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Undercut Hairstyles for Women – Geometric, Colored and Glitter Designs

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The undercut is without question one of the biggest hairstyle trends right now. The fashionable short haircut fascinates many women and that is no wonder. Whether as an accent under longer hair, which is only shown on request, or as an effective finish for short hairstyles for women, it transforms every hairstyle into a real highlight. It offers the possibility of highlighting the neck in a particularly original way with patterns or colors. We have some ideas for Undercut hairstyles for which trendy, geometric patterns and stylings with bright colors and glitter were chosen. Let yourself be surprised!

Undercut hairstyles – shaping the back of the head

undercut hairstyles braid-idea-bun-do-it-yourself

The undercut hairstyles are socially acceptable and match both an elegant look and a casual style. A good hairdresser can conjure up a versatile undercut from any length of hair. Whether you wear your hair shoulder-length, medium-length or short, there is a suitable variant of the undercut for every hair length. With the classic undercut, for example, the hair retains its original length while the sides are trimmed to a rasping size. If you’re just not really daring yourself, maybe you can try a sidecut or secret undercut first. Undercut hairstyles for long hair are usually not noticeable at all. Only with certain hairstyles does the attractive shave for women come to the fore. If the hair is pinned up or tied in a bun or ponytail, the neck appears, which you can highlight with any pattern. Here you can see an attractive stripe pattern.

Pictures for undercut hairstyles for women

undercut hairstyles zigzag-pattern-bun-black-hair

Depending on the length of the hair after shaving, color differences can be created. Longer hair looks darker as it covers more area. The shorter the shave, the lighter the hair color appears. In this way, interesting effects can be created without the use of additional color. This can be seen very well in undercut hairstyles like the example above.

Undercut for long hair

undercut hairstyles-ideas-inspiration-women-styling-shaving-pictures-blonde

A great combination are bun and undercut hairstyles. You can combine fashionable patterns and stylings with one of the most feminine elements for women’s hairstyles and that is the bun. It is a great addition to the undercut and is so popular for everyday wear. You can change the geometric pattern for the undercut at regular intervals as soon as the hair has grown back sufficiently.

Geometric pattern

undercut hairstyles neck-shape-women-red-hair

This geometric pattern is a little more elaborate and therefore more striking. The combination of patterns for undercut hairstyles and the red color of the hair looks particularly attractive. You get two interesting accents that are equally effective with pinned or tied hair. So that the beautiful hair tattoos come about without any stinging, they are shaved into the very short hair with a razor blade or with a special electric razor. The great, creative patterns are visible for about four weeks. The more the hair grows back, the more difficult it is to recognize the structure. For this reason, the Secret Undercut needs regular maintenance.

Long hair with pep

undercut hairstyles long-hair-idea-stripes-look-modern

The advantage of the undercut for long hair is that it can also be hidden if desired by simply wearing the hair open. It’s basically like a tattoo that is on an inconspicuous place and can be covered with clothing. So you can always hide the controversial undercut hairstyles when you think it is necessary.

Diamond motif

undercut hairstyles blonde-black-styling-accent-pictures

You choose the size of the area for the undercut hairstyles yourself. In principle, there are no rules for this. It just depends on how big you imagine the motif or pattern and how thick your hair is, and how much you can do without, so to speak, without the rest of the hair looking too thin. A hairdresser can assess this best.

Asymmetrical undercut hairstyles

undercut hairstyles cool-sporty-look-unusual-haircut

This undercut takes up a little more than a third of the back of the head and is therefore quite wide. But a more elaborate motif and pattern is possible. A trendy Aztec pattern was chosen for this example, which is currently also very popular for tattoos. If you have such a tattoo, you can complement it with matching undercut hairstyles.

Make short hair peppy for women

undercut hairstyles neck shape-idea-tattoo-geometric-shave

Short hairstyles for women are pretty upbeat in themselves. With an undercut you can take the hairstyle to a new level. The undercut will attract everyone’s attention, especially with such a pattern. There is also an interesting tattoo that seems to continue the undercut. Combine tattoos on the neck with undercut hairstyles.

Bob hairstyles with undercut


About half of the back of the head is adorned with an undercut. The advantage of geometric undercut hairstyles is that they are not too difficult to implement and can also be tried out by laypeople. With this short hairstyle, the undercut is only visible if requested. A great variant for versatile undercut hairstyles.

