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Mushroom head hairstyle: The hairstyle trend of the 70s is celebrating a big comeback!

They are chic, brave, cool and look very self-confident – short hairstyles are one of the biggest hairstyle trends of the year and are more beautiful than ever! Whether a mini bob, buzz cut or a cool pixie cut 2021 – short hair is really fun, can be adapted to every face shape and bring out our facial features wonderfully. The retro fashion from the wild 60s and 70s is back and has taken over our wardrobes. We have good news for all fans of this era! First known as a men’s hairstyle and later celebrated as a symbol for the emancipation of women, the mushroom head hairstyle is still enjoying increasing popularity today and inspires all fashionistas anew. The trendy hairstyle spilled over from the catwalks and numerous fashion designers have turned the retro look into real hype. If you are also toying with the idea of ​​cutting off your hair and wanting an uncomplicated hairstyle, then you are in good hands with the mushroom head hairstyle! In the following we will tell you who the cut suits, how it is styled and the most beautiful looks!

What makes the mushroom head hairstyle?

Zendaya Short Hair Mushroom Head Hairstyle Style

When we think of the mushroom hairstyle, the wild 70s and the famous hairstyles of the band members of the “Beatles” immediately come to mind. The hair on the back of the head and the front was cut the same length and combed straight down – a pretty accurate cut that resembles a mushroom and looks like we’ve put a pot over our head and simply cut it all around with scissors. Although today’s look is also inspired by that time, the mushroom head hairstyle for 2021 is much cooler and more versatile than ever! Whether short, long, elegant, casual, with or without bangs – the variations are endless and there is something for every taste.

Charlise Theron short hair mushroom head hairstyle

The hairstyle trend is ideal for all self-confident women who like things to be uncomplicated and who want to show off their feminine facial features. The short length brings the neck and shoulders into focus and draws attention to the cheekbones, which adds a feminine touch. Numerous beauty influencers and celebrities, including Charlize Theron and Zendaya, proudly wear the mushroom head hairstyle and are clear proof of how stylish and cool short hair can be! In addition, the retro look is perfect for a chic transitional hairstyle. So if you want to grow out your pixie cut again and don’t want to forego style, you are well advised to do so!

How did the trendy short hairstyle come about?

Hairstyles with glasses mushroom head hairstyle trend short hairstyle with bangs

The mushroom head hairstyle was popularized by the band members of the “Beatles” in the 1960s. The then well-known German photographer Jürgen Vollmer first cut the hair of John Lennon and Paul McCartney according to his own example and even in a hotel room in Paris. The look was later worn by all four band members and due to the unusual shape of the hairstyles, the Beatles were called “mushroom heads” in Germany for a long time. A few years later, thanks to a photo of the famous actress Janet Leigh, the men’s hairstyle also became established among women. At the time, short hair was considered brave and cheeky and a symbol of emancipated women who wanted to express their independence. Although today’s variant of the mushroom head hairstyle is interpreted in a more modern way, it is still a homage to the female students who were the first women to penetrate male-dominated courses and professions in the 1960s. So the hairstyle trend not only looks super chic and bold, it also makes a real statement and is perfect for all the power women out there!

Who is the mushroom head hairstyle and how is it styled?

style short hair with bangs mushroom head hairstyle

We have to admit that the mushroom head hairstyle takes a bit of getting used to and takes a lot of courage. The nicest thing, however, is that the variations of the look are very diverse and it can be perfectly adapted to almost any face shape. Whether lightly tiered and loose or accurately cut to one length from the pony to the back of the head – everything is possible! However, the only requirement for the trend hairstyle is straight hair that is not too thin. The mushroom head looks particularly flattering on women with square and oval faces.

Short hairstyle with bangs style mushroom head hairstyle with undercut

The mushroom head also looks good on women who wear glasses and is even more effective with intense hair colors such as pink, green or purple. One of the biggest advantages of the retro cuts is that they are incredibly easy to care for and quick to style. A hair dryer, a round brush and 5 minutes of your time – that’s all you need. Simply pull individual strands through the brush and shape with the heat. Then use some hair gel or wax to achieve a slightly casual, curled-up effect.

These celebrities chose the mushroom head

Celebrities with short hair mushroom head hairstyle

The mushroom hairstyle has been a household name among celebrities and fashion influencers for several years. The top model Naomi Campbell presented the trendy look back in 2007. Rihanna has also rocked the short hairstyle and caused a stir. Charlize Therone and Zendaya also recently cut off their long hair and discovered the mushroom head hairstyle for themselves and they look just fabulous.

Mushroom head hairstyle: An overview of the most beautiful looks for re-styling

Mushroom head hairstyle trend short hair styles hairstyle trends 2021

Opt for a tiered cut to give the retro look a modern upgrade

Mushroom head hairstyle short hairstyles with bangs hairstyle trends spring

Mushroom head hairstyle with undercut looks bold yet very chic

Mushroom head hairstyle styles short hairstyles trends 2021

Blonde highlights add more dimension to the hair

Mushroom Head Hairstyle Trend Bowl Cut Trendy Hairstyles Spring 2021

The mushroom head hairstyle is the new favorite of all self-confident women

Mushroom head hairstyle who suits short hairstyles trends

Rihanna gave the classic touch a rock touch

Rihanna Hairstyles Mushroom Head Hairstyle Celebrities with Short Hair

The mushroom head hairstyle looks surprisingly fashionable and chic

Short hairstyles spring 2021 mushroom head hairstyle style

Bright hair colors instantly take any hairstyle to the next level

Dye Hair Yellow Short Hairstyles Trends 2021 Mushroom Head Hairstyle

Depending on the length, the haircut can be adapted to any face shape

Short hairstyles with undercut mushroom head hairstyle style hairstyle trends 2021

Chic and casual at the same time – no wonder that the mushroom head hairstyle is so popular with the stars

Bowl cut hairstyle trend mushroom head hairstyle