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Strawberry blonde hair color is the refreshing hair trend for summer!

Whether a warm honey blonde or a cool platinum blonde – there is hardly any other hair color that is as versatile as blonde and the blonde tones for 2021 are more beautiful than ever! The different nuances give our hairstyle a fresh and modern upgrade and the huge color palette offers the perfect shade for every skin type. While some hair colors are easy to assign at first glance, this is not the case with others. Not all red and not all blonde, but somewhere in between – strawberry blonde hair color was already very popular in the 70s and is celebrating a big comeback this year! The “half-half” color looks incredibly sensual and flattering and ensures bright joy and a good mood, especially in the warmer months! Would you like to freshen up your hairstyle and are torn between blonde and red? Then strawberry blonde is your solution! But what exactly makes the trend color and who does it suit? We’ll tell you all of this as well as the most beautiful looks for your next visit to the hairdresser below!

What does strawberry blonde hair color look like?

Hair Color Trends Spring Summer 2021 Strawberry Blonde Hair Trend

As the name suggests, strawberry blonde hair color is an excellent mix of the most popular shades of all time, namely red and blonde. More subtle than pure copper red and a little more eye-catching than a classic blonde mane – the color offers us the best of both worlds and it is precisely this combination that makes it so exciting and interesting. If you are looking for strawberry blonde inspiration on social media, you will come across all sorts of variations and color mixes. The trendy hair color can shimmer in numerous shades and the color palette can range from a sunny orange to a cool rosé. Accordingly, it cannot be said exactly what strawberry blonde hair color looks like.

Hair dye pink strawberry blonde hair color

Whether you are a blonde who wants a little change or a redhead who wants to switch to the lighter side, there is the perfect strawberry blonde hair color for every woman! Thin highlights in different shades are an excellent and effortless way to give blonde hair a refreshing and summery touch. However, it is not only the color pigments selected that are decisive for the color result, but also your starting color. The basic rule is: the lighter the base, the more intense and better the color shade comes into its own. The trend color works best on light or medium blonde hair. Brunette heads may have to be bleached beforehand or gradually approach the light strawberry nuances.

For whom is the trendy hair color suitable??

Blonde hair with pink highlights Strawberry blonde hair color trend

The “blonde” in the name can be a bit deceiving, because the strawberry blonde hair color is rather a shade of blonde that is built up in different shades of red with the help of different dyeing techniques. The good news is that the shade can be so versatile that it actually suits every woman! Women who have a light and slightly rosy complexion and wear warm tones can count themselves really lucky, because the strawberry blonde hair color is made for them!

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Trend 2021 Blonde Tones Spring Summer Pictures

Do you have a bluish and cool skin tone? Don’t worry, you can also choose strawberry blonde hair color. However, you should opt for a shade that is more pink than orange or gold. The color tone would only be unsuitable for women with a tendency to reddening of the face – the copper-colored undertones would unfortunately accentuate the irritations even more and not look so flattering.

Strawberry blonde highlights for an easy-care look

Strawberry blonde hair color blonde hair with red highlights

You think the strawberry blonde hair color is pretty cool, but you don’t feel like it or have time for regular visits to the hair salon? Then you would be in good hands with gentle highlights! Warm, sensual and as if kissed by the sun – the lighter highlights in the hair ensure a particularly natural result and look very flattering and refreshing. The trendy techniques such as board balayage and ombré will also remain with us and ensure a subtle and easy-care look.

The stars are also obsessed with the strawberry blonde hair color!

Celebrities with blonde hair Strawberry blonde hair color trend

The strawberry blonde hair color has long since arrived in the celebrity world and numerous Hollywood stars have already discovered the trendy shade for themselves. For example, actress Blake Lively experiments again and again between warm honey blonde and strawberry blonde and changes the shades of blonde depending on the season.

Emma Stone likes to experiment with her hairstyle

Strawberry blonde hair color trend blonde tones 2021 pictures

Actress Emma Stone has rocked a number of fiery hues over the years, and also likes to switch between coppery red and blonde. The golden honey tones with bright red accents in the strawberry blonde hair color are the perfect combination and bring out your light complexion perfectly.

Isla Fisher

Strawberry Blonde Hair Trends 2021 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Isla Fisher, arguably one of the most famous redheads in Hollywood, decided on the strawberry blonde hair color last year. The shimmering red shade of blonde looks just as good on her and literally makes your face shine.

Nicole Kidman

Strawberry blonde hair color celebrities with blonde hair pictures

Just like her colleagues, Oscar winner and style icon Nicole Kidman is a big fan of the strawberry blonde hair color. Although the Hollywood legend can wear any color and always looks stunning, the fiery blonde tone suits her perfectly!

Strawberry blonde hair color: the most beautiful nuances at a glance!

Blonde Tones 2021 Pictures Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Trend

When blonde meets red, it results in an extremely flattering and beautiful shade

Blondes 2021 images of blonde hair with red highlights

The hair color trend also looks stunning in the ombre look

Blonde hair in an ombre look, strawberry blonde hair color

Subtle highlights ensure a subtle yet very chic look

Blonde hair with red highlights, strawberry blonde hair color

The huge color palette makes the strawberry blonde hair color perfect for every skin type

Blonde Tones 2021 Trends Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Trend

Women with curly hair can also wear the trendy shade perfectly

Blonde shades for curly hair Strawberry blonde hair color trend 2021

Warm, sensual and super chic: it’s no wonder that strawberry blonde is one of the most sought-after blonde tones for 2021

Blonde tones trends 2021 strawberry blonde hair color

The half-half tone is perfect for all blondes who want a subtle change

Blonde Tones 2021 Long Hair Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Trend

Strawberry blonde is the perfect combination of red and blonde 

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Blonde Ombre Hair Blonde Tones 2021