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Ideas for waves & curls hairstyles for men and tips on styling

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Men with curls are attractive. And without a doubt, curly hair also has its advantages. They create texture and volume and can be used for a wide variety of hair styles. However, they have the disadvantage that they are often difficult to control and make styling a challenge. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we have not only put together a few useful care and styling tips that are good for your hair. We also have some stylish curly hairstyles for men for you to consider if you are looking for a new look. No matter whether you want a short hairstyle, medium-length hairstyles for men with curls or even longer variants, in the following list you are guaranteed to find the right styling for your taste and type. Showcase your curls or create a wavy look with your straight hair!

Combine wave and curly hairstyles for men with an undercut

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Most likely, no further explanation is necessary for the undercut by now. With or without a beard, everyone knows him and many just can’t get enough of him. The short-shaved sides and neck of the curly hairstyles for men ensure that the curls and volume can come into their own and represent the highlight in your styling. Another effect is that the hairstyle makes the face look a little longer and narrower. A big advantage is that this hairstyle is particularly easy and quick to style and maintain.

Styling tips for the curly undercut

curls hairstyles for men sidecut undercut waves styling tips

Use a blow dryer to dry the hair from the roots towards the tips of the hair to create volume. The hair can be blow-dried both forwards and backwards. Finally, massage hair pomade into your hair to give it hold and shine. To do this, put some of the product in one hand, rub it in your hands and then distribute it evenly.

Modern curls hairstyles for men with side parting

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This variant is also known and popular for straight hair, but is just as suitable for curly and voluminous hair. Here, too, the sides are a little shorter than those on the top of the head, but not as short as with the side or undercut. The long hair can then be combed left or right as you wish. The curls create great volume.

Styling tips for the side parting

curls hairstyles men side parting ideas waves wavy look

Here, too, the blow-dry is done from bottom to top, i.e. from the roots of the hair towards the ends of the hair. It is best to use a skeleton brush to pull the hair up and to the side instead of backwards. With your hand you also style the hair to the side. Finally, fix curly hairstyles for men with side parting with hair wax that gives shine at the same time.

Fringe for short curls hairstyles for men

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The so-called fringe is also very stylish. Here, too, the sides and neck are shorter, while the top of the head is adorned with more lush hair. In principle, the fringe is similar to the curly hairstyles for men with side parting, only that no side parting is formed when styling. Usually the parts on the top of the head are a little shorter than for the side parting, but that can also vary. The fringe area is also longer than the hair on the top of the head.

Styling tips for the fringe

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If you want to style these curly hairstyles for men, it is best to start with hair mousse for curly hair, which you work into the damp hair. Then knead your hair with your hands while blow-drying. Then work in a texture product (e.g. hair wax or styling paste) and fix with a light hairspray if desired.

Comb the hairstyle backwards

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This variant is very suitable for medium-length hair and curly hairstyles for men, but can also be used for the undercut. You can get the perfect cut to create such a hairstyle by explaining to your hairdresser what styling you have in mind. He can make a wonderful assessment of how best to cut the hair. The styling often ensures that the curls are more or less smoothed.

Style hair backwards – tips

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Work a strong pomade into dry hair. With the help of a spray bottle, moisten the hair a little and start pulling it back with your fingers. Run your fingers through your hair. Repeat the whole thing until you have achieved the desired result.

Casual curly hairstyles for men with long and medium length hair

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Long and medium-length hair is only cut with scissors, even for men. In the case of very thick hair, layers can also be brought into the hair to increase the volume and give the hair its shape. At the same time, the weight of the hair is also reduced, which makes styling a lot easier. Whether with curls or waves, the hairstyles are stylish and attractive at the same time.

Styling tips for long, trendy curly hairstyles for men

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While you might think of styling as complicated and time-consuming, it is far from the case. Once you get the hang of it and get used to it, you won’t have to spend a lot of time. The styling begins with blow-drying after washing your hair, during which you knead the hair with your fingers. The result is then simply completed with a texturing product that is worked into the curls or waves. You get a casual and chic men’s hairstyle!

Bob hairstyle for men with wavy or curly hair

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Yes, the trendy bob for women is also available for men and it just looks amazingly good! Kit Harrington leads the way, but other stars have long since opted for the look. Your hairdresser can then best assess the right length and cut for your face shape and prepare the look you want, which you only need to style properly at the end.

Styling bob for cool curls hairstyles for men

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A no-wash conditioner or natural hair oils are best when you want to style the bob. They moisturize and protect hair that is dry, especially with curls, which in turn guarantees easier styling. If you want to style the wavy or curly hairstyles for men, use hair mousse and set with a light hairspray.