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Summer hairstyles short hair – the most beautiful inspirations and looks for re-styling at a glance!

Without any doubt, short hairstyles are super practical, especially in the hot summer months. But sometimes we have the feeling that the styling options and ideas are not that changeable. Summer hairstyles for short hair can be just as fun and versatile as hairstyles for shoulder-length hair. Whether playful braids, elegant updos, casual beach waves or cool hairscarf hairstyles – every fashionable woman gets her money’s worth with the numerous possibilities. And the best thing about it is that the looks not only look chic and cool, but can also be conjured up very quickly. Are you looking for hairstyle tips for short hair or would you like to give your look a new, refreshing touch? Then you are right with us! Try out some of the following hairstyles that are wonderful to flaunt with your pretty summer outfits!

what hairstyles can you do with short hair style long bob haircut

With temperatures soaring, intricate and elaborate hairstyles are certainly the last thing we need. Wash it quickly and then let your hair air dry or style it very quickly – we are not surprised that short hairstyles are all the rage this year. In everyday life they are considered to be particularly easy to care for and in summer they provide a light, airy and relaxed feeling. Another great benefit of hairstyles for short hair is that they are wonderfully suitable for all ages and gently emphasize and highlight our face shapes.

Summer Hairstyles Short Hair – The pixie haircut is totally in the spotlight again this year

Summer hairstyles short hair simple braided hairstyles guide

Thanks to its versatility and chic touch, the pixie haircut has been totally hip for several years. The different hair lengths make the hairstyle something very special and give our look an extravagant yet elegant touch. If you thought that short hair couldn’t be braided, then you were very wrong. Whether for the office, for a concert or for a long day at the beach – the boxer braids are the ultimate easy-care summer hairstyle for short hair! A little tip from us – so that the hairstyle lasts for a long time, your hair should not be freshly washed. Then simply pull a middle parting and then braid two braids to the left and right of the parting backwards. Fix with small hair ties, apply hairspray and voilà! Side boxer braids, on the other hand, are ideal for freshening up and spicing up a long bob haircut.

Chic and practical at the same time – wear your hair half-open

Summer updos like how to style short hair

Before deciding on a new haircut, you often ask yourself the question “What hairstyles can you do with short hair?” Well the answer is – almost anything that works on shoulder-length or long manes will work on shorter heads too. Wearing your hair half open is one of the easiest ways to give your look a refreshing upgrade in no time.

The waterfall braid for a playful and romantic summer look

Waterfall braid hairstyle what hairstyles can you do with short hair

Whether you’re going to a music festival or on a romantic date, this airy waterfall braid will make your short hair look more dreamy than ever. For a modern touch, conjure up a few casual beach waves and you have the perfect summer hairstyle! To get the look, you first need to make a deep side parting and section off three small sections of hair. Now start to braid the strands, but let the stranded strand fall after a loop and keep putting a new one in the braid. Finally fix it with bobby pins and you’re done!

Summer hairstyles for short hair – The water wave hairstyle for an elegant retro touch

Water waves hairstyle guide hairstyle tips short hair

The classy and extremely glamorous water wave hairstyle is one of the biggest hair trends ever and will never go out of style. Short hairstyles were very popular in the 20s and the water waves were an excellent way to spice up any haircut. The best thing about it is that you won’t need any styling tools such as straighteners or curling irons, which damage the hair. A bit of mousse, lots of bobby pins and a little dexterity – that’s all you need for those summer short hairstyles!

Hairstyles Tutorial Short Hair – This is how easy it is to braid mini braids

Tucking the bangs away to the side Pony hairstyles Trends which hairstyles can be done with short hair

Although you may not be able to create intricate braided hairstyles such as a herringbone braid or a braided crown with short hair, there are still plenty of styling options to choose from. A deep side parting and small side mini braids are perfect for getting a formal summer short hairstyle. Statement earrings and a pretty hair clip on the back of the head round off the look perfectly. To do this, first make a deep side parting and work some styling foam into the hair. Then cut off small strands over the ear and braid them backwards into small braids close to the head. Secure with a small hair tie or a hairpin and you’re done!

Summer hairstyles for short hair – More wonderful inspirations and looks to style!

easy updos for summer summer hairstyle short hair

Is your hair too short to tie in a ponytail? Three bunches stacked on top of each other look exciting and are a real eye-catcher!

Bob haircut style simple updos hairstyle tips short hair

The tall messy bun is the ultimate classic when you have to go fast in the morning

Summer hairstyles short hair easy updos guide

Trendy hair accessories are the easiest way to spice up a summer hairstyle short hair

Summer hairstyles short hair pony sideways tucked away long bob hairstyle style

Whether for the office or for a long party night – two small buns are one of the most popular summer hairstyles for short hair

quick updos summer hairstyles for short hair

A ponytail set low on the nape of the neck looks elegant and creates an effortless, lightweight look

Ponytail hairstyle variants summer hairstyles short hair

Stylish hair clips are a great way to tuck the hair away from your face while still looking stunning

Long bob haircut style summer hairstyles short hair

The best thing about a messy bun is that the more messy the hairstyle looks, the cooler it looks!

Messy Bun Quick Updos Hairstyles Tutorial Short Hair

So Simple, Yet So Effective – Sometimes a small braid is all you need to add a summery feel to your hairstyle.

Hairstyles tutorial short hair style bob haircut

A headband turns a classic pixie haircut into a real eye-catcher

Hair accessories trends hairstyle tips short hair

No matter whether you need hairstyle tips for short hair or want to style your long mane – with side braids you are always in good hands!

Braid Hairstyles for Short Hair Pixie Haircut Style

A motley hair scarf gives your look a cool summery feeling

Hair scarf hairstyles Pixie haircut styles summer hairstyles for short hair

What’s better than flowers? Flowers in your hair, of course! 

Hairstyles with headband hair accessories trends summer hairstyle short hair

The elegant bun hairstyle looks just as glamorous and stunning on short hair!

elegant updos summer hairstyles short hair