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Short hairstyles for men – 50 trendy ideas for hair styling

short hairstyle for men disheveled look orlando bloom beard suit tie

A variety of hairstyles are also possible for men and in different lengths. Even age does not matter. Because even a more mature man can easily try out a playful hairstyle for any occasion. In this article we would like to give you several ideas for Short hairstyles for men with the help of which you can collect suggestions. So if you are in the mood for a new look and are looking for ideas, this post will definitely help you. This includes the undercut currently popular with both sexes, but also variants with bangs and those with a disheveled look. If you prefer something a bit more elegant, you can also try a retro hairstyle. But it is best to take a look at the following examples of short hairstyle for men and just decide for yourself!

Short hairstyles for men – under- or sidecut

short hairstyle for men undercut waves look comb over idea

With the side or undercut short hairstyle for men, the hair is cut shorter on the side than the part on top. There are also variants in which the hair is even shaved off completely. In this way, different hairstyles can be created with the upper part of the hair, such as those with ponies, comb-over hairstyles or pompadour variants.

Short hairstyles for men – sidecut with great

short hairstyle men elongated face idea undercut ivy league

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Men’s sidecut hairstyle in a tousled look

short hairstyle men undercut blond strahnen david backham

Sidecut short hairstyle combined with over-comb as bangs

short hairstyle for men undercut look modern bangs over comb

Sidecut with curls hairstyle

short hairstyle men shaggy look curls undercut combination fashion men

Undercut men’s hairstyles – a symbol of modern masculinity and courage

Under- or sidecut with pattern

short hairstyle men pattern shave style idea beard

You can spice up the shaved part of this with original shaving patterns and thus add an interesting eye-catcher. Whether tribal patterns or even messages, there are no limits to your imagination. These patterns are often continued in the short hairstyle with the beard.

Effective short hairstyle ideas – mohawk and over-comb with patterns

short hairstyle men art hair pattern shave sidecut

Modern variant of a rockabilly hairstyle and mohawk made from longer hair

short hairstyle men ivy league idea stripe shave

Combine short hairstyle with beard

short hairstyle men beard styling idea stripes look

short hairstyle for men pattern undercut diamond idea earring chain

short hairstyle for men pattern tribal idea shave black hair

Short hairstyle with bangs

short hairstyle men bangs styling undercut turtleneck sweater pink

A pony in men looks anything but feminine. When combined with a short hairstyle for men, it looks attractive, playful and is extremely modern. The bangs can be cut straight or tiered and worn sideways as desired.

short hairstyle men bangs modern pot cut brunette steps

short hairstyle men blond styling idea bangs hair inspiration

short hairstyle men bangs straight brown hair scarf model

short hairstyle men ivy league bangs forehead trend idea

short hairstyle for men bangs step cut disheveled modern

Retro short hairstyle 

short hairstyle for men brunette retro over comb shirt white

Yes, the retro look is also very popular when it comes to hairstyles. And you hardly need anything except gel. Create a side parting, comb the hair to the side and the retro short hairstyle for men is ready! You are welcome to use the undercut as a basis for this.

short hairstyle men rockabilly look retro military styling undercut

short hairstyle men comb over gel jacket fashion shirt colorful

short hairstyle men pompadour idea side parting model

Classic short hairstyle for men

short hairstyle men shave hair three-day beard idea styling

Here you can easily shave your hair as short as you like or leave it a little longer. Add some hair gel or mousse if you want. This short hairstyle for men is suitable if you don’t want to spend as much time with the hairstyle and are into simple variations with little or even no effort. However, even the very short hair must be trimmed regularly.

short hairstyle for men shave idea beard eyes blue jacket black

short hairstyle for men disheveled look blond idea hairspray

short hairstyle for men gel hair hedgehog look suit bow tie

short hairstyle for men waves hair style idea shirt white

Comb-over men hairstyle

short hairstyle men comb over men’s look tie shirt white

The comb-over short hairstyle for men is somewhat reminiscent of the retro hairstyles, but is a more modern twist. As already mentioned, it is often combined with the undercut, whereby the accent falls on the longer part of the hair. Here are a few ideas for implementation:

short hairstyle men over comb gel hairstyle george clooney

short hairstyle men inspiration ivy league great black hair men

You can check out more ideas for short hairstyle for men below:

short hairstyle men medium length hair black pompadour cut

short hairstyle men side parting idea disheveled look brunette hair men

short hairstyle men pony style curls men’s idea

short hairstyle men bangs blond bob hairstyling

short hairstyle men pompadour great idea playful look

short hairstyle men medium length look brunette retro sunglasses jeans jacket

short hairstyle men curls great styling robert pattinson jeans jacket

Kurzhaarfrisur men curls idea foehnfrisur young look

short hairstyle men hair medium length idea side parting retro

short hairstyle for men curls hair blond gel hairstyle shirt black

short hairstyle for men curls brunette modern shirt blue jacket

short hairstyle for men classic sideways comb blond beard men

short hairstyle for men emo hair styling bangs shirt purple

short hairstyle men trend idea curls sidecut suit

short hairstyle men great bangs idea men hairstyling

short hairstyle-men-ideas-pictures-front-long-back-short-top


short hairstyle-men-ideas-pictures-curly-front-long-chaotic-mess