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Modern Shaggy Hairstyles – Which One Will Work Best with Your Face Shape?

Shaggy hairstyles are making a comeback right now. As we scroll through our social media feeds, we see more and more women swapping out their blunt cut tiers for a stunning shaggy alternative that adds texture and body to their mane. Would you like to try this hairstyle trend yourself? Then you are exactly right here. We have compiled 12 stylish shaggy hairstyles, along with tips on how to find the haircut that best fits your face shape and styling products to help you achieve the shag look. Whether you have thin or thick, short or long, straight or curly hair, there is a suitable shag hairstyle for you! So read on for inspiration for your next beauty look.

Shaggy hairstyles for round faces

Modern layered cut for long hair with bangs - curtain bangs for a round face

If you have a round face, you can use your hairstyle to visually model the features of your face. Here are two of the best shag cuts for a round face.

1. Wispy praise

Shaggy Long Bob with Pony Curtain Bangs

A medium-length shaggy cut is perfect for you! A lob that is cut longer at the front will help you elongate your face shape and create a slimming effect. Create casual waves with a curling cream. Apply a generous amount to towel-dried hair, comb it and let it air dry.

2. Long Layers – Modern layered cut for long hair

fringed step cut long hair

If you have long hair, opt for a modern tiered cut where the tiers start from the chin. This helps you to visually lengthen your round face and make it appear narrower. Plus, long layers are great for adding movement and dimension to any hairstyle.

Shaggy hairstyles for heart shaped faces

heavily tiered bob with fringed ends and bangs

Do you have a heart-shaped face? Your petite, defined facial features can benefit from the right shaggy cut – and we have two ideas!

3. Bob with bangs

fringed bob with pony for women with high foreheads

Anyone who likes to wear short hair is well advised with a shaggy bob – with bangs, of course. Instead of focusing on the chin, long choppy bangs soften your face and make it look really pretty and flirtatious. This hairstyle also helps make the forehead appear visually smaller and creates a balanced look.

4. Shaggy Pixie Cut

Shaggy Pixie Cut Short Honey Blonde Hair

Would you like to have your hair cut even shorter? Try a shaggy pixie cut that goes wonderfully with a heart-shaped face as it highlights your defined cheekbones. You can also add side bangs and lots of layers to add texture and create a more symmetrical look.

Shaggy short haircut with bangs

Shaggy hairstyles for square faces

Shaggy hairstyle with bangs for square face

If you have a square face, take advantage of your shaggy hairstyle to soften your edgy facial features. If that’s the case, check out the two hairstyles below.

5. Face-framing layers – Medium length hair layered in the front

shaggy tiered cut half-length with bangs

When it comes to angular faces, face framing layers are your best friend. This hairstyle can help soften the jawline and make the face look longer. You can combine the fringed tiered cut with short, medium or long hair. Try adding texture to the hair by applying hair mousse to the damp strands, tousling them, and letting your hair air dry.

6. Long bob with curtain bangs

Long bob with curtain bangs shoulder length hair

For a chic look, opt for a lob with curtain bangs. The front steps make your face appear longer, while the bangs round off your square forehead. Use an anti-frizz serum to keep your hair shiny and supple. Put one or two pumps on your fingertips and run them through your hair before blow-drying.

Shaggy hairstyles for diamond shaped faces

Shag cut for a diamond-shaped face and long hair

A diamond-shaped face is usually characterized by prominent cheekbones that make the forehead and chin appear narrower. Check out these two hairstyles that will complement your facial features beautifully.

7. Shag haircut with center parting and long beach waves

Shag haircut with a center parting and long beach waves

Shaggy long haircuts are super versatile and convey an effortless look. The middle parting helps to visually elongate your face while emphasizing your high cheekbones. This hairstyle allows you to accentuate your edgy facial features with beach waves or defined curls while balancing out a narrow forehead.

8. Short Crop Shag Haircut

Shag cut short with bangs

We love short hairstyles because they are stylish and easy to maintain. And a short haircut with fringed ends looks simply stunning on women with diamond-shaped faces. This look exudes relaxed effortlessness that will earn compliments throughout the day. You can spice up your mane however you want with a temporary hair dye spray. Each shade is formulated to give vibrant color on all hair types without the need for bleach. Plus, it can be washed out with a hair wash, so you can experiment with the color endlessly.

Shaggy hairstyles for rectangular faces

Shaggy cut for curls of medium length hair

Women with a rectangular face shape have longer facial features and usually want to soften the appearance of their sharp jaws and forehead with the right haircut without lengthening the face any further. You can achieve this effect with the following hairstyles.

9. Shag cut with bangs for natural curls

Shag cut with bangs for natural curls

If you have naturally curly hair, you can upgrade your look with an individual step cut and a pony. This hairstyle also looks great if you want to grow out your bangs, which is an added perk. Add some definition to your curls by applying a generous amount of curling cream to damp hair and blow-drying with a diffuser.

10. Shoulder length and tiered with slip bangs

modern shag hairstyle shoulder length hair layered in front

Shoulder-length hair with bangs and layers is ideal for balancing your edgy facial features with a desire for longer hair. Braid your hair overnight, untie the braids in the morning, then spray your roots with a generous amount of hairspray. This adds volume and texture to your hair and creates a loose and casual look.

Shaggy hairstyles for oval faces

modern shag haircut with curtain bangs long bangs

Do you have an oval face shape? You are lucky! Thanks to your symmetrical facial features, you can wear just about any shaggy hairstyle. That’s why they come last in our article. Here are two of our favorite shag haircuts for oval faces.

11. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bog hairstyle with a center parting and fringed ends

To give your face more definition, try a shaggy bob that goes up to the chin. Be sure to emphasize your texture with the help of a pomade (Hair Puty). Rub a small amount of the pomade into your palms and work it into your hair. Then apply more of it as needed. The messy-er, the better!

12. Long haircut with long layers and side bangs

Long haircut with long layers and side bangs

Do you prefer a long hairstyle? Keep your length the same and add depth to your hair with shaggy cut layers. Combine your hairstyle with a side wept bang for a flattering look. For more volume, spray some dry shampoo directly on the roots and knead it gently.