Hairstyles, hair & hairstyles

Hairstyles, hair & hairstyles

Modern men’s hairstyles 2015 – 22 ideas for all ages


Modern men’s hairstyles for 2015 are determined from all corners of the world. Of course, every man has his own style of hair to wear, but there is also a group of men who want to be up to date in the fashion world. For those interested, we are showing 22 ideas for re-styling.

Modern men’s hairstyles for all ages

short-and-disheveled-men's hairstyles

Modern men’s hairstyles are tailored to suit every age. The gentlemen who still enjoy the splendid and fullness of their hair, in their later 30s and even 40s, can get a few inspirations. Short, medium or long, the beard has also been a sign and symbol of masculinity since last year and many men combine the haircut with a rather long beard. Business casual or the Caesar cut, shaved on the sides and a little disheveled on top, dear gentlemen, the fashion of the classic pompadour haircut is coming! It is a classic rockabilly or rather rock ‘n‘ roll hair style, which Elvis adopted into the men’s world in the 50s. Until then, this hairstyle was a popular hairstyle for women, especially in the 18th century. The mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pomadour, marked the beginning of this era. Justin Timberlake gave the reinterpretation of this haircut for T Magazine when he sat in front of the camera with this hairstyle and interpreted the classic with a new twist. From then on, everyone can hardly wait to try out the popular haircut.

Modern men’s hairstyles on the red carpet


It happened – the long night of the Oscars was cheered and in the air you can still feel the swaying wave of euphoria. The ladies fascinated us with their enchanting dresses and remarkable speeches and the men showed their chic suits and great hairstyles. Glitz and glamor to the fullest, especially when you can see the longed-for faces with the latest modern men’s hairstyles together in one place.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – 20 inspirations and tips

Men’s Hairstyles 2018/19 – Top 6 Modern Short Hairstyles

Trendy men’s hairstyles 2017: from rasp-short to shoulder-length

Medium length with parting and slightly disheveled

Medium Length Hairstyles Men

The Korean haircut is currently conquering the world 

Medium-hairstyle-hairstyle-men-korea style

Straight hair with parting to the side


Short bangs hairstyle


Free style disheveled hair


Shaved sides, disheveled top


Kurz always fits


The classic pompadour hairstyles with a contemporary twist

the classic pompadour hairstyle







Beard-and-straightened-hair-fixed-to the side


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Men’s Hairstyles 2018/19 – Top 6 Modern Short Hairstyles

men's hairstyles 2014 2015 men's styling trends david beckham

There are a number of different types and styles of short hairstyles for men. We provide them Top 6 men’s hairstyles 2018 and 2019 for short hair before. Whether these popular short haircuts would suit you depends on your features and the shape of your head. Get to know the features of the haircuts and you can try out an interesting variant yourself.

Trendy men’s hairstyles 2018 – 1st rockabilly

men hairstyles 2014 justin timberland beard parting

The rockabilly style is extremely popular right now. It comes from the 50s. It consists of a pompadour and a sidecut and looks not only elegant, but also casual at the same time. Here are a few examples of these men’s hairstyles 2018 and 2019:

Men’s hairstyles 2018 – rockabilly made of sidecut and side bangs

men hairstyles 2014 rockabilly idea sidecut modern

Short hairstyles for men – 50 trendy ideas for hair styling

Hipster hairstyle – ideas and styling tips for men and women

Trendy hairstyles for men – cuts & Styling variants

 Pompadour is part of the rockabilly men’s hairstyle

men hairstyles 2014 david beckham rockabilly style idea trend men

 Men’s hairstyle comes from the 50s

men hairstyles 2014 stylish idea trend rockabilly long hair

  Men’s Hairstyles 2019 – 2nd Military Hairstyle (Crew Cut)


This short hairstyle is not new but classic. It works best for men with oval faces and not overly large heads. This hairstyle accentuates the contours of the face well as the sides and back of the head are cut very short while the hair on the top of the head is kept a little longer or graduated from front to back.


3. Buzz Hairstyles – Very short


This radical haircut is perfect for summer. It is often confused with the military cut, but it is different. The difference is that the entire head is short shaved and there is very little hair.






4. Undercut with and without transition

undercut-with-transition-cool-men-hairstyles 2014

The “fade” haircut is a bit similar to the crew hairstyle. The difference is that the hair on the sides and back of the head is shaved down to the skin. They then fade and blend into the hair at the top of the head, which can be longer.



undercut-with-transition-long-bangs-men's hairstyles 2014




5. Caesar hairstyle

Caesar short hairstyle Andy Whitfield Spartacus tv series

In this popular men’s hairstyle, the hair is cut short and then combed forward in short bangs. No longer using gel to hold the bangs in place, it seems more natural. This hairstyle is named after Julius Caesar and historians believe it was his hairstyle. She is preferred by numerous notable people in the entertainment industry.


