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The modern shag hairstyle with curtain bangs is conquering heads in 2019!

modern shag hairstyle with curtain bangs 2019 honey blonde with a dark approach

The retro wave is totally hip. After her success in fashion and interior design, she continues with hairstyles. The iconic shag hairstyle is celebrating a comeback in 2019. Goldie Hawn was the shag queen in the 1970s. Do you also remember the iconic haircut of rock singer Joan Jetts and the voluminous mane of actress Farrah Fawcett? The ’70s look is back for the most part, but with a few tweaks.

In 2019, the 70s pony hairstyle is experiencing a real revival

Shag hairstyle of the 70s is making a comeback

The modern shag is a heavily layered, fringed haircut that is usually combined with curtain bangs. The long bangs fall around the face like a curtain and are cut in a slight curve. The outer parts are longer than the inner ones. In this way, the facial features are wonderfully staged. The curtain bangs go well not only with long hair, but also with the short and medium length bob.

For which face shape the shag hairstyle is best suited?

Shag hairstyle tiered round heart shaped face center parting curtain bangs

In principle, the shag look suits all face shapes, but it is particularly flattering on elongated, oval and angular faces. A center parting is more suitable for round faces, because it visually narrows. The long pony is divided in the middle like a curtain and both parts are pushed towards the ears. So quasi an oblique pony on both sides. Women with a low forehead should also opt for this variant.

modern shag hairstyle tiered with bangs square face

As with the retro version, the new shag hairstyle is all about layers, texture and volume – both at the roots and in the lengths. This isn’t your mother’s haircut though, it has a very modern twist. So that the look doesn’t look too old-fashioned, the transition between the steps, especially on the top of the head, should be very fluid. The look can look disheveled and undone.

Alexa Chung as a pioneer of the hair trend

Alexa Chung Shag hairstyle elongated face brown hair golden strands

Alexa Chung is sometimes referred to as the “inventor” of the modern shag hairstyle and has worn many versions of it over the years – from short to chin length to shoulder length. Chung proves that the shag cut can look both casual and classy, ​​depending on how it’s styled.

modern shag hairstyle with long hair fringed

At first glance, the haircut technique seems simple, but in reality it requires a lot of experience. If the steps are cut too short or irregularly, the proportions of the face will be disturbed. For example, in this video, an experienced hair stylist shows how to cut a shag hairstyle on straight hair.

The shag cut is actually so popular because it is very versatile and suitable for every hair length and texture. However, women with super fine hair should make sure that the hairdresser does not cut too many steps. Otherwise the hair will appear even thinner.

modern shag hairstyle caramel with blonde highlights Dakota Johnson

The hottest haircut in years has been the praise. Cool and fresh, yet elegant and chic. The medium length hairstyle, however, can look boring after a while. The bob haircut with forehead fringe in this case can add another, more interesting type of geometry to the face.

More and more stars, influencers and fashion girls are following suit

fringed tiered chin-length bob with bangs

Actress Dianna Argon’s messy shag look looks absolutely fabulous and is a great example of a modern shag hairstyle on straight hair. Her bob reaches to the chin and is cut longer at the front. To make the styling perfect, use texturizing spray.

modern shag hairstyle medium length with curtain bangs winter type

If you have straight but thick hair, you can add an extra dose of sophistication to the shag look. Like actress Alison Brie. The hairstyle gives a beautiful frame to her face. A few waves in the lengths also conjure up a wonderfully feminine, playful and at the same time cool overall look.

Modern shag hairstyles chin length bob frayed bangs

The best way to get a modern shag hairstyle cut is to show your hairdresser a picture of what you want first. Browse our image gallery for inspiration and find a few looks that you think would suit you. Your stylist will then advise you on which of the hairstyles will best suit your face shape.

modern shag hairstyle with curtain bangs darker approach blond Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough’s new haircut, which is the perfect blend of retro and modern style, made a huge splash on Instagram. Stylist Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles wanted to achieve effortless texture and plenty of depth through layers and different hair colors. The bangs reach to the cheeks. The shag hairstyle was inspired by Goldie Hawn, but interpreted in a modern way.

