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Pompadour Hairstyle for Men – Styling Ideas for the Popular Haircut

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the Pompadour hairstyle is an elegant, timeless hairstyle for style-conscious men that has made its comeback in recent years. For a modern look, barbers have further developed the classic haircut and combined it with beards and other hairstyle trends. Have you already dared to do a pompadour, then you will find many beautiful styling ideas and tips for the extravagant cut in the article.

What is a pompadour hairstyle?

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with this trending hairstyle for men, let’s take a closer look at it. Typical of the pompadour hairstyle is the extravagant cut, in which the top hair and the side sections have different lengths. In the more extreme variant, the side areas are even partially or completely shaved off. The longer top hair is usually combed back or to the side and styled into a quiff.

The classic pompadour hairstyle

Pompadour hairstyle men-haircuts-trends-mens hairstyles

The modern interpretations of the extravagant men’s hairstyle are diverse. All come from the classic pompadour that was still worn in the 50s. In the classic variant, the difference in the lengths of the side and top hair is not so great and in this case one speaks of a men’s hairstyle with a transition.

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The origin of the trendy haircut

Pompadour hairstyle classic-elvis-presley-hairstyle-great

The Pompadour hairstyle dates back to the middle of the 18th century and is named after King Louis XV’s lover – Madame de Pompadour. During this time, the hairstyle was worn exclusively by women. The man who changed this is none other than rock-n-roll legend Elvis Presley. He made the hairstyle with the “Elvis Tolle” popular with young men.

Pompadour hairstyle as a popular haircut

Pompadour hairstyle men-david-beckham-top-long-side-short

Men’s hairstyles with pompadour have been trendy again for a few years and are enjoying increasing popularity among men with style. The pompadour is worn by celebrities, athletes, business people, students and hipsters alike and can be adapted to your own style.

Who suits the trend hairstyle?


The pompadour is anything but reserved and usually contributes to a striking appearance. That is why this haircut is mostly worn by confident men who want to make a big impression with their look. Otherwise, the haircut is not too sophisticated and suits almost any face shape.

Pompadour hairstyle according to the face type

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So that the hairstyle with pompadour suits you, the hair length can be adjusted to the shape of your face. A pompadour with more volume is best for men with round or square faces. On the other hand, the big one does not go well with an elongated face shape, because it makes the face appear even longer. In this case, shorter pompadour haircuts are recommended.

Classic pompadour as a gentleman’s hairstyle

pompadour-hairstyle-undercut-side parting-modern-beard

The pompadour is the perfect hairstyle for every gentleman. The classic cut is worn to the sides with longer hair so the difference with the top hair doesn’t look as dramatic. This makes the hairstyle look less intrusive and is also suitable for the everyday look.

Pompadour hairstyles for men for everyday life


When properly styled and not cut too short, the pompadour hairstyle for men is perfect for everyday life. For this, haircuts with a transition from short to long are recommended, which do not look too extravagant. Such men’s hairstyles are suitable for both business people and students.

Get a classic pompadour hairstyle


If you are not sure whether the pompadour is the right hairstyle for you, you can get advice from a professional. You must also note that such a haircut requires daily maintenance, which also takes a certain amount of time.

Pompadour hairstyle with a strict look


Although the pompadour haircut is also worn casually, the classic variant requires a stricter look. For this, the hair can either be combed back or styled upwards. A long quiff also makes the man appear taller.

Modern pompadour men’s hairstyles

pompadour-hairstyle-men-undercut-haircut-style cut

The modern interpretations of the trend hairstyle are diverse and can be adapted to the shape of the face, the taste of clothing and the lifestyle. In the modern version, the pompadour combines perfectly with a hairstyle with an undercut.

Undercut haircut with pompadour


Men’s hairstyles with an undercut look really elegant and well-groomed, but they need regular care. The hair on the sides and back of the head needs to be trimmed frequently to keep the hairstyle looking nice and well-groomed.

Pompadour hairstyle for men with 3 day beard


The pompadour hairstyle combines perfectly with different beards and mustaches. The popular three-day beard, which has a masculine effect and does not require too much care, is particularly suitable for the modern look.