6. Short and disheveled

men's hairstyles 2014-short-pictures-disheveled

A short hairstyle with a tousled look is used by several male celebrities. It’s pretty easy to maintain. The hair is cut short on the sides, disheveled, and then styled with gel to give all the hair strands a shape.

men's hairstyles-2014-jensen-ackles-zersaust-above


men's hairstyles 2014 short medium-long-zersaust-joseph-morgan

men's hairstyles 2014 short medium-length bangs messed up beckham


Short hairstyle for men – 45 trendy ideas for hair styling

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Men’s hairstyles 2016 – the latest trends at a glance


You might think that only women are always on the lookout for the latest trends and tendencies in hair styling. But in recent years they have become more and more vain and even pay more attention to their look. Here you will find the latest trends in the topic Men’s hairstyles 2016.

Men’s hairstyles 2016 – celebrities and trends


Celebrities and stars are considered to be the inspiration for the average men. Definitely a pioneer in fashion and trends for men is David Beckham. He has tried many hairstyles over the years and implemented them in men’s hairstyles. Today he doesn’t experiment as much and sticks to classic hair combed back and the very current three-day beard again this year.

Men’s hairstyles 2016 – long hair for men too


A contradicting trend that can also be seen in women’s hairstyles is the bun on men. Long hair for men is particularly relevant and if this allows it, you can tie it up and knot it up.

Pompadour Hairstyle for Men – Styling Ideas for the Popular Haircut

Accelerate Beard Growth – Methods and Effective Means for Fuller Beard

50 cool hairstyles for little boys and haircuts on trend

Men’s Hairstyles 2016 – Man Bun


Man bun + three-day beard is the trend for 2016


Men’s hairstyles 2016 – undercut variations 


Undercuts in every variant remain current this year as well. Let the professional advise you which one would best suit your skull shape. You decide for yourself when cut longer or shorter.


Men’s hairstyles 2016 – elegant and combed back


Men’s hair combed back is not only timelessly trendy on the red carpet. Try this hair styling at the next party and you will certainly not go unnoticed.

Mannerfrisuren-2016-trends-elegant. combed backwards

Men’s hairstyles 2016 – the classic side parting


Side parting never goes out of style. This hairstyle is one of the eternal classics. Today you can’t just combine them with a fresh shave to look well-groomed. Three-day beard is a trendy variant.


Men’s hairstyles 2016 – volume on the top of the head with a vintage flair


Not only women strive for volume on the top of the head. He is also in great demand for men’s hairstyles and men use the hair dryer to achieve this.


Men’s hairstyles 2016 – Elvis-esque


Vintage flair can be felt in every area from design to fashion and hairstyles. Music stars, like Bruno Mars in the photo, love the 50s – 60s style and collect inspiration in their search for a fresh look.

Mannerfrisuren-2016-trends-curly-volume-front-of course

Men’s hairstyles 2016 – more casual “Out of Bed “look


The casual “out of bed” look is very popular among younger men and boys, and not without reason. It is easy to achieve with wax, easy to care for and you shouldn’t necessarily go to the hairdresser every three weeks. But messing up hair does not mean unkempt.



Men’s hairstyles 2016 – naturally grown curly hair


The naturally curly hair can appear particularly wild, but this year these are trendy.


 Naturally male is always trendy


The natural look is always recommended, as people should look individual and not the same.



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Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – 20 inspirations and tips

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 disheveled-hair-casual-look-men's-hairstyle

In recent years, men have paid more and more attention to their haircut and look, and men’s hairstyles are gaining in importance. The trends change quickly and you have to adapt to them. In today’s article we introduce the current ones Hairstyle trends for men for 2016/2017, which represent good ideas for re-styling and can serve as inspiration for a new look.

Hairstyle trends for men inspired by the stars

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 short haircut-side parting-justin-timberlake

Famous actors, singers and athletes often experiment with their haircuts and thus set the hairstyle trends for men worldwide. Her hairstyles always look neat and elegant. The role model for short hairstyles for men has long been Justin Timberlake. He currently wears his hair with a side parting and combed back – a man’s hairstyle that underlines the shape of the face.

Hairstyle trends for men with medium or long hair

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 medium-length-curly-hair-kit-harington

When thinking of men’s hairstyles for long or medium hair length, Kit Harington’s curly hair often comes to mind. He usually wears his hairstyle combed back or occasionally tied in a man bun. A long men’s hairstyle needs a lot of care to always look beautiful. An effort that is definitely worth it.

Short hairstyles for men – 50 trendy ideas for hair styling

Undercut men’s trend hairstyle – multifaceted, changeable and masculine

Medium length men’s hairstyles 2016 – pictures, ideas and styling tips

The most popular men’s hairstyles

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 great-combed-back-david-beckham

Famous footballers like David Beckham always have innovative, sometimes extravagant hairstyles that inspire young and old all over the world to have a new haircut. The undercut short hairstyle with pompadour from the celebrity footballer is one of the hairstyle trends for men in 2016 and probably also for 2017.

