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Justin Bieber hairstyle over the years – 15 hairstyles

Justin Bieber hairstyle hairstyling pop icon

Justin Bieber is a young Canadian singer with German roots who became popular in the United States. Born on March 1st, 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada, he began his career doing covers of famous songs. His mother made him known through a home video on You Tube when the US singer Usher became aware of the talented boy. In 2009 his first single “One Time” was released, which took first place in the charts, especially in the USA and Canada. Justin became a superstar at the age of 15 and captured the hearts of thousands of pubescent girls around the world. A debut album was made in March 2010 – “My World 2.0”, then he released another three albums by 2015. What the girls love about him is not only his music, but also his new hairstyles. Here’s a look at how the Justin Bieber hairstyle has changed over the years.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in 2009 that he became famous for

Justin Bieber hairstyle 2009

Justin Bieber was barely 15 when he became famous with this hairstyle. Back then he wore his hair combed into his face like a helmet that covered almost his entire face. They absolutely had to sit on the right and shine nicely. In the first years of his career, the Justin Bieber hairstyle is considered his capital and a real trademark.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in 2011

Justin Bieber hairstyle 2011

In mid-2011 he cut his hair off and parted with his characteristic helmet cut. He first showed up with his new hairstyle at the 2011 Billboard Awards. He made a lot of fans sad because his hair was off.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in 2012

Justin Bieber hairstyle 2012

In 2011 and 2012, Justin styled his hair tousled, which he had achieved with a lot of hair product. The forehead is free and so are the eyebrows. So you have a clear view of the face of the young pop star. And the hair is getting shorter and shorter. Sometimes he also appeared with an Elvis Presley hairstyle.

Justin Bieber hairstyle with undercut in 2013

Justin Bieber hairstyle 2013 undercut

At around 19 years old, Justin broke off the idea of ​​the good boy he was a few years ago. Instead of the famous helmet cut, he wore the trendy undercut in 2013 and liked to style his bangs slightly upwards. So the young star conjured up a manly look and he also tried to grow a beard.

Justin Bieber Hairstyle – May 2014

Justin Bieber hairstyle may 2014 gala amfAR

At the age of 20, Justin is already a young man who would like to be accepted a little more seriously. This doesn’t just apply to his hairstyles. Although the singer got his first tattoo when he was only 16, four years later he has over 40 motifs on his skin, which he also likes to present. That is part of the desired pop star look. There is no longer a trace of the cute teenage crush.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in August 2015

Justin Bieber hairstyle platinum blond august 2015

In 2015, Justin Bieber presented a completely different style for the first time. His hairstyle with long bangs and raspy short sides in an unnatural hair color like platinum blonde was reminiscent of the 80s and above all of the raver cut from back then. Or maybe there is another reason behind this blatant change. The platinum blonde hair insiders explain by his great desire for success. He’s likely superstitious and believes that if he thinks about it, something will come about. Justin wished that his fourth album would achieve platinum status and eventually “Purpose” reached number one in many countries. Maybe he was right too.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in 2016

Justin Bieber hairstyle bun 2016

In the past few years, Justin has been experimenting with his look and especially with the hairstyles. Just as the soccer star made some hairstyle headlines, so does the young Justin. For a short time he wore his hair, especially the front, really long, and he had once rolled it up into a small bun and tied it. The small bun has become a trend in men’s hairstyles and is known as the “man bun”. Justin presents his trendy hairstyling at the “Haiti Benefit Gala”.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in January 2016 – cornrows at the request of his girlfriend at the time 

Justin Bieber hairstyle january 2016 braids braid hairstyle

Justin Bieber’s hairstyle experiments are proven by a photo that he himself shared on Instagram. Allegedly he was influenced by his girlfriend at the time, Hailey Baldwin, and she inspired him for this look. He was probably trying to look more grown up and thereby more attractive to her, but his face still looks relatively petty. In the near future, the superstar tried out several hairstyles.

Justin Bieber Hairstyle – Perhaps his best look at the Grammys at the February 2016

Justin Bieber hairstyle grammys 2016

Whenever Justin Bieber changes something in his look, the fans freak out. Obviously, he can’t choose between his natural tone and blonde. That’s why there is something new about his hair every few months. In February 2016, Bieber surprised not only with a new hairstyle, but with the next attempt to grow a beard. He presented his new look for the first time at the Grammy Awards and we think it is totally appropriate for a special occasion like the Grammys, because classic hairstyling is part of an elegant outfit. He was dressed in a black and white tuxedo in which only the blazer was white and the rest of the clothing – black. So the contrast with the bleached hair is understandable. The superstar’s sweet companion was his six-year-old brother, who wanted exactly the same hairstyle as his famous brother’s.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in March 2016

Justin Bieber hairstyle march 2016

Shortly after bleaching, the natural shade at the base of Justin’s hair comes out again. The longer top hair that Justin has grown out over the past few months is a good basis for different hair styles. So he wears his hair slightly tousled in everyday life and neatly combed back for special occasions.

Justin Bieber hairstyle “back to the 90s” – April 2016

Justin Bieber hairstyle dreadlocks 2016

Perhaps the worst Justin Bieber hairstyle so far is the bleached dreadlocks and he even shocked his fans with them. He first presented this look in April 2016 and his photo on Instagram generated 1.9 million “likes”.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in June 2016

Justin Bieber hairstyle May 2016

After the fans freaked out and criticized Justin, the dreads were gone in May 2016. Shaving off the hair is probably the most logical consequence after the many experiments with it.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in January 2017

Justin Bieber hairstyle January 2017

In January 2017, the superstar let his hair grow in a natural shade and he looks a few years older with his glasses.

Justin Bieber hairstyle in March 2017

Justin Bieber hairstyle march 2017

Sometimes long, sometimes short, Justin shortened his hairstyle significantly in March. Actually, he’s never had such a short one. Add to this the platinum blonde hair color, which is pretty much reminiscent of the legendary Eminem hairstyle from the 90s.

September 2017 – The current Justin Bieber hairstyle 

Justin Bieber hairstyle September 2017

Justin Bieber currently has an unobtrusive hairstyle. That’s probably due to the problems the superstar has in his personal life. He had to cancel the last concert dates of his world tour because he needed time for himself and for relaxation.