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Men’s hairstyles 2019 – The latest trends for self-confident men

tom hardy buzz haircut on the red carpet with jacket and shirt mustache

A new year calls for a new look, whether it’s your wardrobe, a new style or a complete change. Here are some options that will make your head spin for men’s hairstyles 2019. For our post, we looked at the best haircuts for men, cut and styled by the most skilled hairdressers in the world. Although many of the popular hairstyles from the past few years will continue to be on trend, hairdressers keep coming up with new ideas to create new styles. Nonetheless, guys should expect undercuts and such high and low cuts and textured hairstyles that will continue to be an ongoing trend in men’s hairstyles in 2019.

Modern men’s hairstyles 2019

bangs longer hair ashton kutscher

While there are so many cool cuts and styles out there, a separate undercut with a solid quiff or a tall bald haircut with straight back hair would be great variations to try out. Both hairstyles leave enough hair on top to experiment with other cool looks, such as a mohawk, pompadour, tolle, bangs, brushback or spiked hairstyle. So here are the latest men’s hairstyles for 2019. We also made sure that a range of long, medium and short men’s hairstyles are featured to suit all tastes. There are even different types of trendy haircuts for men with thick, thin, curly, wavy and straight hair. Whether you want a classic cut or a modern style, these are the hottest trending hairstyles to get this year.

The buzz cut haircut

men's hairstyles 2019 latest trends for self-confident men buzz hairstyle zayn

The handsome guys from Hollywood like Zayn Malik and Brooklyn Beckham have razor razors on their hair. This minimalist look puts more emphasis on your wardrobe and the sharp jawline. For the brave souls among you, follow in the footsteps of Jaden Smith or Frank Ocean and top off your buzz cut hairstyle with light hair dye. There’s not a single color that we haven’t seen, from bold blue to neon orange. When you are with a professional hair artist, you can ask for the upper limit of hair that reaches a length of 2 or 3. After that, you should have a low value of 1 done for the back and side hair. This rejuvenates the hairline and creates a gradual fade effect from the tips to the hairline. Requesting this will make the buzz cut cleaner.

Men’s bob hairstyle 2019

barber shop bradley cooper bro flow haircut with long beard

From last year, men’s hairstyles in 2019 have again embraced the longer hair. The mid-length cut from the 90s is the coolest thing that graces red carpets on Timothy Chalamet and Milo Ventimiglia. Ask the barber about this length, leaving the front long enough to hide behind the ears while the back is layered with the accent on top. This look is suitable for men with thick, textured hair, but these properties can also be achieved with products. Add layers for a youthful and romantic update of the Notting Hill look. This look can also get vintage and very edgy when towel dried and pushed back with a product and diffuser. Stylists recommend using moisturizer or styling mousse for easy control and texture.

Loose quotes

Fluffy hairstyle for men with beard long hair on top

Popular with office workers in the city, this is a textured take on the traditional haircut. Tell your barber that you intend to wear the hairstyle loose so they can remove some volume and reduce the length. The sides can be worn any length from clean and trimmed for a change to the long version to allow hair to be tucked behind the ear. Using a round brush, blow-dry your hair backwards in one clean pass. This creates a strong base. Rub the styling paste between your hands before running it through your quiff from front to back. Wiggle your fingers for the right texture and looseness.

Undercut 2019

modern haircut men 2019 hipster style with beard and piercings

The classic undercut had sides with a long, smooth back. The modern approach is more eclectic: slicked back and, of course, curly. The undercut can be worn in almost infinite ways. The two variations of this versatile cut create a striking contrast between the shaved areas and the more subtle modernized dandy haircut. This look is based on gradual layers at the nape of the neck and temples that create a nifty yet simple transition between the two lengths.

stylish hairstyles for men 2019 david beckham loose great black and white

So if you want the vintage David Beckham look, go for a product on wet hair. For the more modern option, consider using a matte hair mousse for texture. The separated undercut is the newest and boldest version of this classic trend. The hair on the top of the head is parted from the sides with a striking part that creates a clean line between the two incisions.

Medium length wavy haircut

medium length wavy haircut jason momoa

Long hairstyles have also become a fashion. Invest in the conditioner and let your hair flow. This style will be more suitable for people with wavy or textured hair. For example, at the Academy Awards, think of Jared Leto and keep the length of hair between your cheeks and lower jaw. At first glance, this haircut seems very easy to care for, as the ends need to be trimmed regularly as it grows. However, without regular trimmings, thick, textured hair will pile up on the sides, making you look less like Jon Snow and more like Brian May.

men's cut undercut still trendy brad pitt fury film

For this reason, avoid products that are high in alcohol as they dry out the follicles. Cheap mousses also make your hair look damaged. If you are concerned that your hairstyle will look too dry, a good conditioner can keep your hair from becoming frizzy and difficult to manage. Also, unless you want a wet look, choose quality creams, salt sprays, gels and waxes.