Cool men’s hairstyles for gray hair

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 side parting-men's hairstyle-short-george-clooney

The trendy men’s hairstyles with side parting look elegant even for gray hair. The perfect example is actor George Clooney, popular with many women. Such a haircut for men can be worn with or without a beard. The hairstyle is characterized by a side parting. You can find good ideas for both in the article.

Short hairstyles for men with a three-day beard


Even with some gray hair in his hair and a beard, Ryan Reynolds is considered one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. His short hairstyle is an even length all over his head with a small difference on the top of the head. It is, so to speak, a variant of the sidecut. This elegant men’s hairstyle in combination with a three-day beard is suitable for men of all ages.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – the new look by Daniel Radcliffe


The hairstyle of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has a casual style that is emphasized by a skillfully disheveled mane. The full beard combines with the hair and complements the modern look of the celebrity. Gentlemen can therefore bring out their curls if they have them. The casual hairstyle is always suitable for everyday life and also for special occasions.

Celebrities set the hairstyle trends for men in 2016/2017


Young stars like singer Justin Bieber change their hairstyle and look several times over the years. Long hair quickly becomes short, the man bun in winter becomes a pompadour in summer. The new men’s hairstyle from Bieber with long blonde bangs in the forehead area leaves many options open for re-styling, so that new styles are always possible.

Men’s hairstyles with undercut and curly hair

hairstyle-trends-men-current-men-hairstyles-side parting-curls-beard-undercut

Hairstyle trends for men are changing rapidly, but the undercut as a men’s hairstyle is almost always on trend. The reason for this is that it offers many options for styling and it goes with other trending hairstyles. A modern undercut men’s hairstyle with longer curly top hair is one of the trends for 2016/17. The example above shows a particularly drastic sidecut. The side parts are not only shorter, but completely shaved, while the upper parts in the area of ​​the top of the head are quite long. The curls come into their own wonderfully. The lush full beard is a great contrast to the sidecut hairstyle.

Cool undercut hairstyles


The undercut usually refers to the hair fashion in which the hair on the lower, side and back of the head is cut short or trimmed, whereby it stays longer on the top of the head. The men’s hairstyles with undercut are diverse. You can combine them with the beard or have interesting hair tattoos done. Such patterns come into their own in the short-shaved hair and can also be used as a dividing line between the short and long hair.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – combine a haircut with a beard

hairstyle trends-men-short hairstyle-undercut-transition-beard-mustache

Since the hairstyle trends for men in recent years have been done along with beard hairstyles, one should choose a suitable combination of the two. For fans of the mustaches to the beard, an elegant haircut is recommended that goes with it. It should be noted that the beard needs daily maintenance to always look beautiful.

Hairstyle trends for men with a full beard


The pompadour is an inspiration for men’s hairstyles with a long full beard. It looks best with an undercut the same length as the whiskers and creates the optical illusion that the man is taller. Hair and beard are evenly connected to one another and thus form a common hairstyle, whereby the length of the beard can vary. Choose a three-day or full beard or continue the whiskers as a narrow strip and connect them with a so-called henriquatre, which frames the mouth area.

Men’s hairstyles for thick hair


For more voluminous, medium-length hair, men’s hairstyles with a quiff are suitable, with the rest of the hair being combed back. In combination with a three-day beard, this hairstyle for men creates an elegant look for every day. Why hide the beautiful hair with a short cut? Show what you’ve got. Some men can only dream of lush hair!

Modern men’s hairstyles with volume


A creative variant for undercut is represented by a stepped transition from bottom to top. The advantage – thanks to the contrast, the hair always looks styled, even without spending a lot of time. Volume can be created with a bit of mousse and a hairdryer, and a hair wax helps with everyday styling.

Hairstyle trends for men with colored hair

hairstyle-trends-men-blonde-hair-men-hairstyle-sidecut-side parting

The trendy men’s hairstyles look cool with colored hair and side parting and are mainly worn by young people. The three-day beard is also suitable here, which is the right decision for men and boys with an irregular or too thin beard. A big advantage here is the easier care that makes the three-day beard perfect for men with a lack of time.

Stylish men’s hairstyles with an undercut


Hairstyle trends for men in 2016/2017 emphasize a creatively styled pompadour with an undercut. This short hairstyle is perfect for an urban style and is popular with younger men.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017: the out-of-bed look


The so-called out-of-bed look can be created with men’s haircuts that are neither too short nor too long. The hair on the neck and sides can be shorter, but the top hair should be at least two inches long so that you can style this casual look.

