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Opal Hair and Gem Roots – the new trend hair colors of the season!

Opal Hair Hair Color Hairstyles Ideas Hair Trends Women

Do you fancy a new color? In contrast to the winter red tones or brown hair, the new hair trend looks quite refreshing. Opal Hair is a modern upgrade to the rainbow hairstyles that we have come across over and over again over the past few years. Now this color looks much more subtle, dreamy and playful. The beautiful combination of very subtle pink and purple tones makes your hair shimmer and is a real eye-catcher. There are no limits to the choice of colors and you can let your imagination run wild. No matter whether peach, light blue or green – everything is allowed and looks gorgeous.

The new hair trend Opal Hair

Opal Hair Pastel Color Hair Color Hairstyles Ideas Long Bob Fashion Trends

Opal Hair is based on a platinum blonde base color with a mother-of-pearl sheen. Several pastel colors are then drawn through these. This gives the icy blonde its fairytale touch. The hair trend was inspired by the precious opal stone, which is also very fascinating and varied.

For whom is Opal Hair suitable?

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The trend color is particularly suitable for all blondes and the pastel colors are best shown to advantage on platinum blond hair. But also darker blonde tones can be colored in the style, then with slightly darker nuances such as purple or blue. If you are a brunette, however, you have to lighten your hair beforehand, otherwise you will unfortunately not see the beautiful pastel nuances. For coloring, you can use permanent colors as well as permanent tints or hair chalk or sprays for single use. For permanent coloring, we recommend that you visit a good hairdresser!

Opal hair suits all complexions

Opal Hair Hair Color Hairstyles Hair Trends Women Long Hair Pastel Colors

Actually, blonde hair suits every skin tone and color, you just have to find the right shade and undertone for yourself. Of course, this also applies to the new hair trend Opal Hair. Admittedly, the trend looks best on women with an ivory complexion, because this skin color usually has a cool undertone, which looks livelier and fresher due to the pastel colors and the platinum blonde base tone. But women with a medium skin tone can also wear the trendy color very well. For this only the platinum base has to be a little more yellowish. This will keep your complexion from fading too much. It is best to ask your hairdresser which basic tone would suit you and which pastel colors are best combined with them.

 What is Hollywood Opal Hair?

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The hair trend Opal Hair is also often called Hollywood Opal Hair. He got this name because the hair is often styled in the so-called Hollywood waves. Thanks to these glamorous waves, the exciting play of colors really comes into its own and it looks fantastically beautiful. All you need to showcase your new hair color is a curling iron, hairbrush, and hairspray. To achieve this glamorous look, wrap your hair around the curling iron in individual sections about two inches wide. Do it strand by strand and then carefully brush your beautiful curls through with a brush. Put a little hairspray on your hair and you have the Hollywood waves. With this look you are sure to attract all eyes!

Coloring hair in Opal Hair yourself – Instructions and tips!

Opal Hair Fashion Trends Hairstyles Pastel Colors Long Hair Hair Trends

If you want to achieve the new hair trend Opal Hair yourself at home, you should pay attention to a few things. As mentioned earlier, hair color looks best when you have light, platinum blonde hair. If this is not the case, the first thing to do is to bleach your hair. Since bleaching attacks the hair heavily, you should definitely take good care of it! After you have achieved the correct starting color, you can start!

Opal hair fashion trends women hairstyles ideas hair trends pastel colors

  • It is best to prepare different bowls in which you put the different nuances.
  • Put white conditioner in a mixing bowl – It is imperative that the conditioner is white. This will act as the base that you will mix the color with.
  • Add the color – It’s best to start with a small amount and mix the two ingredients well. As a basic rule, it could be said that the color you will see in the bowl is the same shade you would like to have on your hair.
  • Start with that darkest shade at the base. How you apply the colors to your hair afterwards is up to you. Let your imagination run wild and get your dream hair color!
  • While waiting, we recommend that you get one Shower cap to wear. This ensures that the paint does not dry out (which would make it a bit stained). However, the duration of the exposure time is entirely up to you and depends on how intense you want the color to be. However, we would not recommend longer than 45 minutes.

On the fly – Opal Hair until the next hair wash

Opal Hair latest hair trend long hair hairstyles ideas ladies

Summer and spring always mean festival time too! For all of you who spontaneously feel like a small, color change or are not quite sure whether the new hair trend Opal Hair would suit you, the semi-permanent hair colors are ideal. The best thing about it: These are very easy and quick to apply and last until the next hair wash. The many special color sprays that can be found in almost every drugstore are perfect for this and not so complicated to use.

Take care of Opal Hair properly 

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The delicate pastel nuances look really beautiful. In contrast to traditional hair colors such as blonde or brown, however, they fade much faster and therefore require more care. That’s why we have some useful tips for you!

  • Immediately after coloring, a color-fixing shampoo can seal the pigments so that your opal hair stays beautifully radiant for a longer period of time and fades more slowly.
  • Wash your hair with cold water! – Not only is a cold and refreshing shower good for everyone in summer, it also ensures that you can enjoy your beautiful hair color for a long time. In a hot shower, the hair structure opens up and the color pigments are washed out in this way. Cold water, on the other hand, ensures that the structure closes and includes the color.

Gem Roots – The gem-inspired hair trend

Gem Roots Hair Trend Rainbow Hair Hairstyles Ideas Long Hair Fashion Trends

Whether as shimmering make-up, skin care products enriched with crystals or as healing stones in drinking water – gemstones have conquered our world and have been among the hottest fashion trends for years! And now fantastically beautiful gemstone tones from a soft emerald green to powdery rose quartz are also conquering our hair – Gem Roots is the name of the other hair trend that is in the spotlight this year.

Gem Roots Hair Trend Pastel Colors Hair Trends Hairstyles Summer

The person we owe this fresh look to is Chita Beseau, a Las Vegas hairdresser. To do this, she has combined three of the hottest fashion trends in one – rainbow hair, pastel hair colors and the gemstones. Instead of using the entire spectrum of bright rainbow colors, she only used soft pastel nuances such as lavender, baby pink and mint green. The hairstylist also reveals that she applies the colors in a certain way so that they are always visible, no matter how you style the hair. This makes the new hair trend look even more beautiful and unique. Gem roots are perfect for all of you who want to try the muted and mellow pastel trend without having to color your whole head.

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