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Modern men’s hairstyles 2015 – 22 ideas for all ages


Modern men’s hairstyles for 2015 are determined from all corners of the world. Of course, every man has his own style of hair to wear, but there is also a group of men who want to be up to date in the fashion world. For those interested, we are showing 22 ideas for re-styling.

Modern men’s hairstyles for all ages

short-and-disheveled-men's hairstyles

Modern men’s hairstyles are tailored to suit every age. The gentlemen who still enjoy the splendid and fullness of their hair, in their later 30s and even 40s, can get a few inspirations. Short, medium or long, the beard has also been a sign and symbol of masculinity since last year and many men combine the haircut with a rather long beard. Business casual or the Caesar cut, shaved on the sides and a little disheveled on top, dear gentlemen, the fashion of the classic pompadour haircut is coming! It is a classic rockabilly or rather rock ‘n‘ roll hair style, which Elvis adopted into the men’s world in the 50s. Until then, this hairstyle was a popular hairstyle for women, especially in the 18th century. The mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pomadour, marked the beginning of this era. Justin Timberlake gave the reinterpretation of this haircut for T Magazine when he sat in front of the camera with this hairstyle and interpreted the classic with a new twist. From then on, everyone can hardly wait to try out the popular haircut.

Modern men’s hairstyles on the red carpet


It happened – the long night of the Oscars was cheered and in the air you can still feel the swaying wave of euphoria. The ladies fascinated us with their enchanting dresses and remarkable speeches and the men showed their chic suits and great hairstyles. Glitz and glamor to the fullest, especially when you can see the longed-for faces with the latest modern men’s hairstyles together in one place.

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Medium length with parting and slightly disheveled

Medium Length Hairstyles Men

The Korean haircut is currently conquering the world 

Medium-hairstyle-hairstyle-men-korea style

Straight hair with parting to the side


Short bangs hairstyle


Free style disheveled hair


Shaved sides, disheveled top


Kurz always fits


The classic pompadour hairstyles with a contemporary twist

the classic pompadour hairstyle







Beard-and-straightened-hair-fixed-to the side