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Men’s hairstyles 2016 – the latest trends at a glance


You might think that only women are always on the lookout for the latest trends and tendencies in hair styling. But in recent years they have become more and more vain and even pay more attention to their look. Here you will find the latest trends in the topic Men’s hairstyles 2016.

Men’s hairstyles 2016 – celebrities and trends


Celebrities and stars are considered to be the inspiration for the average men. Definitely a pioneer in fashion and trends for men is David Beckham. He has tried many hairstyles over the years and implemented them in men’s hairstyles. Today he doesn’t experiment as much and sticks to classic hair combed back and the very current three-day beard again this year.

Men’s hairstyles 2016 – long hair for men too


A contradicting trend that can also be seen in women’s hairstyles is the bun on men. Long hair for men is particularly relevant and if this allows it, you can tie it up and knot it up.

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Men’s Hairstyles 2016 – Man Bun


Man bun + three-day beard is the trend for 2016


Men’s hairstyles 2016 – undercut variations 


Undercuts in every variant remain current this year as well. Let the professional advise you which one would best suit your skull shape. You decide for yourself when cut longer or shorter.


Men’s hairstyles 2016 – elegant and combed back


Men’s hair combed back is not only timelessly trendy on the red carpet. Try this hair styling at the next party and you will certainly not go unnoticed.

Mannerfrisuren-2016-trends-elegant. combed backwards

Men’s hairstyles 2016 – the classic side parting


Side parting never goes out of style. This hairstyle is one of the eternal classics. Today you can’t just combine them with a fresh shave to look well-groomed. Three-day beard is a trendy variant.


Men’s hairstyles 2016 – volume on the top of the head with a vintage flair


Not only women strive for volume on the top of the head. He is also in great demand for men’s hairstyles and men use the hair dryer to achieve this.


Men’s hairstyles 2016 – Elvis-esque


Vintage flair can be felt in every area from design to fashion and hairstyles. Music stars, like Bruno Mars in the photo, love the 50s – 60s style and collect inspiration in their search for a fresh look.

Mannerfrisuren-2016-trends-curly-volume-front-of course

Men’s hairstyles 2016 – more casual “Out of Bed “look


The casual “out of bed” look is very popular among younger men and boys, and not without reason. It is easy to achieve with wax, easy to care for and you shouldn’t necessarily go to the hairdresser every three weeks. But messing up hair does not mean unkempt.



Men’s hairstyles 2016 – naturally grown curly hair


The naturally curly hair can appear particularly wild, but this year these are trendy.


 Naturally male is always trendy


The natural look is always recommended, as people should look individual and not the same.