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Summer hairstyles for long hair – 16 ideas and guides

Summer hairstyles for long hair lower-side-bun-pink-wreath of flowers

Summer is the most popular season – the sun is stronger, the days are longer, and the weather is hotter. It is also the time of year for a beach vacation and many unforgettable experiences. Here are some ideas and instructions for you Summer hairstyles for long hair that complement your perfect summer look and at the same time suit every occasion.

Trendy summer hairstyles for long hair – light hair colors and braided hairstyles

Summer hairstyles for long hair strands-side parting-side-braided hairstyle-braid

Blonde hair is always suitable for summer and every hairstyle looks very beautiful in blonde. Even with a little tan, the hair color contrasts with the skin and looks really good. The braided hairstyle is also recommended for this time of year – it is easy to do yourself and has numerous variants for both half-open and tied hair. For example, you can braid a braid close to the head and pin it on the opposite part of the head with a nice hair ornament. The rest of the hair can either be left loose or braided sideways in a French braid.

Hair bands on the forehead – current summer hairstyles for long hair

Summer hairstyles for long hair flat-crescent-hair-band-loose-hair

Hair bands are very popular for the summer, especially for long hair. They can be found in different colors, sizes and shapes and can be adapted to your outfit. With a headband, you don’t need time to style, just choose the right one, put it on your forehead and leave your hair open. When you have more time to spare, you can straighten or curl your hair for an even more beautiful look.

Ombre hair coloring – ideas for ombre blonde, brunette and bright colors

Balayage brown vs balayage blonde – the big hair color question

Make ombre hair yourself – instructions for blonde, brunette & the approach

Ideas for summer hairstyles with curls

Summer hairstyles for long hair semi-open-blonde-hair-curls-irokese-braided hairstyle-ponytail-neck

Curls are always a great hairstyle for long hair and here are three ideas presented. For the first look, leave the hair half open and part in the middle. Then twirl two strands at the top of the head and form a small knot with them. The second hairstyle is even easier – you are supposed to braid two small braids on both parts of the head and then pin them together to form a wreath. Decorate the wreath with hair flowers of any color and your hairstyle is ready. The last hairstyle is a little more difficult than the others and is best done by the hairdresser. It presents a combination of the so-called braided mohawk and a ponytail wrapped around the neck.

Great boho style hairstyles for summer

Summer hairstyles for long hair boho-style-side-braid-flower-chic

Summer motifs in hairstyles are mostly presented by different flowers. Not only decorative hair flowers, but also small real twigs with flowers can be put in the hair, although they are not that durable at all. The loose braid in boho style is really sophisticated and ideal for a short walk or a picnic in the park.

Updos for long hair – perfect for those hot summer days


This casual bun with volume goes well with day outfits as well as on festive occasions. A braided hair band and a few pulled out strands on both sides of the head complete the beautiful updo.

Side herringbone braid for a great look

summer hairstyles-long-hair-side-herringbone-braid-straw-hat-pulled-out-strands

The well-known herringbone braid is suitable for every season. Combined with a straw hat, you get a casual look, perfect for a day at the beach.

Summer hairstyles with a wreath of flowers


In summer, colored clothes and accessories are preferable as they look more beautiful than the dark colors in the sunlight. If you choose a wreath of flowers to complement the hairstyle, it is better to choose bright colors that contrast with your hair.

Modern waterfall braid – an elegant summer hairstyle

summer hairstyles-long-hair-waterfall-braids-elegant-blond-hair-curls

The waterfall braid is a beautiful braid hairstyle for long hair that looks even nicer with strands. You can get a great look with curly or straight hair.

Trendy summer hairstyles for long hair with strands

summer hairstyles-long-hair-dark-hair-blonde-strands-half-open-side-pigtail

Different hairstyles are suitable for hair with strands or ombre color gradients. The brown to blonde side braid is a good decision for a daytime hairstyle and for the evening we recommend half-open hair with casual curls.

Apply hair accessories for quick summer hairstyles

summer hairstyles-long-hair-brown-leather cord-feather-hair accessories-indian-look

Summer hairstyles for long hair shouldn’t necessarily take a lot of time. With appropriate hair accessories like this feathered leather cord, your loose straight hair can transform into a beautiful hairstyle while following the latest boho chic trends.

Interesting hairstyle for summer with instructions

summer hairstyles-long-hair-twirling-instructions-brown-blonde-strands

For the hot days it is recommended to wear your hair up, for example in a bun. Or why not in four? Follow the instructions and with some bobby pins you can twirl your hair into an interesting hairstyle.

Summer hairstyle – quick and easy

summer hairstyles-long-hair-hair-flower-hair clips-instructions-make-yourself

This summer hairstyle doesn’t take much time and can even be done by yourself. When the buns are pinned with bobby pins, the hairstyle can be adorned with a hair flower and your summer look is ready.

Ideas for summer hairstyle with different floral wreaths

summer hairstyles-long-hair-flowers-hair-bands-flower-wreath-curls-wavy-hair

Boho style hairstyles are current and ideal for summer. All you need is a beautiful headband with ethnic motifs or a colorful flower wreath to get everyone’s attention at the next party.

Beautiful braided hairstyle for long hair

summer hairstyles-long-hair-braids-modern-hairstyle-semi-open-hair-blonde-strands

Festive summer hairstyles for long hair are mostly with braided or curly hair. Here we present an elegant idea for half-open hair with a combination of small and large braids. Finally, finish with beautiful earrings and off to party!

Make summer hairstyles yourself – tie a braid into a bun

summer hairstyles-long-hair-blonde-instructions-steps-pigtail-bun-twirling

For all those who prefer pinned up hair, we show these instructions for easy summer hairstyle to do it yourself. First braid the bangs, tie the hair high at the back of the head with a hair elastic and braid the ponytail. Finally, twist the braid into a bun and secure it again with a hair tie or bobby pins.

Summer hairstyles for long thick hair – ideas


These hairstyles represent three great ideas for styling long thick hair for summer. The most popular ones are certainly with half-open hair, but the side ponytail is also totally hip.

Trendy summer hairstyle with a headband

summer hairstyles-long-hair-beaded-hairbands-white-flowers-dark-hair

Simple summer hairstyles for long hair are trendy. White beaded hairbands are especially perfect for dark hair. They are in contrast to each other and attention is drawn to you.

Make topped ponytail yourself with several levels

summer hairstyles-long-hair-hairbands-ponytail-topped-instructions

Inspired by a famous actress, this hairstyle is a cool way to wear your hair in summer. Follow the tutorial to get this look.

Decorate long braids with flowers – a nice summer look


A French braid is always a good idea for summer. To keep it from looking easy, you can twirl the hair on the back of your head first, and then braid the rest. For a cheeky look, decorate the braid with tiny daisies.