Separated undercut

separate undercut undercut hairstyle with a short beard and stylish great

For those who want a short haircut with a strong effect, the parted undercut is a fantastic choice. The stylish and eye-catching look combines sanded sides with longer hair. Plus, this hairstyle looks great with a beard too.

Low fade hairstyle

low fade men's hairstyle with longer hair on the top of the head and beard

One of the best things about fade haircuts is that they can be easily customized to suit your tastes. For example, if you want an understated yet stylish look, the low fade is an excellent choice.

Mid fade hairstyle

barber mid fade hairstyle with longer hair on top of head

For a standard fade look in 2018, most men had to go for a medium fade cut. This type of hairstyle, which fades from the long temples to the short ones, looks stylish and chic above all. You can also choose a drop fade version, where the fade is lowered behind the ear to create an arch shape.

High fade hairstyle

texture on top of head with curly hairstyle high fade haircut

With high sides that quickly taper from short to long, the high fade looks just as eye-catching and stylish. Make sure to visit an experienced barber if you want this cut, as inconsistencies in the gradation of length can be very noticeable.

Caesar hairstyle

modern pony hairstyle with side french cut and light beard glasses

The Caesar cut was done by Julius Caesar himself and has long been associated with power. To try this strong style for yourself, get your hair cut short with a small, horizontal pony fringe. You can also add a dissolve for a more recent version of this look.

French hairstyle

combine french hairstyle for men with spiky pointy facial hair

A French haircut is a classic men’s hairstyle that is currently experiencing a significant upswing. The haircut has a short length that is styled forward at the top to create a little pony. In 2018, this style looked best with a lot of texture or a little messy.

Popular medium length men’s hairstyles 2019

brad pitt curtain hairstyle curtains style with glasses wear celebrities

With the increasing interest of men in styling their hair in new ways, medium length haircuts are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to their length, these cuts offer great versatility while looking elegant and stylish at the same time.

Bro Flow

Medium length combed back hairstyle for stylish men in 2019

If you like long hair but want something that works well in the office, the Bro Flow is the ideal option. The hairstyle, showing a rugged yet sophisticated appearance, is a seriously stylish choice for men of all ages.

Pompadour 2019

longer pompadour hairstyle for men

If you don’t want to try a pompadour hairstyle just yet, this is your chance. For a trendy look, ask your barber to keep your hair long. Then use pomade to style your hair up and back until you have created a stylish bulge on your head.

Slicked back hairstyle

combed back hairstyle with separate undercut and full beard

Hairstyles don’t have to be new to be on trend. Slicked back styles, for example, are both classic and contemporary favorites. To rock the look in 2018, make sure your hair looks clean and thick instead of weighing down the product.

Men’s hairstyles 2019 – great

hair style for men medium length great and short sides modern

Similar to a pompadour and just as stylish, a quiff is a little different. Unlike a pompadour, this full look features a hair curl right on the head that curves back to the rest.

Blowout with blow-drying

blowout with blow-off hairstyle trendy for men with spikes

As the popularity of voluminous men’s hairstyles is just growing, the 2018 blowout will be enormous. This cool hairstyle, which requires medium length hair, promises to make you seem like a style-conscious gust of wind has hit your face.


combover haircut with curly great glasses undercut

No longer just a tool for covering up bald spots, the combover is one of the most stylish haircuts for men. This asymmetrical style works great for medium length locks and is extremely flattering and extremely sophisticated.

Fake mohawk

men's hairstyles 2019 irokes cut fake iro sunglasses blonde hair and beard trend

If you are looking for a new look that is exciting, a faux hawk can be an excellent choice. With the edgy stance of a mohawk with no intensity, this style looks great and is easy to wear. Just make sure your faux hawk is a little messy to keep it up to date.

Bangs hairstyle

trendy pony hairstyle with side cut and full beard

The glossy styling appeared to be the predominant finish of choice, which matches the longer proportions of the bangs. Textured fringes have also been done right with a lot of dimension and a whole lot of matte product. Take a look and get inspired by the hairstyle. If you’re thinking of rocking a mid-length cut in 2018, consider a fringe. Bangs are back on trend for men and look great when worn messy with lots of texture.

Messy waves

long hair and messy waves with three day beard combination retro casual style trend

When it comes to the best men’s hairstyles in 2018, texture plays a crucial role. As a result, smooth and flat shapes are being replaced by messy waves and unkempt crops. To make these cuts versatile enough to be worn anywhere, including the office, keep the sides short and neat.