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Spring hairstyle – 51 great ideas for a fresh look

floral wreath idea spring hairstyle roses updo boho retro

Spring is characterized by many bright and cheerful colors that nature gives us through its spring flowers and blossoms. How about using the colors and blooms to style your hair? We’d like to give you some great ideas for that in this article Spring hairstyle that are not only trendy, but also perfectly reflect the season. Whether for long or short hair, in the form of a classic ponytail, an updo or simply open – all variants are included. And as you will find out, in most cases it really just depends on the right accessory. But let yourself be inspired by our gallery!

Hairstyle in spring with one Ponytail

red hair ponytail modern variant waves spring

As you probably know, the ponytail is one of those hairstyles that will never go out of style. This practical hair styling also offers a wide variety of variants, so that a variety of looks are possible. Wear it high on your head or on the neck, leave your hair straight or create waves, hide the hair tie by effectively wrapping a strand around it, or come up with something else interesting. You are welcome to combine the ponytail with accessories suitable for spring, such as colorful ribbons or flowers, as well as with braids to make it perfect Spring hairstyle to obtain.

Spring hairstyle – variants for the low ponytail

ideas ponytail hairstyle in spring variants ladies look

Open and half-open hairstyle in spring

half-open hairstyle waves spring flowers accessory deco

Since it is not that hot in spring, you can easily wear your hair open or half-open. Again you have the option of this Spring hairstyle to decorate with braids or you can make a pretty wreath of artificial flowers. A single flower is also often used on the side to set an accent. Open hair with casual waves continues to be particularly popular. This gets a particularly cute look Spring hairstyle, if you have a pony.

Spring half-open hairstyle with blue flower

half-open hairstyle in spring flower accessory blue waves

Braided hairstyles for the hairstyle in spring

plait braid ribbon cord accent spring hairstyle accessory

Braids and especially the herringbone braid should of course not be missing in this time of the year. You have the choice between simple variants and those with a disheveled, casual look. In case you think the braid is too boring despite the trend Spring hairstyle we have a few ideas for you. Use one or more ribbons or cord in any color that you weave into the braid to set interesting and effective accents. A colorful scarf is just as suitable. You can also use this as a hair band. Let your imagination run wild, you can create wonderful styles with braids.

Casual, elegant herringbone braid for spring

casual elegant spring hairstyle herringbone braid braid chain

Spring hairstyle with accessories

hairstyle in spring updo hair band red

As accessories for the Spring hairstyle In principle, everything that is colorful, cheerful and puts you in a good mood is suitable. As already mentioned, set pretty accents with flowers, clasps, ribbons, scarves or even with colorful strands. There is a huge variety of hair accessories available these days. Use headbands with different decorations. Accents with feathers are also particularly interesting. You can work these into the hairstyle in a number of ways.

Hairstyle accessory made from a headband with yellow flowers

half-length hair circlet yellow flower accessory taylor swift

Spring hairstyle – updos

curls updo brunette spring idea loose

That’s why updos are a great idea for them Spring hairstyle, because they can be used to create a casual as well as an elegant look. Choose a bun with a disheveled look for everyday wear or a neat variant for the evening. For a special occasion, you can also combine the updo with a real flower. An updo is a great idea, especially on hot spring days, so that you have it nice and airy around the neck.

Updo for spring with braids

braided hairstyle spring casual elegant highlights updo bangs

Spring hairstyle – retro

retro look spring red hair volume hair band bow blouse pink

The retro look is funny and brings a good mood with it. That’s why you can also use it for the Spring hairstyle Select. You can achieve it with pretty waves, by teasing your hair, but also with the help of accessories such as headbands. Whichever way you go about the retro look, you can be sure that you’ve made the perfect spring choice.

Hairstyle with a lace headband and floral motifs 

ladies hairstyle in spring boho retro headband floral motifs

simple hairstyle in spring half open brown brunette idea

retro hairstyle waves hair clip modern spring

look casual ladies feather braid hairstyle in spring

casual hairstyle in spring waves bangs open beach style

short hairstyle casual modern colored red spring bob hairstyle

headscarf hairstyle in spring colorful colors updo

updo braid ribbon cord colorful idea spring

hair half open hairstyle flower chic yellow spring

hair band accessory bow hairstyle idea spring pink cherries

spring look idea ponytail colorful turn color

spring updo elegance flowers wreath leaves accessory

spring hair colors blue green blonde idea

hairstyle in spring curls fresh look ladies

hairstyle in spring short hair blue strands

hairstyle in spring hair band scarf pink blue

spring hairstyle hair band retro bow orange dots

hairstyle in spring plait herringbone casual look

hairstyle ideas updo half-open flowers accessory loop spring

floral accessory flowers hairstyle in spring wreath

braid original bun updo spring idea ladies

plait accent ribbon cord blue spring fresh hairstyle

braided hairstyle updo casual spring flower rachel mcadam

herringbone braid hairstyle in spring sunflower braiding accessory

feather peacock updo spring elegant blond retro bohemian

elegant updo spring butterflies colorful ladies

elegant updo spring orchid flowers accessory hair accessories

effective braid spring make yourself blonde hairstyle

bun casual design ladies hairstyle in spring elegant accessories

Bun hairstyle in spring elegant, elegant accessory lilac

bun hairstyle spring black hair modern casual

ladies hairstyle casual braid colored ribbons herringbone

Accessory hair band colorful updo idea hair clips

braid hairstyle casual braiding blake lively wave hair clip

wave look hairstyle in spring elegant retro jacket floral motifs

feather accent hair accessories hairstyle in spring color open waves

wavy hair long modern hairstyle in spring idea

updo elegant spring flower accessory clips

scarf accessory hairstyle in spring roses motif white red