convincing advertising.

This primarily ensures individual care and treatment by experienced specialists and surgeons for hair transplants. The primary goal is always to create a soft, natural hairline. For this, so-called single grafts are implanted in the front row of a hairline.

When removing (extracting) the hair follicles, the surgeon also makes sure that this is done evenly in the donor area (hairline on the back of the head) in order to preserve the donor area. Because, remaining hair can be used for a later hair transplant.

Hair transplant in Turkey despite corona measures

pcr test when entering from turkey

Despite the pandemic, all planned hair surgeries have been implemented on schedule since July 2020. Turkey is a state that adheres to prescribed hygiene concepts (virus control) extremely carefully and strictly implements them. This is guaranteed in particular by the extremely strict controls carried out by the Turkish health and tourism ministries.

Entering / leaving patients must observe the following for their hair transplant in Turkey:

– At German airports, airlines require a negative PCR test at check-in.

– This can be done in Germany for around 60 euros.

– Before departure from the Turkish airport, an up-to-date PCR test is also required for check-in. Further documents are not yet required.

– Health Travels organizes this PCR test for its patients in Istanbul in an internationally authorized test center.

The majority of patients at Health Travels plan a short vacation of around 2 weeks after their hair operation anyway to wait for the healing process. This means that the usual quarantine at home is not relevant.