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Short hairstyles 2018 for women – trendy, multi-faceted and changeable

short hairstyles 2018 ladies hairstyles gray blonde bangs sideways

If you want to swap your long mane for a stylish, casual and elegant short haircut, then do not hesitate! Because short hairstyles are now back in fashion as never before. There are tons of reasons to cut your hair short. The short women’s hairstyles are easy to care for, particularly diverse and, despite popular opinion, beautifully feminine. Depending on the length of the hair, the separation from the long braid certainly requires a bit of courage and in a certain sense also has to do with a change in type. But you can be sure that such a change is definitely worth it. Browse through our picture gallery and be inspired by the trendy short hairstyles 2018 for women.

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short haircuts 2018 women outer hair longer color purple

When talking about short haircuts in 2018, the first question that arises is what length is considered short. Any length from rasp-length to chin-length to just above the shoulder falls under the term “short hair” for women.

What are the hottest short haircuts 2018?

Top hair long sides trimmed ladies short haircut 2018

The pixie

One of the most popular and cool hairstyles for short hair 2018 is the pixie. The amazingly versatile hairstyle elegantly emphasizes narrow and delicate faces with feminine features. It is particularly advantageous to emphasize an oval face shape. This modern haircut offers great styling variants, all of which are characterized by their own individual charm. Regardless of whether you style your hair sleek or conjure up a cheeky and casual hairstyle with defined hair ends, the pixie haircut is one of the most elegant ways to wear short hair.

katy perry short haircut women 2018 blonde top hair styled forward

The bob

One of the most feminine hairstyles that has proven itself over the years and is suitable for any hair structure is the bob. The bob hairstyles are very versatile and flattering. Among the short hairstyles for women 2018, both the classic chin-length bob and its shorter version find their place of honor with good reason. Casual, lively, stepped or stepless, for thick or thin hair, with natural curls or straight, with or without bangs, this short haircut for women is a versatile eye-catcher.

straight short hairstyles 2018 trend blonde bangs

Pageboy Cut

If you want to emphasize your personality and bring out your individual style, you can get a stylish Pageboy short hairstyle. With the different cutting techniques and many styling options, and why not in combination with trendy colors such as gray, pink and lavender, you will attract enthusiastic glances with a new update of a classic look.

short hair trending hairstyles bangs pixie blond

short hairstyles 2018 women bangs top hair longer balayage

Short hairstyles 2018 for red hair

short hairstyles 2018 ladies red hair round face

short hairstyles 2018 women with bangs orange pixie bob

Trendy hairstyles for women with thick hair

short haircut women 2018 long outer hair orange

short haircuts 2018 ladies outer hair dyed longer hintzerkopf raspelkurz

ombre short haircut women 2018 top hair longer with highlights

Short hairstyles for women 2018 with bangs

fine hair short hairstyles 2018 women gray blonde

asymmetrical short haircut with dark brown bangs

sleek look side parting blond dark neck women hairstyles short hair 2018

short hairstyles women 2018 side parting blonde

ladies hairstyle trends 2018 short blonde with highlights

balayage haircut short ladies bangs long

round face thick hair bangs short haircuts 2018 ladies

pixie short hairstyles 2018 women blonde one side longer bob

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short haircut women 2018 thick hair side parting

haircut short women 2018 outer hair longer with strands

short hairstyles women 2018 trends blonde brunette

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round face shape long outer hair tiered half length

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Hairstyles for short hair 2018 – the page look

pageboy haircut straight hair bangs brown women haircut short

short bob pageboy haircut 2018 color straight hair dark brown

pagelook ladies dark hair short hairstyles 2018

bob hairstyle with thick straight bangs page style dark brown

short hairstyles 2018 ladies trend hairstyles with bangs colored straight hair

Short Hairstyles 2018 For Women – The Bob

colored hair bob asymmetrical balayage 2018 hairstyles for women

carey mulligan bob haircut sleek chin-length side parting

short bob gray blond wavy chin length ladies hairstyles short hair

Short haircuts 2018 for thin hair

bob balayage spring summer 2018 side parting short hairstyles women

bob hairstyle with bangs dark thick hair round face shape

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Asymmetrical short hairstyles for women 2018

hair color pink a line bob asymmetrical short haircuts 2018 women

Short hairstyles 2018 trend – haircuts in modern colors

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Short hairstyles for wavy hair

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Short hairstyles 2018 for women with curls

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Trendy short haircuts combined with glasses

curly hair short hairstyles 2018 women with glasses

2018 hairstyle for round face short hairstyles 2018 natural curls

short hairstyles 2018 women wavy brunette middle parting

hazelnut brown curly tiered short hairstyles 2018 for thick hair

Short hairstyles 2018 for women over 40

2018 hairstyling trends short hairstyles women brunette

Short haircuts 2018 for gray hair

short hairstyles 2018 gray hair women over 50

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2018 trends short haircut women over 60 gray hair

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