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Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – 20 inspirations and tips

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 disheveled-hair-casual-look-men's-hairstyle

In recent years, men have paid more and more attention to their haircut and look, and men’s hairstyles are gaining in importance. The trends change quickly and you have to adapt to them. In today’s article we introduce the current ones Hairstyle trends for men for 2016/2017, which represent good ideas for re-styling and can serve as inspiration for a new look.

Hairstyle trends for men inspired by the stars

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 short haircut-side parting-justin-timberlake

Famous actors, singers and athletes often experiment with their haircuts and thus set the hairstyle trends for men worldwide. Her hairstyles always look neat and elegant. The role model for short hairstyles for men has long been Justin Timberlake. He currently wears his hair with a side parting and combed back – a man’s hairstyle that underlines the shape of the face.

Hairstyle trends for men with medium or long hair

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 medium-length-curly-hair-kit-harington

When thinking of men’s hairstyles for long or medium hair length, Kit Harington’s curly hair often comes to mind. He usually wears his hairstyle combed back or occasionally tied in a man bun. A long men’s hairstyle needs a lot of care to always look beautiful. An effort that is definitely worth it.

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The most popular men’s hairstyles

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 great-combed-back-david-beckham

Famous footballers like David Beckham always have innovative, sometimes extravagant hairstyles that inspire young and old all over the world to have a new haircut. The undercut short hairstyle with pompadour from the celebrity footballer is one of the hairstyle trends for men in 2016 and probably also for 2017.

Cool men’s hairstyles for gray hair

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 side parting-men's hairstyle-short-george-clooney

The trendy men’s hairstyles with side parting look elegant even for gray hair. The perfect example is actor George Clooney, popular with many women. Such a haircut for men can be worn with or without a beard. The hairstyle is characterized by a side parting. You can find good ideas for both in the article.

Short hairstyles for men with a three-day beard


Even with some gray hair in his hair and a beard, Ryan Reynolds is considered one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. His short hairstyle is an even length all over his head with a small difference on the top of the head. It is, so to speak, a variant of the sidecut. This elegant men’s hairstyle in combination with a three-day beard is suitable for men of all ages.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – the new look by Daniel Radcliffe


The hairstyle of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has a casual style that is emphasized by a skillfully disheveled mane. The full beard combines with the hair and complements the modern look of the celebrity. Gentlemen can therefore bring out their curls if they have them. The casual hairstyle is always suitable for everyday life and also for special occasions.

Celebrities set the hairstyle trends for men in 2016/2017


Young stars like singer Justin Bieber change their hairstyle and look several times over the years. Long hair quickly becomes short, the man bun in winter becomes a pompadour in summer. The new men’s hairstyle from Bieber with long blonde bangs in the forehead area leaves many options open for re-styling, so that new styles are always possible.

Men’s hairstyles with undercut and curly hair

hairstyle-trends-men-current-men-hairstyles-side parting-curls-beard-undercut

Hairstyle trends for men are changing rapidly, but the undercut as a men’s hairstyle is almost always on trend. The reason for this is that it offers many options for styling and it goes with other trending hairstyles. A modern undercut men’s hairstyle with longer curly top hair is one of the trends for 2016/17. The example above shows a particularly drastic sidecut. The side parts are not only shorter, but completely shaved, while the upper parts in the area of ​​the top of the head are quite long. The curls come into their own wonderfully. The lush full beard is a great contrast to the sidecut hairstyle.

Cool undercut hairstyles


The undercut usually refers to the hair fashion in which the hair on the lower, side and back of the head is cut short or trimmed, whereby it stays longer on the top of the head. The men’s hairstyles with undercut are diverse. You can combine them with the beard or have interesting hair tattoos done. Such patterns come into their own in the short-shaved hair and can also be used as a dividing line between the short and long hair.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – combine a haircut with a beard

hairstyle trends-men-short hairstyle-undercut-transition-beard-mustache

Since the hairstyle trends for men in recent years have been done along with beard hairstyles, one should choose a suitable combination of the two. For fans of the mustaches to the beard, an elegant haircut is recommended that goes with it. It should be noted that the beard needs daily maintenance to always look beautiful.

Hairstyle trends for men with a full beard


The pompadour is an inspiration for men’s hairstyles with a long full beard. It looks best with an undercut the same length as the whiskers and creates the optical illusion that the man is taller. Hair and beard are evenly connected to one another and thus form a common hairstyle, whereby the length of the beard can vary. Choose a three-day or full beard or continue the whiskers as a narrow strip and connect them with a so-called henriquatre, which frames the mouth area.

Men’s hairstyles for thick hair


For more voluminous, medium-length hair, men’s hairstyles with a quiff are suitable, with the rest of the hair being combed back. In combination with a three-day beard, this hairstyle for men creates an elegant look for every day. Why hide the beautiful hair with a short cut? Show what you’ve got. Some men can only dream of lush hair!

Modern men’s hairstyles with volume


A creative variant for undercut is represented by a stepped transition from bottom to top. The advantage – thanks to the contrast, the hair always looks styled, even without spending a lot of time. Volume can be created with a bit of mousse and a hairdryer, and a hair wax helps with everyday styling.

Hairstyle trends for men with colored hair

hairstyle-trends-men-blonde-hair-men-hairstyle-sidecut-side parting

The trendy men’s hairstyles look cool with colored hair and side parting and are mainly worn by young people. The three-day beard is also suitable here, which is the right decision for men and boys with an irregular or too thin beard. A big advantage here is the easier care that makes the three-day beard perfect for men with a lack of time.

Stylish men’s hairstyles with an undercut


Hairstyle trends for men in 2016/2017 emphasize a creatively styled pompadour with an undercut. This short hairstyle is perfect for an urban style and is popular with younger men.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017: the out-of-bed look


The so-called out-of-bed look can be created with men’s haircuts that are neither too short nor too long. The hair on the neck and sides can be shorter, but the top hair should be at least two inches long so that you can style this casual look.

Men’s hairstyles for long hair: the man bun


Out of the long hairstyles for men, the men’s bun is the most popular. It doesn’t have to look perfect at all, so you just do it yourself. Man buns are also suitable for undercut hairstyles with longer top hair that is shaped into a bun on the top of the head.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 with Pompadour


The combed back pompadour hairstyle with undercut can be combined well with a full beard. The trends in men’s hair and beard are a shaved undercut that creates a “hole” between the hair and beard. A trendy full beard is shaped with clear contours and worn longer on the chin. The cheeks and neck are shaved well and regularly in order to always keep the shape of the beard perfectly.

Men’s hairstyles with side parting

hairstyle-trends-men-full beard-sidecut-side parting-straight-styled-hair

With this undercut, the hair on the top of the head is longer and combed to the side so that it partially covers the trimmed head area. The effect is achieved with a side parting and is suitable for both straight and curly hair.