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Modern women’s hairstyles for cap or hat – 20 tips in pictures

Modern women's hairstyles - hats - ear warmer - volume-teasing

Especially in winter you should opt for warmer clothing and accessories. That doesn’t mean to look or chic modern women’s hairstyles to renounce. We provide 20 simple and trendy hairstyles that are easy to imitate and can also be beautifully presented under a hat or cap. Collect new ideas and inspiration from our article!

Modern women’s hairstyles for hats or hats – 20 chic hat hairstyles

Modern women's hairstyles-hat-fedora-bordo-small-pigtails-long-hair

It always looks really nice to have your hair down and put on a chic hat. Bring variety in your look and braid the little pigtails irregularly in your hair and create a fashionable boho chic hairstyle.

Modern women’s hairstyles – cool ideas for beautiful hair under the hat

Modern ladies hairstyles-cap-hat-russian-hat-knot-casual

The Russian fur hat is one of the winter trends of 2016. It often looks very voluminous and dominant. Our tip: let which strands fall around the face and tie the rest of the hair loosely in a low ponytail. As a decorative element, you can tie a knot in the middle of the ponytail.

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Modern women’s hairstyles for different hat types – the classic fedora hat

Modern women's hairstyles - hat-gray-ponytail-neck

Combine the classic fedora hat made of gray wool with stylish side ponytails. For a change, crepe your hair beforehand and tie with a strand of hair to cover up the hair ties.

Youthful look with a pompom cap and loosely knotted pigtails 

Modern women's hairstyles - hat - pompon - fur - casual - pigtails - sideways

The hats with pom-poms made from real fur are the latest in winter 2016. These give a youthful radiance and can be quickly and easily put on the head. With this in mind, you can quickly get two loose pigtails, one on the left and one on the right. For an even more natural appearance, tease some areas and braid the hair irregularly.

* Photos via Harpers Bazaar

French chic with a beret made of pure wool

Modern ladies hairstyles-cap-hat-elegant-beret-beret-french-chic

The French beret is timelessly modern and as a feature of the casual chic with which French women are known worldwide. They sometimes wear these hats to the side and simply tie their hair low at the neck.

The pure elegance with a black and white hat in the style of the 20s


The elegance of the 20s is the symbol of style and femininity. A retro hat from this age can be wonderfully combined with a loose pinned hairstyle and outfit with a classic silhouette.

Chic hat, hair loosely tied at the neck and classic pearls – a timeless look


The hat gives the perfect final touch to the overall appearance and an accessory that looks particularly great when combined well. You can also find matching jewelry that doesn’t look too exciting. In any case, the hair remains either open or styled low on the nape of the neck.

Modern women’s hairstyles for slouch hat – hide hair underneath


The floppy hat was part of the military clothing style in the Drenzigians. Today it is one of the top fashion accessories and can be found in every fashionista’s wardrobe. For French chic, tie your hair and hide it in the hat. This is how the face and the beautiful make-up are presented and not covered under the brim of the hat.

Floppy hat for everyday outfits with a loose braid on the side


The floppy hat and dark sunglasses are great accessories for the sunny days. For casual radiance, tie your hair in a loose braid at the side.

Chic hat for fashionistas – knitted hat with hat net


Chic street style and a cool way of spicing up a hat – with a hat net. This unconventional part should also be found in clothing – extravagant earrings, shoes, prints on tops or trousers would be good options.

Street style and basic cap with a peak to the back and casual open hair


In street style, styles merge and you can basically put anything together and wear it. For the brave personalities with a youthful spirit, this grunge vision is the hammer – cap with the peak to the back, casual, open hair in the “out of bed” style and extravagant earring – nose-ear chain.

Modern women’s hairstyles for cap made of wool inspired by the riding helmet – lower ponytail 


This wool cap, inspired by the riding helmet, claims simpler clothing, similar to that of a jockey. The brightly colored hat attracts attention on the upper body, so do not use bright accents in this area.

Voluminous cap contrasting with the color of the hair with a short haircut


A tip for women with a short haircut – put the accent on your short hair. Choose a hat or cap in a contrasting color and let this be the highlight of your outfit.

Modern women’s hairstyles for hat with a peak – low bun


Stylish and modern women’s hairstyles for hats with a peak are tied low on the neck. You can choose between a ponytail, bun or a casual topknot.

Modern women’s hairstyles for cap or hat – straighten hair, keep it open and show off chic earrings


If you’d rather wear your hair straightened and open, place the highlights on one side behind the ear and leave it open. Present beautiful, original earrings on this ear.

Modern women’s hairstyles with hat and glasses – hair together and casual highlights around the face


If you want to put your hat and glasses together, let some small strands fall freely around your face. This creates a visual frame and the first glance not only falls on the hat, but on the eyes.

* Photos via Pop Sugar

Modern women’s hairstyles for fedora hat – decorative braids with part of the hair


The hat with its wide brim is slightly tilted to the back and gives your vision a Boho Chic note. Casual and modern women’s hairstyles go wonderfully with this overall picture. Braid loose braids on both sides, but not with all of the hair, just a small part of it.

Modern women’s hairstyles for fedora hat – peasant braid

modern-ladies-hairstyles-hat-boho-fedora-black-peasant braid

The peasant braid is a wonderful and romantic alternative for everyday life. Braid a loose one and pin it on the top of the head or on the forehead.

Modern women’s hairstyles for fedora hat – two herringbone braids on the side


The herringbone braid is particularly popular and trendy among younger women. Under the hat, it would look best split in two or on the side.

* Photos via Luxury Hair