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Men’s hairstyles 2017: You wear medium-length hair in the form of Bro Flow!

Men's hairstyles-medium-long-hair-Bradley-Cooper

Among men’s hairstyles 2017 there is a new haircut that is still enjoying growing popularity! Bro Flow has already been seen by many Hollywood stars such as Bradley Cooper, Dev Patel and Milo Ventimiglia and has also captured our hearts. While other popular haircuts, such as pompadour and undercut, rely on clear lines and strong contrasts, the new cut brings the casual yet modern style to the fore. This hairstyle doesn’t need a lot of styling either! Bro Flow is the right choice for men who would rather stay in bed for an extra half an hour than get up earlier to style their hair. Find out what the trend hairstyle looks like below!

Men’s hairstyles 2017: what is typical of the bro flow?


Medium-length hair that is casually combed back – that’s what makes Bro Flow so special. Curly sides are welcome and encouraged as well. “Medium length” basically stands for hair that falls between the chin and shoulder. This is more like neck-length hair.

The hangover star Bradley Cooper has long proven that the medium-length wave is absolutely stylish. And although patience is required to achieve the desired hair length on the way to medium-length hair, the result is definitely worth it. This hairstyle gives every gentleman a cool, casual-elegant look.

How to style the Bro Flow?

men's hairstyles-medium-long-curly-Gerard-Butler

The Bro Flow got its name from its shape, because the hair falls casually and airy backwards. One of the advantages of this men’s hairstyle: it can be styled without much effort and always looks great. As soon as the hair has grown to the desired length, you should have the whole thing shaped by the hairdresser. The hair should be cut shorter and layered at the back. After that, styling and care are super easy.

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Bro flow for curly hair types

men's hairstyles-medium-long-bro-flow-curly-business-look

When it comes to styling, it all depends on whether you have curly or straight hair. By the way, natural curls are perfect for this look! Men with curly hair always exude a relaxed charm and look immediately personable. Make sure you have the right hair length, however, so that the Bro Flow doesn’t look too rebellious. The curls should fall loosely, but not hang around on the face, but rather be tucked behind the ears. This men’s hairstyle makes curly hair an eye-catcher without it getting out of control.

men's hairstyles-medium-long-bro-flow-dev-patel

To get the hair in shape, you can use gel, styling cream, or other hair styling products. Simply rub some gel in your hands and run your fingers through the damp hair from front to back. The hair should fall naturally backwards. A few highlights in the front of the face are generally welcome. Do not work the gel directly into the hair at the roots. Then you can either let your hair dry naturally or blow dry front to back on a low setting. Set with hairspray for extra hold.

men's hairstyles-medium-length-side parting-thin-hair-milo-ventimiglia

As mentioned before, this hairstyle is perfect for the curly type. But stars like Milo Ventimiglia and Keanu Reeves also prove that Bro Flow looks just as good on men with straight hair. The trend hairstyle looks more refined and particularly classy.

Bro Flow for straight hair types

men-hairstyles-medium-long-2017-thin-hair-beard-middle parting

If you are used to straight hair, a skillfully styled wave could provide a nice change. A wavy texture and hold can be given to the hair very quickly with a beach-style salt spray. A great idea for the summer that will bring that beach feeling into everyday life – even when there is no sand in sight.

Style medium-length hair in a sleek look

men's hairstyles-medium-long-bro-flow-styles-Luke-Bracey

If you are into the sleek, classic look, you can try the wet look. A wet effect is achieved with a modeling product. The hairstyle works best with a brush and lots of gel. With a mousse, the look doesn’t look too strict. Make sure, however, that this hair styling is not suitable for men with thin hair. The disadvantage here is that individual hairs are strongly bundled into strands of hair and the scalp can be seen very clearly.

Shorter Bro-Flow variant


Despite its name with a playful touch, the Bro Flow can also be suitable for the office. The trick is to keep the casual look within limits so that you come across as professional in a corporate environment. For this, the hair should be cut off to the ears. The layers at the back are also a bit shorter. Avoid the messy look and straighten your hair with the help of a comb and a small amount of pomade.

The trend hairstyle also looks very good on older men

men's hairstyles-medium-gray-hair-bro-flow

This trend hairstyle 2017 is not only perfect for young men. Even gentlemen over 50 years of age can wear medium-length hair and appear confident with this styling. Thanks to its texture and length, the hairstyle adds a youthful touch to the more mature men. The Bro Flow is still an attractive hairstyle variant for men with gray hair. This is how the silver hair is brought out.

Bro Flow haircut in combination with a beard

men's hairstyles-medium-curly-kit-Harington

The men’s hairstyle trend 2017 can also be combined well with a beard. Long and bushy or short and well-groomed – a beard gives every man a completely different look. The look is very masculine and focuses on the eyes. Make sure, however, that too much facial hair doesn’t make a sinister impression.

Man bun

men's hairstyles-medium-length-half-bun-bro-flow

Thanks to its length, the Bro Flow is very versatile and can be styled in different ways. If the hair has grown longer, there is nothing to prevent the “man bun”. The hipster hairstyle is a great alternative to the hair combed back and is super easy to do yourself.

And those who like to wear hats in winter?

men's hairstyles-medium-long-bro-flow-hat

Hats and medium-length hair also go very well. The hair that sticks out of the hat conjures up a cool look. It looks particularly sophisticated in combination with a full beard. For the perfect fit of the hair under the hat, simply push the hair loosely upwards with your fingers and put the hat on. In this way, the hairstyle is spared unwanted flatness.

men's hairstyles-medium-length-side parting-curly