Men’s hairstyles for long hair: the man bun


Out of the long hairstyles for men, the men’s bun is the most popular. It doesn’t have to look perfect at all, so you just do it yourself. Man buns are also suitable for undercut hairstyles with longer top hair that is shaped into a bun on the top of the head.

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 with Pompadour


The combed back pompadour hairstyle with undercut can be combined well with a full beard. The trends in men’s hair and beard are a shaved undercut that creates a “hole” between the hair and beard. A trendy full beard is shaped with clear contours and worn longer on the chin. The cheeks and neck are shaved well and regularly in order to always keep the shape of the beard perfectly.

Men’s hairstyles with side parting

hairstyle-trends-men-full beard-sidecut-side parting-straight-styled-hair

With this undercut, the hair on the top of the head is longer and combed to the side so that it partially covers the trimmed head area. The effect is achieved with a side parting and is suitable for both straight and curly hair.

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Medium length men’s hairstyles 2016 – pictures, ideas and styling tips

Men's hairstyles medium length 2016-beard-blond-thin-hair

Medium length hairstyles are no longer a woman thing and have become more and more popular with men in recent years. Since haircuts and styles such as man bun and man braid have become very popular, it is high time to let the mane grow a little longer. We have looked around male celebrities for you and have really good examples of Men’s hairstyles medium length discovered!

Men’s hairstyles medium length 2016

Men's hairstyles-medium-length-back-smooth-chris-hemsworth

Uncomplicated and timeless: the back-styled hair is still a favorite of men with medium-length hair. The hairstyle can be quickly styled with the help of gel, hairspray, foam or wax. Find out exactly which product is right for your hair type, because gel can quickly appear stringy and greasy on thin hair.

Style men’s medium length hairstyles backwards with gel

Men's hairstyles medium-long-beard-to-back-gel-wavy

If you have wavy medium length hair like Matthew Mcconaughey then you can use gel to achieve what is known as the wet effect. For a classic gel hairstyle, you have to work the gel into damp hair, comb back with your fingers and let the strands dry in this position.

Short hairstyles for men – 50 trendy ideas for hair styling

Men’s Hairstyles 2018/19 – Top 6 Modern Short Hairstyles

Hipster hairstyle – ideas and styling tips for men and women

Thick medium length hair

men's hairstyles-medium-long-thick-hair-black-beard-back-styled-wavy

Men like Kit Harington often have a harder time taming their thick, medium-length hair. Hair lacquer and hairspray with high strength in combination with other styling products provide the necessary hold. So the hairstyle can last the whole day without having to be styled.

Bradley Cooper’s look 

Men's hairstyles-medium-length-wavy-to-the-back-bradley-cooper

Bradley Cooper has tried many hairstyles and changed his hairstyle several times, but the loosely styled back medium length hair has become his trademark. Isn’t that hairstyle that you see when you think of Bradley Cooper? The medium-length hair suits the actor perfectly and underlines his heart-shaped face and bright blue eyes.

medium length hair and 3 day beard

Men's hairstyles-medium-long-wavy-tiered-back-three-day-beard

Different beard variations can add a cherry on top to any hairstyling. The look with a three-day beard is particularly masculine, as actor Michael Fassbender shows. By the way, he said goodbye to his long hair a few years ago.

Hair styled back with a beard

Men's hairstyles-medium-length-beard-back-gel-styled

In combination with his medium-length hair styled backwards, Jake Gyllenhaal wore a full beard last year. He also looks masculine and serious, but needs a lot of care and needs to be well defined. This is how the actor looks a little older, don’t you think?

Classic surfer look

Men's hairstyles-medium-long-blond-thin-hair-side-parted-beard

Blonde hair, blue-green eyes, angular facial features, casual charisma: the Australian actor Luke Bracey completely embodies the male summer type. The expression of summer is additionally emphasized by a casual hairstyle in a surfer look. The timeless look is characterized by medium length hair that appears to be modeled by sunlight and salt water.

Johnny Depp as a perfume model

Men's hairstyles-medium-long-bangs-long-hair-part-straight-hair

Last year Johnny Depp successfully presented himself as a perfume model in the campaign for the new men’s perfume from Dior. During the photoshoot, he appears with interestingly styled hair – the front section of hair extends to the middle of the cheek, while the hair is cut short at the back.

Pompadour or OlaSeku?

Men's hairstyles-medium-length-classic-2016-undercut-gel-back

Football legend David Beckham is a style icon and his hairstyles are always scrutinized by the public because he shapes men’s hairstyle trends. In 2016 she decided on the trendy side parting and the pompadour hairstyle. The main hair on top is a little longer and styled into a smart quiff, while the side sections are cut shorter. Whether with a suit or casual, you can wear the classic side parting with any outfit.

