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Short hair with natural curls? Here are 6 ideas for short hairstyles on curly hair

If you have curly hair, you may think that it is practically impossible for you to have short hair. But it turns out that’s not the case! It’s all about finding the best short hairstyles for natural curls. And there are a number of options, such as B. a curly pixie cut and a curly lob. In addition to the right short haircut for curly hair, the use of the right styling products (such as hair mousse or hair cream) is also crucial. Below are the best ideas for short hair with curls, as well as styling tips.

Bob haircut

natural curls cut bob curl type 3B

You can’t go wrong with a classic bob haircut. A bob is usually cut chin length and in a straight line all around. Combine your short, curly bob with a deep side part for more volume. Give your curls hold and shine with a hair gel.

Wear natural curls down to your chin

short bob with natural curls and highlights

Bob with sloping bangs

Natural curls haircut - chin length bob

Asymmetrical Bob – Short Front Long

Natural curls chin length with asymmetrical bob haircut

If you want to add a modern twist to the classic bob, go for an asymmetrical look. An asymmetrical bob can either be longer on one side or cut at an angle. With an angled haircut, your curly hair is layered and cut into different lengths, creating a seamless transition between the front and back sections of the hair. That looks very chic!

The greater the difference in length, the more distinctive the bob looks 

curly head with asymmetrical bob haircut

The inverted bob looks great, especially on curly hair 

natural curls lure bob front long back short

Smooth transition from long to short

bob haircut for natural curls asymmetrical

Pixie cut for natural curls

Pixie short haircut with natural curls Ursula Corbero

The pixie haircut is one of the most popular short hairstyles and is worn by many stars. And the good news is that the pixie cut looks wonderful even on natural curls! Just ask your barber to keep the hair a little longer than the classic pixie cut. That way, you can still flaunt your gorgeous locks!

How to Style the Curly Pixie Hairstyle:

natural curly haircut short

Don’t brush out the curls, just get them into shape. Apply a mousse to damp hair, then let the hair air dry for a nice texture. Just think about how much time you will save on styling your curly hair if it is this short!

This is how Rihanna wears the pixie haircut

natural curly haircut short pixie cut

Rihanna is one of the celebrity ladies who showed how incredibly versatile the pixie cut is. Over the past few years we’ve seen Rihanna with short hair in a variety of variations and styles including side-shaved, two-tone, and boyish looks. For this glamor photoshoot, she let her natural curls come into their own.

Hoop earrings and short curly hair are a great combination

Pixie hairstyle by Rihanna with curly hair

The beautiful short hairstyle looks particularly casual and natural with curls

short hair with curls pixie hairstyle

Undercut short haircut for curly hair

Undercut short haircut for natural curls

A cool pixie variant is the undercut. The short haircut is characterized by short hair on the sides and neck and longer top hair. In combination with curls and a longer section of pony, the undercut looks wonderfully feminine and elegant. The look becomes particularly wild and rocky if you mess up the top hair with styling gel and style it on your forehead. You can find more styling ideas in our article “Undercut with curls for women”.

With natural curls, the hairstyle gets its very own, casual charm

short hair with curls and undercut haircut

Curly Mohawk short haircut for curly hair

short hair with natural curls Mohawk hairstyle by Rihanna

The curly mohawk is a retro-inspired haircut that suits both women and men. It creates an eye-catching look with a vintage 50s vibe. The top hair is about 12 to 16 inches long while the sides are trimmed short.

How to style a curly mohawk:

Mohawk short haircut with natural curls

To bring your natural curls to life, work a little hair pomade into dry or damp hair, then blow-dry it with a diffuser. You can brush and shape your hairstyle with your fingers for a chic messy effect.

Rihanna wears the Curly Mohawk on the red carpet

Mohawk short haircut for curly hair

With this short haircut for curly hair, a lot of volume is conjured up on the top of the head

Mohawk haircut on natural curls with shaved sides

The hair color can also be played with in the Mohawk – for example with brightly colored highlights

Mohawk Pompadour haircut with Afro curls

The curly praise

curls long bob asymmetrical

Maybe you don’t want to have your curls trimmed too short? In this case, you should consider a curly lob. The Lob, short of Long Bob, is cut about shoulder-length and can also be longer at the front and shorter at the back, which ensures a modern look. Lob haircuts are super easy to care for and look amazing when paired with curly hair.

How to style a curly bob

Long bob with natural curls in the front, long in the back, short

Spritz on a curling spray on damp hair, then let it air dry for defined curls. The cool thing about a lob haircut is that it looks stunning even with straight strands – so feel free to grab a heat protectant and your straightener! You can find more styling ideas in our article “40+ ideas on how to wear the trendy hairstyle”

With a step cut you get more volume at the back of the head

Long bob layered with natural curls and balayage

A highlighted praise works like a makeover

bob asymmetrical with highlights

The shag hairstyle with bangs with natural curls

Shoulder length curly hair with shag haircut and bangs

The shag hairstyle is all the rage right now. With this haircut, the hair typically extends to the shoulders and is heavily layered – a big plus for curly hair. A layered cut brings a lot of movement into your hair and ensures that your curly hair doesn’t look too poufy. The pony not only frames the face beautifully, it also conjures up a fresh look.

The shag cut makes the curls voluminous and bouncy

Shag hairstyle with curls and bangs

How to style a curly shag: Apply hair cream to damp hair from roots to ends and evenly distribute it, then blow dry it with a diffuser. This hair cream can help soften, tame, and define your curls.

The shag is also a great volume cut for fine curly hair

Volume cut for fine curly hair

J.Lo wears the shag hairstyle with curls

Shag haircut with bangs on natural curls

We’ve proven that short hair and curls go wonderfully together, but how about a pony to go with it? If you think that you can’t wear bangs with curly hair, you are mistaken! The Curly Fringe is all the rage in 2021. Check out our article “21 Hairstyles for Curly Curls with Bangs” to find the right bangs for your curl type.