Trendy men’s hairstyles: Razor Faded Pompadour

pompadour-hairstyle-razor-faded-men-hairstyles-side parting

A cheeky and fancy variant of the cut is the so-called Razor Faded Pompadour hairstyle. This is a combination of an undercut with a fade and a shaved part and a pompadour, which is suitable for particularly courageous and experimental men. Particularly noticeable with this hairstyle are the extreme differences between the top hair and the side sections. The lower part of the side areas is shaved completely bald and a smooth transition to the top hair is observed.

Shaving parting is trendy


The parting plays an important role in the Razor Faded Pompadour hairstyle. It is pulled with a comb and sits at the highest point of the eyebrows. For an even more trendy look, the parting is shaved so that the accent is completely set on the pompadour. Another popular haircut idea for men is another line under the parting.

Modern hairstyles and haircuts for style-conscious men


The pompadour hairstyle can be styled in a variety of ways. With an undercut with parting, the top hair should be styled on the opposite side or backwards to emphasize the parting. These men’s hairstyles are mainly found in industries where the work environment is more relaxed.

Pompadour hairstyle for a fade undercut

pompadour-hairstyle-men-fade-undercut-beard-men’s hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles with a transition are particularly popular with young men and combine well with a pompadour. With the so-called fade undercut, the sides are completely shaved off from bottom to top and become longer and longer towards the top hair. At the end, the sides merge into the top hair, which can then be styled with a pompadour.

Style the pompadour hairstyle yourself


If you have a haircut with longer top hair and shorter sides, you can style an elegant pompadour yourself with the right equipment. For this you need a comb, hair wax or pomade, hairspray and a blow dryer. In the first step, the hair is washed as usual.

Model hair with hair product


Then you should decide on a styling direction. Whether backwards or with its side parting, the hair should now be combed with the comb in the chosen direction to give the hairstyle more volume. Then the hair is styled with the hair wax.

Make pompadour hairstyle yourself

pompadour-hairstyle-styles-quiff-hair dryer-parting-fade

Finally, the hair is shaped with a quiff roller and blown dry. Then simply comb the hair again in the direction of styling and fix with the hairspray.

Men’s hairstyles with highlights


If you want to make your pompadour hairstyle even more eye-catching, then you can experiment with hair colors. The blonde pompadour is a cheeky decision for men who like to experiment. A few strands in a slightly lighter color, on the other hand, can highlight the hairstyle and give it more structure.

Styling ideas for the trend hairstyle


Haircuts for men with longer top hair are very popular with style-conscious men because they can be styled for any occasion. Whether a strict men’s hairstyle for the day at the office, or a casual look for the weekend, the Pompadour men’s hairstyles for longer hair offer numerous possibilities.

Combine pompadour haircut with full beard


The popular trend hairstyle combines particularly beautifully with a full beard. You can adjust the length of the side parts to that of the beard and get a direct transition between the two. The coordinated look is mainly worn by men with an elegant style or by hipsters.

Hipster hairstyle with pompadour and beard


The hipster lifestyle has enjoyed great popularity in recent years and is characterized by a special fashion, hairstyles and beards for men. The pompadour hairstyle can be perfectly combined with a long full beard and has become a trend hairstyle even among hipsters.

Wet look pompadour hairstyle


The haircut with pompadour can also be combined with shorter beards, such as mustaches and sideburns. With suitable hair products, the pompadour can also be styled in the so-called “wet look”, which is also particularly popular among the stars in Hollywood.

Trendy haircuts for men

pompadour-hairstyle-top-long-side-short-men's hairstyle-modern

The contemporary variant of the pompadour hairstyle can also be styled upwards with more volume and thus immediately become an eye-catcher. The greater the difference in the length of the side sections and the top hair, the more noticeable the hairstyle for men will be.

Shaped pompadour for men


The pompadour hairstyle combines just as beautifully with a style cut for men. The hair is cut longer and longer from the nape of the neck upwards, so that a hairstyle with a transition is created. The length of the hair on the back of the head is thus aligned with that of the pompadour.

Pompadour hairstyle for fine hair


Do you have fine hair and can’t style the pompadour hairstyle successfully? If this is the case, then you should style the pompadour to the side against the direction of hair growth. This little trick makes the hair look fuller and with more volume.

Casual men’s hairstyles with pompadour


If you want to wear the pompadour hairstyle for men casually, then you can not comb the top hair straight, but leave it a little looser. This works best on curly hair because it naturally has a lot of volume.