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Tips for Proper Hair Care During Pregnancy

Tips for proper hair care for pregnant women

Pregnancy can change your hair in a number of ways. What is the right one Hair care during pregnancy? Find out here.

Maintaining hair during pregnancy

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If you have naturally curly hair, it can easily straighten out during pregnancy. After birth, it will likely return to its natural shape.

Likewise, many women find that their hair is getting thicker. Unfortunately, the new hair falls out a few months after the birth. This is quite normal after the birth. Your hair will regain its normal structure after a few months.

Hair care during pregnancy

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For beautiful and healthy hair is the right one Hair care during pregnancy important.

The scalp also needs regular hygiene. It needs to be freed from sebum, dandruff and dirt. But how often should the hair be washed? Most of the fat glands are located in the area of ​​the hair roots and secrete their secretion on the hair follicle. The hair, which is actually the dead part, consists of horny cells, which in turn need fats to be elastic and healthy. Of course, the hair must not be too greasy, as this leads to the hair sticking together and damaging it. In addition, this leads to clogging of the fat glands and possibly the formation of microorganisms, i.e. microorganisms.

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For the right one Hair care during pregnancy you should note the following. Women with longer hair should wash it more often than those with shorter hair, as more dirt and secretions accumulate in long hair. For hair washing and care, use products that suit your hair type (oily, dry, normal).

Here are some ideas for fresh outfits:

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Romantic curls

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