Cut straight, medium-length hair in layers for volume – Brad Pitt

Men's hairstyles-medium-length-smooth-musketeer beard-classic

Levels are also very popular with men with medium-length hair. As a result, men’s hair experiences an unimaginable volume. The step cut is particularly suitable for men with straight, thin hair like Brad Pitt’s.

medium length curly hair for casual types

Men's hairstyles-medium-length-curly-tiered-backwards

Medium length hairstyles for men definitely have tons of potential. They should not only suit the shape of the face, but also the character of the wearer. If you describe yourself as rebellious, brave and have curly hair, then let your hair grow out a little longer. So the curls can be seen really well.

Bangs perfect for a high forehead 

Men's hairstyles-medium-long-wavy-bangs-messy-high-forehead

Men with a high forehead should opt for a hairstyle with bangs. British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has a good idea. He even wore his hair longer in the TV series Sherlock, but he didn’t do without the side parting here either.

Justin Bieber as a trendsetter


Singer Justin Bieber presented a casual variant of the trendy undercut hairstyle in 2016. The bleached hair has grown out a bit and the bangs casually fall to one side.

Zac Efron also had his top hair bleached


If you don’t find this haircut and the bleached top hair so cool for men, then you would be surprised when you see the last pictures of the heartthrob Zac Efron. The 28-year-old actor appeared at the Spike TV Guys ’Choice Awards in California on June 4, 2016 with a similar hairstyle.

Style men’s hairstyles medium length – braids and top knots for men?

Men's hairstyles-medium-long-braids-man-bun-styles-bieber

These new men’s hairstyles, which are currently very popular, challenge prevailing stereotypes! Top Knot, or undercut bun, is a mixture of two of the hottest hairstyles for 2015 – undercut and man bun. This hybrid styling is not that easy to achieve, but it looks great. You can read more about men’s braids in this article.

Ashton Kutcher with long bangs

Men's hairstyles-medium-long-bangs-smooth-fringed-ashton-kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has been happy and down to earth since he’s been a father. The hippie look with the long mane stays in the past and although it can often be seen with caps on the streets, we discovered a beautiful image that goes with our topic of men’s hairstyles medium length. The messy styled hair still convey fun and youthfulness.

The fringed hairstyle of Ian Sommerhalder – natural men’s hairstyles medium length

Men's hairstyles-medium-length-fringed-black-tiered

Ian Sommerhalder shows how to cool the mullet hairstyle that was popular in the 90s. The hair is styled casually and fringed and does not grow over the nape of the neck. The actor does without hair gel and wears his medium-length hair naturally.

Keanu Reeves

Men's hairstyles-medium-length-smooth-black-middle parting-tiered

The actor Keanu Reeves has an elongated face and his hair doesn’t quite suit him, but this medium-length hairstyle convinces us today with his smart gentleman look.

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Short hairstyles for men – 50 trendy ideas for hair styling

short hairstyle for men disheveled look orlando bloom beard suit tie

A variety of hairstyles are also possible for men and in different lengths. Even age does not matter. Because even a more mature man can easily try out a playful hairstyle for any occasion. In this article we would like to give you several ideas for Short hairstyles for men with the help of which you can collect suggestions. So if you are in the mood for a new look and are looking for ideas, this post will definitely help you. This includes the undercut currently popular with both sexes, but also variants with bangs and those with a disheveled look. If you prefer something a bit more elegant, you can also try a retro hairstyle. But it is best to take a look at the following examples of short hairstyle for men and just decide for yourself!

Short hairstyles for men – under- or sidecut

short hairstyle for men undercut waves look comb over idea

With the side or undercut short hairstyle for men, the hair is cut shorter on the side than the part on top. There are also variants in which the hair is even shaved off completely. In this way, different hairstyles can be created with the upper part of the hair, such as those with ponies, comb-over hairstyles or pompadour variants.

Short hairstyles for men – sidecut with great

short hairstyle men elongated face idea undercut ivy league

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – 20 inspirations and tips

Sidecut men – Discover the hairstyle trend 2019 for men with style

Rockabilly hairstyle for men – cool haircuts for fashion-conscious men in retro style

Men’s sidecut hairstyle in a tousled look

short hairstyle men undercut blond strahnen david backham

Sidecut short hairstyle combined with over-comb as bangs

short hairstyle for men undercut look modern bangs over comb

Sidecut with curls hairstyle

short hairstyle men shaggy look curls undercut combination fashion men

Undercut men’s hairstyles – a symbol of modern masculinity and courage

Under- or sidecut with pattern

short hairstyle men pattern shave style idea beard

You can spice up the shaved part of this with original shaving patterns and thus add an interesting eye-catcher. Whether tribal patterns or even messages, there are no limits to your imagination. These patterns are often continued in the short hairstyle with the beard.

