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Oktoberfest hairstyles: 27 instructions for simple braided hairstyles for a dirndl

Can’t wait for Oktoberfest to come? But so that you can enjoy the party with friends, the right outfit helps. A dirndl and matching shoes, and of course – an original braided hairstyle.

oktoberfest hairstyles fishtail braid idea simply diy

We’ll show you 27 instructions for tasty and sweet Oktoberfest hairstyles, with which you are guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention!

Oktoberfest hairstyles – side bun made of plait

oktoberfest hairstyles braid bun idea elegant diy hair

French braids are some of the simplest and most classic Oktoberfest hairstyles – But what if you first braid two braids on the sides and then attach them to the head with bobby pins / or if you have long hair, you can only braid one braid and then wrap it around your head. A side braid or asymmetrical braid also looks beautiful. Our tip – no matter which variant you choose, the hairstyle will definitely look more attractive if you weave a ribbon into your hair or tie in large flowers. And with the right hairspray, it is guaranteed to sit all evening long. At the end, spray the hair with glitter spray so that the braided hairstyle really comes into its own.

Oktoberfest hairstyles – wreath of braids

Oktoberfest hairstyles plait plait checkered shirt

And if you have medium-length or short hair, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do without a braided hairstyle right away. In this case, there is a very cool trick – small side braid that’s sprayed with paint. By the way, you have many other options – extension, matching hair accessories / for example special hairbands with braids /.

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Wrap braids around your head

oktoberfest hairstyles wreaths of hair ideas braid ladies dirndl

Oktoberfest hairstyles – Finished wreath of hair

oktoberfest hairstyles dirndl look hair wreath forehead

Oktoberfest hairstyles – braids for long hair

Braid flowers in your hair braid ideas makeup

Oktoberfest hairstyles – braids for medium-length and short hair

Braid yourself make a cool idea of ​​long hair extensions

Braided hairstyles for medium length hair

Hairstyles medium length hair braid dirndl ideas pictures

Braid and tie around the head, secure with bobby pins and spray with hairspray

braid updo bobby pins pinning instructions

Attractive braided hairstyle for ombre hair – with photo instructions

Wiesn hairstyles long hair braided hairstyles instructions

Side braid for medium length hair – a few strands of hair accentuate your face

Braided hairstyles side plait casual cool idea Oktoberfest 2014

Long hair – side braids for a romantic look

Hairstyles yourself make ideas long hair

Short and medium length hair – braid herringbone braid

Hairstyles dirndl medium length hair braids braiding instructions

Dirndl Oktoberfest 2014 French braid instructions

If you have a few strands of pink hair, the side braid looks even more attractive

Braided hairstyles Wiesn Oktoberfest instructions photos

And this hairstyle is without a braid but with a tied ribbon

Braid ribbon Oktoberfest Wiesn medium-length hair

Head bobby pins attach to decorate accessories

Braided hairstyle plait long hair nice idea hair accessories

How to make Oktoberfest ideas yourself Instructions 6 steps

beautiful ideas instructions Oktoberfest Wiesn hairstyles long hair

Hairstyles Braid Up Section of Hair Parting Make Updo

Hair braid braid nice design cool idea

Hairstyle Oktoberfest make yourself pictures instructions

Updo ideas hair braid bobby pin

Ideas to put up two side braids of hair pictures

Braid side braid loops tie long hair