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Silver blonde hair color – daring beauty trend with numerous facets

A new trend in hair colors has been spreading for some time and has been all the rage in the color palette for young women ever since. the Hair color silver blonde has fascinated many prominent women who have already shown themselves in public with their trendy colored hair and who have meanwhile made silver blonde the “new blonde”. Below we have put together wonderful evidence for you of how attractive and chic silver blonde hair color can look.

hair-color silver-blonde hair-short-protruding-bow-bangles-ring-strands-dress-black

The trendy granny look is the new blonde for chic and attractive women

hair color silver blonde hairstyle-short-outer-hair-longer-sides-gray-purple-dress-bangles

The hair color silver blonde is a new trend in which the hair is colored in light or dark gray or silver tones. The so-called “granny look” is a real eye-catcher and looks absolutely attractive, daring and classy on many women. This hair trend, together with pastel, copper, lilac and platinum blonde, is all the rage and gives gray hair a whole new and positive meaning and charisma.

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hair-color silver-blonde gray-hair-wavy-shoulder-length-bangs-oblique-dress-black-white

The following pictures will convince you that the new trend tone gray is not always gray. Regardless of whether it is platinum blonde with a lot or a little gray or with a purple and blue shimmer, the trendy silver hair style has many facets and a special character.

hair color silver-blonde pony-diagonal-matt-side parting-ash-blonde-blue-day-earrings

Although the hair color silver blonde is not the latest trend, it is still totally hip and has been influenced by other beauty trends. The silver blonde is often combined with blue, lavender and violet or pastel tones or presents itself in its lightest, almost white shade. The silver tone is still socially acceptable and brings a breath of fresh air to the color selection.

hair color silver-blonde ice-blonde-gray-bob-medium-length-woman-blue-eyed-ring-coat

Getting that unique hair color is not necessarily that easy, so changing the color to silver blonde must be carefully considered. Once the hair is light, it is difficult to achieve a darker shade and not all at once. For optimal advice and a perfect result, it is advisable to visit your trusted hairdresser.

Who suits the hair color silver blonde?

hair color-silver-blonde-ombre-curls-highlights-dark-sweater-side parting-ring-earrings

The new trend doesn’t suit everyone, which makes it an extravagant and special shade of hair. If you are generally looking for warm colors, you should better avoid this cool shade. If you are more of the cold type, the gray will look good on you. How to achieve this popular shade of blonde depends largely on the original hair color.

How your hair becomes silver blonde

hair-color-silver-blonde-hair-long-wavy-sunglasses-watch-shirt-middle parting-hairline-dark

The lighter your hair color, the easier it is to dye the silver shade. As light hair as possible is the ideal prerequisite for getting the perfect shade of gray. For this, it is necessary to first remove all color pigments from your hair with a bleaching process and then to over-color them with a special shade of blue-black and ash tone.

Caring for silver blonde hair properly


This procedure can dry out and strain your hair, which is why the right care is absolutely essential and not to be neglected. Regular cutting of the tips, special shampoos and hair treatments ensure that stressed hair does not become brittle and brittle. 

hair color-silver-blonde-ombre-long-hairline-dark-braid-ash-blonde-white-blonde-jacket-bright red-sunglasses

If your hair is naturally gray, you need maintenance products that will add shine to your hair and make it stronger. Care products that build up the hair structure are extremely important for the chemically treated silver-blonde mane. The styling of the gray hair is again uncomplicated and many different looks with hold can be designed easily.


You can achieve the cool, ashy hair color silver blonde with the silver shampoos available in stores before you dye your hair permanently silver blonde. A silver shampoo can also work wonders if your hair has an unpopular, slight yellow tinge.


Gray hair is unusual, but in a way, it’s natural. The unusual hair color should be carefully selected by older wearers and combined with a haircut that is appropriate to their type, as this gray shade quickly makes the wearer look older. If your hair is already damaged, silver blonde hair color is not advisable, as bleaching puts additional strain on the hair. Bleaching is also not recommended for sensitive skin.

Choose the right haircut

hair color-silver-blonde-haircut-short-side parting-gray-light-purple-woman-young-pony

The silver blonde hair color goes very well with short haircuts, bobs, geometric haircuts and loose waves. The wavy long bobs in gray look particularly attractive. In order for straight and long hair not to look faded quickly, the haircut should contain a few levels. This also makes the hair look more vibrant.

hair color-silver-blonde-woman-young-headscarf-blouse-white-pink-blue-share-kylie-jenner

If you love your granny look and want to really show it off, you need the perfect makeup too. Eye shadows in bright colors will freshen up your look and a lipstick in bold colors such as dark red, coral or pink will make your styling unique. Round off your silver styling with a little blush. Brown tones, nude nuances and pale pastel tones should be avoided.

hair-color-silver-blonde-hairstyle-short-hairline-dark-orringe-glasses-black-plastic frame

Opinions are divided when it comes to the trend for silver-blonde hair and gray hair. You normally only get gray hair after a certain age. Although gray is then a natural hair color, it is often perceived as unnatural in young girls. 

hair-color-silver-blonde-woman-curls-ash-blonde-silver-line-hair-long-side parting-jacket-black

Dyeing your hair from blonde to silver gray indicates confidence. If you want to stand out and get what others want to hide at any price, the silver blonde hair color is right for you. However, you must not forget that the hair can be damaged by the chemical treatment. You must also not forget that you have to dye the hairlines that have grown out at the hairdresser’s every third or fourth week.

