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Short hairstyles for women – Current haircuts for 2015/16

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Dear readers, they are Short hairstyles for women who lead the “Tango” this year. The fake bob is just as popular this year as it was last; the less you show hair, the more fashionable you look with it, or what do you think of a boyish look and disheveled hair !? A few current ideas are sure to inspire you!

Short hairstyles for women – Long hair is no longer so popular?

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Short hairstyles for women are making history this year. The women love short haircuts, lighten the hair or spice it up with a red color. One really wonders if women are no longer into long hair or is it just a short period in the fashion industry ?! Indeed, if one were to ask the best judges and connoisseurs of the female heart, men nowadays prefer shorter haircuts for women. You admire the boyish in every woman and even women over 50 slip into this coveted women’s hairstyle. Of course, there are certain feminists who would certainly turn their backs on this trend, but those who see the world with different eyes would like to try it out. So get to your short hair.

Short hairstyles for women – What has been introduced today

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Short hairstyles for women have started a new era this year, namely that of the classic pompadour haircut. Madame de Pompadour was the mistress of King Loius XV and had worn a similar hairstyle that is now worn by men and women alike. The hairstyle gets a new definition and assignment and contributes to the individual character of the wearer. But the choppy hairstyles are also worn a lot, styled straight or with side bangs, with or without parting. Some women keep the curly roots and present them in the short version on the red carpet. Age doesn’t matter, everything should be short!

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Women’s short hairstyle – youthful look with a short haircut

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Pompadour idea

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The sidecut is only popular with men. Nevertheless, most of them do not dare to go for the radical haircut. But there is a practical way to just imitate the sidecut hairstyle. To do this, just do an updo like the above. The side sections are combed straight back and fixed while you style a pompadour with the top hair.

Short hairstyle for a boyish look

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With short hair you can emphasize your facial features wonderfully, as the face is not covered by strands. This works particularly well with very short hair styles. You can combine these with angled or very short bangs. The boyish look looks cheeky and upbeat and is also extremely easy to care for.

The older women also find the short hairstyles elegant


In addition, such hairstyles are very popular and trendy not only among the younger of the sex. Older women can also opt for a look like this and use hairspray or gel to create a cheeky hairstyle that will make them look younger. The longest sections can start anywhere in the neck area.

Short and disheveled is just in fashion


Also, use any part you like. Just experiment with your hair. Comb them, for example, from back to front or choose the upbeat side parting. Until you try it, you won’t be able to determine what suits you best. Above you can see a subtle and not too radical sidecut.

Highlights or a red color spice up your hair


Faux bob hairstyle that doesn’t want to “take the shortest route”

Shoulder length women's haircut



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Hair trend-pompadour-short


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