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Styling pony in summer: the most beautiful hairstyles and styling tricks for hot days!

Whether curtain bangs, micro bangs or slip bangs – pony hairstyles are totally hip again this year. Although the bangs may disappear from the scene every now and then, they nonetheless remain the darling of all fashionistas and for good reason. After all, it gives our look a refreshing touch in no time and does not require as much courage as a short hairstyle. But as you know, life is not a pony farm. Especially not when we want to style our bangs in summer and look good. The midday heat, the summer rain and the humid summer air: They are all the greatest nightmare of all pony wearers. Sweat is running off your forehead and your hair looks stringy and greasy? Do not worry! In the following we explain how to style your bangs perfectly in the hot summer months!

Style bangs in summer: stay away from your hair

Selena Gomez blonde hair 2021 bangs in summer style tips

Especially when it gets over 30 degrees outside, many women wonder how to style their bangs in summer. Pony hairstyles provide more curl and volume in the hair, but only if they are perfectly positioned and ideally coiffed. So that you look good even in the heat, we will help you on the jumps and explain how to keep your pony in check. The first and most important rule is: hands off! Constantly running your fingers through the bangs in the heat is not a good idea. In summer our hands are often sweaty and if we touch our hair with them, it becomes greasy and stringy faster. So instead of plucking the bangs with your fingers, it would be better if you use a small brush or comb to do this. And a little tip from us: so that the bangs are not pressed too much onto your forehead, it is better to comb your hair from below.

Use dry shampoo

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Whether in the gym, on the beach or taking a walk: on hot days we simply sweat more. And washing your hair every day is not only unhealthy, but also too expensive. The miracle cure is called: dry shampoo! It absorbs fat and sweat in no time and makes our mane look freshly washed again. So if you are styling your bangs in the summer, you should always have a dry shampoo in your handbag. Simply spray into the roots, let it work for a short time and shape with a comb. As an alternative, women with blonde hair can use baby powder to style their bangs with clean hands.

Use mattifying makeup

Micro pony hairstyle trend dry shampoo in summer

In order to style your bangs in the summer and make them look good, you might want to change your makeup routine a bit too. Since the hair rests on the forehead in the pony hairstyles, it greases more quickly in the heat. However, you can prevent the problem by using a mattifying primer or face powder. They soak up the excess skin oil and ensure that your makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Dab the greasy approach with blotting paper

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Yes you read it right! What works on our face also works on the head! The little wonder drugs quickly absorb fat and excess sebum and ensure an oil-free forehead in summer. When our hair is constantly over the forehead, more bacteria get into the skin and that in turn can lead to acne breakouts. But we don’t want that, do we? Since blotting papers are antibacterial, they help us prevent acne and pimples. Killing two birds with one stone – sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? To style the bangs in summer, it is enough to gently stroke the scalp with the small sheets.

Style bangs in summer: use a round brush

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Would you like to give your hairstyle a little more curl and somehow your hair is flat on your forehead again after 1 hour? Well, to prevent this problem, it would be much better if you blow-dry the bangs over a round brush rather than using the straightening iron. It becomes particularly voluminous with a large round brush: Simply place it under the forehead fringes and slowly pull down. Then apply some hairspray for more hold and you’re done!

Tuck the bangs away

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When it gets hot, we can quickly tie our long hair into a messy bun. But what do we do with our pony? A long and fringed pony, for example, can be wonderfully styled to the side and simply tucked behind the ear. Twisted or braided strands, on the other hand, conjure up a romantic and casual look in no time, which is perfect for summer! Would you like it a little more elegant? Then the trendy wet look would be just right for you! Simply style the bangs to the side or back with plenty of hair gel and your chic hairstyle is ready!

Hair accessories are your new best friend

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Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or invited to dinner, hair accessories are the easiest way to spice up your hairstyle. Especially if you don’t want complicated styling or you don’t have time, you can make do with the fashionable pieces. Colorful hair clips in all conceivable sizes and designs are ideal for styling the bangs in summer and keeping them out of your face. And if that’s too girlish for you, you can always grab a headband or hair scarf.

Embrace your natural hair structure

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Casual hairstyles in the undone look are very popular this year and that doesn’t surprise us. Because let’s be honest – who wants to blow-dry their hair in the heat? So don’t be afraid to work with your natural structure. Let your hair air dry, apply some styling cream and voilà – you’ve styled your bangs perfectly!

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