Stars love the extravagant silver gray hair color


Many prominent women prove that the hair color silver blonde is unique and extravagant. The experimental avant-garde Lady Gaga, for example, dyed her long hair a matt silver blonde, which looks great on her casually falling hair. The extravagant make-up goes perfectly with the silver-blonde hair.

hair-color-silver-blonde-gray-hair-hair-straight-long-side parting-ellie-goulding

The singer Ellie Goulding likes to change her hair color – sometimes in lilac, sometimes in pink or, as in this photo, with a slight gray tinge. In 2011 she appeared at the American Music Awards with her long, smooth and layered mane in a silver tone.

Gray-green hair color

hair color-silver-blonde-long-wavy-blue-part-matt-blouse-white-middle parting-hilary-duff

The actress and singer Hilary Duff convinces not only with her singing and acting talent but also with her perfect appearance. She also prefers natural styles for glamorous appearances. Her long hairstyle with a middle parting and the large, loosely falling waves look really great in combination with the hair color silver blonde with a slight green component.

Gray purple hair color


Kelly Osbourne is known for her different looks and loves to experiment with her silver blonde look. The color facets with which she was in the limelight until recently, range from dark gray to purple gray to light gray with a delicate rosé component, as shown here in the picture.


British supermodel Cara Delevingne also lets her long mane shine in gray. She has opted for a darker shade of silver and casually wears her straight hair with side parting open. With the right haircut, color and style, long hair looks anything but boring.


One of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses, Jennifer Lawrence, looks just adorable with her slightly wavy platinum blonde hair. Not only the platinum blonde with a silver touch looks great on her. She also likes to switch between blonde, brunette and dark brown, which underline her beauty as well.


Helen Mirren shows how classy and elegant the silver blonde look can be at any age. The actress has turned her natural hair color, a warm honey blonde, into a cool platinum blonde. A silver tint makes your hair look natural and look younger than ever. If your hair is already light gray, you can achieve the trendy platinum blonde particularly well.


Victoria’s Secret model Jourdan Dunn wears a side parted dark gray bob. The supermodel dyed her hair in a bluish gray shade especially for the Coachella Festival in 2015. With eye shadow from the gray color palette and a shimmering silver outfit, she ensures a glamorous appearance.


The daughter of soul singer Lionel-Richie is also a big fan of unusual colorations and fluctuates between purple and gray-white hair. At the Met Gala in 2014, she caused admiring glances. Together with the dark red lipstick and the opulent earrings, the almost white hair made her appearance unforgettable.

Short hairstyles in silver

hair-color-silver-blonde-singer-haircut-short-top-hair-long-side parting-earrings-large-round-pink

Pink has also opted for a chic short hairstyle in silver. Especially with short and straight hair, the trend color comes into its own and looks very modern. She was certainly one of the first to prove that gray hair can look very casual.


At the Met Gala in 2015, the singer Miley Cyrus drew everyone’s attention with her short, silver hair in a sleek look and made a lasting impression. Her eye-catching look harmonizes perfectly with her riveted outfit.


Actress Jamie Lee Curis proudly wears her sassy pixie hairstyle in elegant mottled gray. She doesn’t dye her natural hair and proves how great and classy trendy hairstyles in gray can look. With the right haircut, gray hair can also look really fresh and rejuvenated.

Platinum blonde gray


Some celebrities such as Marina Diamandis proudly present their hair color silver blonde and simply let their dark hairline grow out without coloring the hair uniformly over and over again, which creates a great silver blonde ombré. Charcoal gray hair looks very casual with a clearly outgrown hairline.

hair-color-silver-blonde-medium-long-highlights-middle parting-woman-hairline-dark-shirt-blue

Rihanna had already dyed her mane gray in 2013 and later showed herself in a more noble ombré variant with gray tips. The musician even showed herself with a wig in a white and silver shade. The hip-hop model Karrueche Tran presented herself in silvery blonde hair. The singer Rita Ora wore silver-gray hair on the red carpet.


The actress Dascha Polanco also appeared with long silver-gray hair with pink tips, making it look adorable and cool. The actress Zosia Mamet also showed up with a silver-colored bob.

hair color silver gray with pink tips and a dark base