Effective short hairstyle ideas – mohawk and over-comb with patterns

short hairstyle men art hair pattern shave sidecut

Modern variant of a rockabilly hairstyle and mohawk made from longer hair

short hairstyle men ivy league idea stripe shave

Combine short hairstyle with beard

short hairstyle men beard styling idea stripes look

short hairstyle for men pattern undercut diamond idea earring chain

short hairstyle for men pattern tribal idea shave black hair

Short hairstyle with bangs

short hairstyle men bangs styling undercut turtleneck sweater pink

A pony in men looks anything but feminine. When combined with a short hairstyle for men, it looks attractive, playful and is extremely modern. The bangs can be cut straight or tiered and worn sideways as desired.

short hairstyle men bangs modern pot cut brunette steps

short hairstyle men blond styling idea bangs hair inspiration

short hairstyle men bangs straight brown hair scarf model

short hairstyle men ivy league bangs forehead trend idea

short hairstyle for men bangs step cut disheveled modern

Retro short hairstyle 

short hairstyle for men brunette retro over comb shirt white

Yes, the retro look is also very popular when it comes to hairstyles. And you hardly need anything except gel. Create a side parting, comb the hair to the side and the retro short hairstyle for men is ready! You are welcome to use the undercut as a basis for this.

short hairstyle men rockabilly look retro military styling undercut

short hairstyle men comb over gel jacket fashion shirt colorful

short hairstyle men pompadour idea side parting model

Classic short hairstyle for men

short hairstyle men shave hair three-day beard idea styling

Here you can easily shave your hair as short as you like or leave it a little longer. Add some hair gel or mousse if you want. This short hairstyle for men is suitable if you don’t want to spend as much time with the hairstyle and are into simple variations with little or even no effort. However, even the very short hair must be trimmed regularly.

short hairstyle for men shave idea beard eyes blue jacket black

short hairstyle for men disheveled look blond idea hairspray

short hairstyle for men gel hair hedgehog look suit bow tie

short hairstyle for men waves hair style idea shirt white

Comb-over men hairstyle

short hairstyle men comb over men’s look tie shirt white

The comb-over short hairstyle for men is somewhat reminiscent of the retro hairstyles, but is a more modern twist. As already mentioned, it is often combined with the undercut, whereby the accent falls on the longer part of the hair. Here are a few ideas for implementation:

short hairstyle men over comb gel hairstyle george clooney

short hairstyle men inspiration ivy league great black hair men

You can check out more ideas for short hairstyle for men below:

short hairstyle men medium length hair black pompadour cut

short hairstyle men side parting idea disheveled look brunette hair men

short hairstyle men pony style curls men’s idea

short hairstyle men bangs blond bob hairstyling

short hairstyle men pompadour great idea playful look

short hairstyle men medium length look brunette retro sunglasses jeans jacket

short hairstyle men curls great styling robert pattinson jeans jacket

Kurzhaarfrisur men curls idea foehnfrisur young look

short hairstyle men hair medium length idea side parting retro

short hairstyle for men curls hair blond gel hairstyle shirt black

short hairstyle for men curls brunette modern shirt blue jacket

short hairstyle for men classic sideways comb blond beard men

short hairstyle for men emo hair styling bangs shirt purple

short hairstyle men trend idea curls sidecut suit

short hairstyle men great bangs idea men hairstyling

short hairstyle-men-ideas-pictures-front-long-back-short-top


short hairstyle-men-ideas-pictures-curly-front-long-chaotic-mess



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Ideas for waves & curls hairstyles for men and tips on styling

curls hairstyles for men wave kit harrington shoulder length hair idea

Men with curls are attractive. And without a doubt, curly hair also has its advantages. They create texture and volume and can be used for a wide variety of hair styles. However, they have the disadvantage that they are often difficult to control and make styling a challenge. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we have not only put together a few useful care and styling tips that are good for your hair. We also have some stylish curly hairstyles for men for you to consider if you are looking for a new look. No matter whether you want a short hairstyle, medium-length hairstyles for men with curls or even longer variants, in the following list you are guaranteed to find the right styling for your taste and type. Showcase your curls or create a wavy look with your straight hair!

Combine wave and curly hairstyles for men with an undercut

curls hairstyles for men modern undercut shaving trend

Most likely, no further explanation is necessary for the undercut by now. With or without a beard, everyone knows him and many just can’t get enough of him. The short-shaved sides and neck of the curly hairstyles for men ensure that the curls and volume can come into their own and represent the highlight in your styling. Another effect is that the hairstyle makes the face look a little longer and narrower. A big advantage is that this hairstyle is particularly easy and quick to style and maintain.

Styling tips for the curly undercut

curls hairstyles for men sidecut undercut waves styling tips

Use a blow dryer to dry the hair from the roots towards the tips of the hair to create volume. The hair can be blow-dried both forwards and backwards. Finally, massage hair pomade into your hair to give it hold and shine. To do this, put some of the product in one hand, rub it in your hands and then distribute it evenly.

