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Undercut men’s hairstyles – a symbol of modern masculinity and courage

Undercut men's hairstyles modern-brave-masculinity

The undercut is a haircut that was favored by military personnel during the 20th century. This hairstyle allows for very short hair on the sides of the head and the back of the head, while the hair on the top of the head stays longer. Thus, the hairstyle can be shaped stylishly and in a variety of ways. The specific shape of the undercut haircut was adapted to the harsher winter conditions during wartime. A soldier was also allowed to grow his beard with this hairstyle. This served him for more isolation from the cold. This combination is very popular these days. The flexibility and functionality of undercut men’s hairstyles have brought their fame back in recent years, making them the most popular variations of the modern haircut.

Variants of undercut men’s hairstyles

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The male undercut works for every hair type and color. The only case when the undercut would not be suitable for you is if you have very fine, thin hair or if you are bald on the crown. In that case, you would just look better with a short haircut. However, if you are only dealing with a receding hairline, an undercut can be a very suitable variant. The corners of your forehead where there is thinner hair can be cut very short or shaved all the way, while the quiff can be grown longer and returned. Just browse through the suggested variations and choose a hair style that can make you feel more confident.

Undercut with and without transition

Undercut men's hairstyles -without-transition

Basically, such hairstyles men undercut should use a lot of accents in the look, because there is always a better effect to slip into something strange. That is why every detail plays an important role. The classic undercut men’s hairstyles that were worn decades ago are so versatile today that you can easily achieve an individual look without going over the edge. Without a transition, the hair on the sides of the head would be kept short in a length that goes up to the edge (cut). The top hair would start from the edge, i.e. the longer hair upwards. So the typical cut can be seen.

Hairstyles men undercut with transition


With transition would mean that the sides of the head are not the same length, but the higher it goes to the top hair, the thicker the hair becomes. It gets longer at the top and the typical cut stays away. But you can still do this if the side lengths are reduced. In this case the edge would still be visible. This can be shaved off where short meets long. A thin white line would then be visible there. This line creates a cool look in most cases.

Classic undercut with a beard


Those who grow a full beard can look forward to a trendy combination. The hairstyle should also match the beard. A transition can be perfectly coordinated. You can casually style the slightly longer hair to one side. The whole thing is definitely one of the coolest undercut men’s hairstyles.

Silver fox look


Undercuts aren’t just good at a young age. Such a hairstyle is also suitable for men over 40. There are also sufficient variations that can be adapted either to the more modest or to the much more extravagant-looking men. The versatility of undercut men’s hairstyles makes them wearable even for cool grandfathers. Ultimately, a vintage look is also sought with these haircuts. It’s just cool to show off gray stripes in a modern way.

Undercut men’s hairstyles with braid

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This courageous and equally popular combination has already established itself as a purely men’s business for many men. If you want to look stylish and confident, the undercut braid is the right decision for you. The braid can be worn in different variations. The hairstyle is a mix of short and long hair that can be styled in a variety of ways. The braid can be open, braided or even converted into a herringbone braid.

Extreme undercut with an extravagant quiff


If your aesthetic is bold and sophisticated, this style can be tried out. As the strands dry out, they stay in a perfect shape. Shaved corners add detail by cutting off the lengths.

Double-layer undercut


This type features a short trimmed part of the hair under the longer hairpiece and another shaved hairline that is under the short trimmed part.

Curly undercut


Hipsters like this style. They appreciate hair that looks natural. So, maybe in third grade you didn’t know what to do with your curly hair. But that’s no reason to avoid an undercut today. This allows you to draw a little more attention to yourself.

Natural afro undercut


The good thing about undercut men’s hairstyles is that they work on almost all hair structures. To get the right look, the styling is mostly au naturale. Give a few shades to the ends of your hair to make it look more personal.

Military style undercut


Like almost every celebrity, Brad Pitt changes his look with different hairstyles that always make him look stylish. Here he is with a cool undercut from the American war film “Fury”. A nice transition from medium length hair to the male haircut with perfectly coiffed undercut sides.

Elegant undercut with facial hairstyle


Justin Timberlake shows a good example of a short undercut that has elegant lines and balanced contrast at the same time. Combining it with his facial hairstyle is the perfect way to look stylish without having to shave every day.

hairstyles men undercut black hair fade effect young man

Nowadays we can quickly see that the types of men’s undercut hairstyles are still very trendy. They have peaked in popularity by providing an almost limitless selection of trending hairstyles. At the end it should be mentioned that the typical undercut men’s hairstyles, which used to be seen almost everywhere, now have a lot more variations. With the celebrities it is easy to see that this haircut can be looked after and designed differently almost every day.

hairstyles men undercut taper fade blonde hair and beard combine

However, you need to visit a hairdresser every 2-3 weeks in order to keep such men’s undercut hairstyles in perfect shape. The best styling products for this include pomades, gels and mousses. You can also use a hair dryer for the optimal volume. However, you can design your undercut with few cosmetic products and with a lot of imagination. Have fun!