Unusual hairstyles with an undercut

undercut-hairstyles-short hairstyle-pink-turquoise-blue-lilac-colorful-design

You can also get cheeky short hairstyles with undercut if you style the hair with different colors. This is a variant for particularly brave women. The undercut hairstyles with any pattern are made colorful. If desired, either only the undercut can be colored or all of the hair. You can do this yourself, a hairdresser or a friend.

Cute cat motif


In order to design the different motifs and patterns for the undercut hairstyles, the length of the shaved hair is played with. This is how this cat was created, which also contrasts with the rest of the undercut in terms of color. The short hair has been divided into two halves by color – the right is blue and the left is pink.

Cool hairstyles with glitter


A new and popular trend is the design of undercut hairstyles with glitter. The hairstyle looks much more glamorous and is particularly suitable for parties or other special occasions. There are no limits to what is known as the glitter undercut. Any motif is highlighted with sparkling elements. The glitter makes the attractive hair tattoos on the back of the head even more unique. For this, of course, the undercut is cut to a rasp short with the desired patterns for the first time and then the glitter is applied. Although it looks really elaborate, you have to mix some hair gel with glitter and apply the gel with a brush. If you find it difficult to look at yourself in the mirror and apply the great highlight evenly, please feel free to accept help from friends or family members. Combine colors and patterns according to your own ideas. How about a hair piece of art where you use glitter to create a flowing ombre gradient? The beautiful, geometric shapes come into their own with the unique play of colors when you wear an updo. When you braid your hair in an elegant braid over the flashing undercut, you show the trendy undercut hairstyle in all its glory. There are no limits to your imagination.

Hairstyles with an undercut with green accents


Here you can see an attractive idea with a butterfly motif. The undercut completes a stylish short hairstyle for women and is not only decorated with glitter but also with rhinestones. The rest of the hairstyle is also adorned with bright colors. Such accents make the undercut hairstyles even more special. With glitter, not only the fine glitter is meant, but also the larger rivets. If you want to make the back of your head even more conspicuous, the rivets will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

Colorful, glittering hairstyle with an undercut


Glitter is also the bigger eye-catcher with this hairstyle. Of course, this would only be half as impressive without the undercut. Undercut hairstyles and glitter work for one another, so to speak, and make one another stand out. In this example, the undercut itself is pointed upwards. The pattern consists of triangles, among other things.

Punky style


This variant for undercut hairstyles is really punky. This is not only due to the bright colors but also to the longer undercut. The subject is a sun with sun rays. The bright colors were not only chosen for the undercut, but also adorn the rest of the hair, which is significantly longer than on the neck. The colored undercuts can be very unusual and represent a wild combination of colors or have very subtle color accents. A great look, for example, is blue-green hair combined with an undercut on the back of the head that is colored in a blue shade. When turquoise-blue hair meets the green color in the hair lengths and the hair is styled to an updo, and the colorful undercut comes into its own, you are sure to attract enthusiastic looks. If you want to have a uniform hair color, you can dye both the top hair and the shaved part in the respective color

Undercut hairstyles in blonde


Especially blonde hair is great for styling colorful undercut hairstyles. The light hair color absorbs the bright colors better than darker hair colors do. For this reason, the hair is usually bleached before a bright color is applied. This can be very stressful for the hair. Get advice from a hairdresser.

Undercut hairstyles for women with courage


The rainbow colors, which are decorating more and more women’s hairstyles, are also trendy. Mostly, the styling is used for the lower hair, while the top hair has a more neutral color. But especially brave ones choose the look for the entire head of hair. Another variant is to use the styling for undercut hairstyles. If you are adventurous and like the colors green, yellow, blue, pink, yellow and purple, then the colorful hairstyles might be for you. The rainbow hairstyle is also worn by some celebrities, such as Audrey Kitching, Chloe Norgaard and Bonnie Strange.

The many variants of the attractive hairstyle are also preferred by many other stars again and again. The actress Natalia Dormen, for example, opted for this hairstyle and only wears the undercut on one side. The light brown top hair wears you in a casual swoosh. On the contrary, the actress Jada Pinkett chose the more extreme version of the undercut. Your look can be both sporty and really glamorous. The long, straight top hair contrasts with the raspy short sides. Malin Akerman’s undercut catches the eye with its interesting color gradient. Her blonde-dyed hair changes into a short, red-brown undercut. The contrast in your hairstyle is not too strong as the roots of the hair are the same red-brown color. If you really want to try the undercut, but don’t really dare to, you can try the variant worn by the singer Robyn. Except for the two steps at the base of the neck, the undercut is hardly noticeable because the transition to the top hair is very flowing and soft.