Modern curls hairstyles for men with side parting

curls waves hairstyles men casual side parting hip hairstyle trends heeren beard

This variant is also known and popular for straight hair, but is just as suitable for curly and voluminous hair. Here, too, the sides are a little shorter than those on the top of the head, but not as short as with the side or undercut. The long hair can then be combed left or right as you wish. The curls create great volume.

Styling tips for the side parting

curls hairstyles men side parting ideas waves wavy look

Here, too, the blow-dry is done from bottom to top, i.e. from the roots of the hair towards the ends of the hair. It is best to use a skeleton brush to pull the hair up and to the side instead of backwards. With your hand you also style the hair to the side. Finally, fix curly hairstyles for men with side parting with hair wax that gives shine at the same time.

Fringe for short curls hairstyles for men

curls waves hairstyles men fringe style trendy stylish modern bangs

The so-called fringe is also very stylish. Here, too, the sides and neck are shorter, while the top of the head is adorned with more lush hair. In principle, the fringe is similar to the curly hairstyles for men with side parting, only that no side parting is formed when styling. Usually the parts on the top of the head are a little shorter than for the side parting, but that can also vary. The fringe area is also longer than the hair on the top of the head.

Styling tips for the fringe

curls waves hairstyles men fringe ideas young old sidecut long

If you want to style these curly hairstyles for men, it is best to start with hair mousse for curly hair, which you work into the damp hair. Then knead your hair with your hands while blow-drying. Then work in a texture product (e.g. hair wax or styling paste) and fix with a light hairspray if desired.

Comb the hairstyle backwards

curls waves hairstyles men casual combing medium length orlando bloom mousse

This variant is very suitable for medium-length hair and curly hairstyles for men, but can also be used for the undercut. You can get the perfect cut to create such a hairstyle by explaining to your hairdresser what styling you have in mind. He can make a wonderful assessment of how best to cut the hair. The styling often ensures that the curls are more or less smoothed.

Style hair backwards – tips

curls hairstyles men medium length comb back men styling masculine

Work a strong pomade into dry hair. With the help of a spray bottle, moisten the hair a little and start pulling it back with your fingers. Run your fingers through your hair. Repeat the whole thing until you have achieved the desired result.

Casual curly hairstyles for men with long and medium length hair

curls waves hairstyles men blow dry styling medium length harrington stars look

Long and medium-length hair is only cut with scissors, even for men. In the case of very thick hair, layers can also be brought into the hair to increase the volume and give the hair its shape. At the same time, the weight of the hair is also reduced, which makes styling a lot easier. Whether with curls or waves, the hairstyles are stylish and attractive at the same time.

Styling tips for long, trendy curly hairstyles for men

curls hairstyles men medium length knead styling tips inspiration

While you might think of styling as complicated and time-consuming, it is far from the case. Once you get the hang of it and get used to it, you won’t have to spend a lot of time. The styling begins with blow-drying after washing your hair, during which you knead the hair with your fingers. The result is then simply completed with a texturing product that is worked into the curls or waves. You get a casual and chic men’s hairstyle!

Bob hairstyle for men with wavy or curly hair

curls waves hairstyles men bob men hairstyle ideas care tips hairstyle

Yes, the trendy bob for women is also available for men and it just looks amazingly good! Kit Harrington leads the way, but other stars have long since opted for the look. Your hairdresser can then best assess the right length and cut for your face shape and prepare the look you want, which you only need to style properly at the end.

Styling bob for cool curls hairstyles for men

curls hairstyles men bob hairstyle tips johnny depp

A no-wash conditioner or natural hair oils are best when you want to style the bob. They moisturize and protect hair that is dry, especially with curls, which in turn guarantees easier styling. If you want to style the wavy or curly hairstyles for men, use hair mousse and set with a light hairspray.

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Men’s hairstyles 2017: You wear medium-length hair in the form of Bro Flow!

Men's hairstyles-medium-long-hair-Bradley-Cooper

Among men’s hairstyles 2017 there is a new haircut that is still enjoying growing popularity! Bro Flow has already been seen by many Hollywood stars such as Bradley Cooper, Dev Patel and Milo Ventimiglia and has also captured our hearts. While other popular haircuts, such as pompadour and undercut, rely on clear lines and strong contrasts, the new cut brings the casual yet modern style to the fore. This hairstyle doesn’t need a lot of styling either! Bro Flow is the right choice for men who would rather stay in bed for an extra half an hour than get up earlier to style their hair. Find out what the trend hairstyle looks like below!

Men’s hairstyles 2017: what is typical of the bro flow?


Medium-length hair that is casually combed back – that’s what makes Bro Flow so special. Curly sides are welcome and encouraged as well. “Medium length” basically stands for hair that falls between the chin and shoulder. This is more like neck-length hair.