Shag hairstyle of medium length blonde with pony volume at the base of the long bob

Lob hairstyle combined with curtain bangs Julianne Hough

Heidi Klum long hair with long bangs layered cut

Heidi Klum currently wears her long, blonde mane the same way – with forehead fringes that fall below the eyebrows. The supermodel showed her new look at the “Vanity Fair Oscar Party” 2019. This hairstyle is actually not completely new for the GNTM boss. She has worn long pony in the past. This time her hairdresser worked brown highlights into the bangs. These provide a wonderful depth.

Shag hairstyle shoulder length hair blonde curtain bangs tiered

Too long bangs can disturb the eyes, which annoys many. If you fall into this group, you might want to try January Jones’ variant. She wears her curtain bangs shorter, the tips end above the eyebrows.

Halle Berry Shag haircut with curtain-pony caramel highlights

Halle Berry’s naturally curly hair takes the shag haircut to the next level and convinces with great volume. The trick to keeping your bangs from looking too heavy? The forehead fringes are cut asymmetrically and have several levels that beautifully frame your face. The caramel-colored highlights bring highlights into the hair and make it look younger.

Halle Berry shoulder-length hair chocolate brown and caramel

Model Steffy Argelich wavy medium length hair with bangs

Model Steffy Argelich is known for her beautiful wavy hair, which she wears in a shag cut. This length is particularly varied and requires very little maintenance. So that the thick, full hair does not look too heavy and voluminous, it should be thinned out a little. Model Alana Arrington and Mica Argañaraz can also be seen as ambassadors of the look.

Shag hairstyle with natural curls layered shoulder length

Curly ponies are totally wearable under two conditions: They should reach just below the eyebrows and be tiered so that they don’t look too heavy. Dry your shag with a diffuser and curling cream that defines the curls and seals in moisture.

Shag hairstyle tiered natural curls long bangs oval face shape

Shag hairstyle with curls Zendaya

long hair with a layered cut and curtain bangs Goldie Hawn

Shag hairstyle on red hair medium length oblong square face

Shag hairstyle with bangs on curly black hair with caramel highlights

long hair layered cut curtain bangs 2019 trend

long hair layered cut balayage curtain bangs longer on the sides

medium length hair hairstyle with curtain bangs caramel hair color with blonde highlights

modern shag hairstyle for thick wavy hair with long bangs of medium length

Layered cut Shag Cut Curtain Bangs blonde hair modern 2019

Shag haircut modern curtain bangs long hair layered cut

Shag hairstyle long hair cool blonde nuance curtain bangs

Silver blonde hair layered cut darker approach layered with bangs

Platinum blonde ash blonde shag hairstyle with long bangs

Shag hairstyle modern ash brown hair messy look with bangs

Shag hairstyle without bangs middle parting curtain bangs sombre color gradient

Shag hairstyle modern brown hair without bangs curtain bangs with middle parting

modern hairstyle medium length middle parting blond blue eyes

Shag Bogbmit Curtain Bangs Nina Dobrev tiered

Shag hairstyle for long hair, dark blonde with highlights with curtain bangs

Shag hairstyle tiered modern brown hair shoulder length oval face shape

modern shag hairstyle with curtain bangs layered shoulder length hair

Natural Curly Hairstyle with Long Bangs Shag Cut

shoulder length hair layered with curtain bangs baby highlights

Shag hairstyle punk rock flair blonde

Shag Hairstyle Sombre Blond Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

Shag haircut center parting without bangs

Layered cut long hair volume on the top of the head disheveled hair

Modern shag hairstyle with curtain bangs dark blonde to light blonde

Shag hairstyle thinned out long bangs layered cut on thick full hair

Shag hairstyle modern blonde thin hair tiered fringed Shag hairstyle modern with curtain bangs blond blue eyes modern shag hairstyle with bangs wavy hair sombre blond

Shag hairstyle with brown hair volume at the base Curtain bangs medium length

Shoulder length hair brown curtain bangs tousled look

tiered bob fringed platinum blonde with curtain bangs center parting

Hairstyle for thin hair fringed tiered blonde with bangs