The hangover star Bradley Cooper has long proven that the medium-length wave is absolutely stylish. And although patience is required to achieve the desired hair length on the way to medium-length hair, the result is definitely worth it. This hairstyle gives every gentleman a cool, casual-elegant look.

How to style the Bro Flow?

men's hairstyles-medium-long-curly-Gerard-Butler

The Bro Flow got its name from its shape, because the hair falls casually and airy backwards. One of the advantages of this men’s hairstyle: it can be styled without much effort and always looks great. As soon as the hair has grown to the desired length, you should have the whole thing shaped by the hairdresser. The hair should be cut shorter and layered at the back. After that, styling and care are super easy.

Hipster hairstyle – ideas and styling tips for men and women

Men’s hairstyles 2017/2018 – what is and will remain in trend, what will be added?

50 rockabilly hairstyles for women to style

Bro flow for curly hair types

men's hairstyles-medium-long-bro-flow-curly-business-look

When it comes to styling, it all depends on whether you have curly or straight hair. By the way, natural curls are perfect for this look! Men with curly hair always exude a relaxed charm and look immediately personable. Make sure you have the right hair length, however, so that the Bro Flow doesn’t look too rebellious. The curls should fall loosely, but not hang around on the face, but rather be tucked behind the ears. This men’s hairstyle makes curly hair an eye-catcher without it getting out of control.

men's hairstyles-medium-long-bro-flow-dev-patel

To get the hair in shape, you can use gel, styling cream, or other hair styling products. Simply rub some gel in your hands and run your fingers through the damp hair from front to back. The hair should fall naturally backwards. A few highlights in the front of the face are generally welcome. Do not work the gel directly into the hair at the roots. Then you can either let your hair dry naturally or blow dry front to back on a low setting. Set with hairspray for extra hold.

men's hairstyles-medium-length-side parting-thin-hair-milo-ventimiglia

As mentioned before, this hairstyle is perfect for the curly type. But stars like Milo Ventimiglia and Keanu Reeves also prove that Bro Flow looks just as good on men with straight hair. The trend hairstyle looks more refined and particularly classy.

Bro Flow for straight hair types

men-hairstyles-medium-long-2017-thin-hair-beard-middle parting

If you are used to straight hair, a skillfully styled wave could provide a nice change. A wavy texture and hold can be given to the hair very quickly with a beach-style salt spray. A great idea for the summer that will bring that beach feeling into everyday life – even when there is no sand in sight.

Style medium-length hair in a sleek look

men's hairstyles-medium-long-bro-flow-styles-Luke-Bracey

If you are into the sleek, classic look, you can try the wet look. A wet effect is achieved with a modeling product. The hairstyle works best with a brush and lots of gel. With a mousse, the look doesn’t look too strict. Make sure, however, that this hair styling is not suitable for men with thin hair. The disadvantage here is that individual hairs are strongly bundled into strands of hair and the scalp can be seen very clearly.

Shorter Bro-Flow variant


Despite its name with a playful touch, the Bro Flow can also be suitable for the office. The trick is to keep the casual look within limits so that you come across as professional in a corporate environment. For this, the hair should be cut off to the ears. The layers at the back are also a bit shorter. Avoid the messy look and straighten your hair with the help of a comb and a small amount of pomade.

The trend hairstyle also looks very good on older men

men's hairstyles-medium-gray-hair-bro-flow

This trend hairstyle 2017 is not only perfect for young men. Even gentlemen over 50 years of age can wear medium-length hair and appear confident with this styling. Thanks to its texture and length, the hairstyle adds a youthful touch to the more mature men. The Bro Flow is still an attractive hairstyle variant for men with gray hair. This is how the silver hair is brought out.

Bro Flow haircut in combination with a beard

men's hairstyles-medium-curly-kit-Harington

The men’s hairstyle trend 2017 can also be combined well with a beard. Long and bushy or short and well-groomed – a beard gives every man a completely different look. The look is very masculine and focuses on the eyes. Make sure, however, that too much facial hair doesn’t make a sinister impression.

Man bun

men's hairstyles-medium-length-half-bun-bro-flow

Thanks to its length, the Bro Flow is very versatile and can be styled in different ways. If the hair has grown longer, there is nothing to prevent the “man bun”. The hipster hairstyle is a great alternative to the hair combed back and is super easy to do yourself.

And those who like to wear hats in winter?

men's hairstyles-medium-long-bro-flow-hat

Hats and medium-length hair also go very well. The hair that sticks out of the hat conjures up a cool look. It looks particularly sophisticated in combination with a full beard. For the perfect fit of the hair under the hat, simply push the hair loosely upwards with your fingers and put the hat on. In this way, the hairstyle is spared unwanted flatness.

men's hairstyles-medium-length-side parting-curly

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