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Medium length hairstyles – trends and inspirations for summer 2015

hairstyles medium long pretty idea middle parting shoulder pretty

One thing is clear about the trend hairstyles for 2015 – they are versatile! Short, very long or the golden mean – chin to shoulder length. This year everything is allowed – elegant and classic, casual, playful, natural or striking. Fashion-conscious women choose a medium length for their hair. the Medium length hairstyles offer a lot – they fit every face shape and can be styled quickly. Anyone looking for a new hairstyle this season will definitely find it.

Medium-length hairstyles – from classically sophisticated to wildly cheeky

hairstyles medium length bob styling hair black

In the summer of 2015, the bob should not be missing from the fashionable hairstyles of medium length. Rather longer, straight cut and smooth is a nifty classic variant that is very suitable for updos and ponytails. This hairstyle is popular for a reason – it is very easy to care for and versatile. The A-line bob with straight or fringed side parts or with an extravagant extra length on the side – the hairstyle is always presented anew. The short bob looks youthful and takes almost no time to style. A pony gives the perfect trend look.

Medium-length hairstyles – high-contrast color tendency

hairstyles medium length copper red curls bangs idea elegant

Medium-length hairstyles offer a multifaceted variety and allow a game with unusual details – colors and lines. The trendy colors for 2015 are set to red and offer plenty of scope for highlights. The so-called ombre look withdraws a little and instead, more natural baby highlights come to the fore, which frame the face and give it a more radiant look. Color accents shouldn’t compete for attention with the haircut. Geometric hairstyles with rather straight lines are suitable for particularly playful details. Dark nuances such as copper, aubergine, merlot, violet or, on the contrary, platinum blonde with silver, pink or rose-gold color accents can be combined with medium hair length.

Hairstyles for medium length hair – 31 styling ideas

Shoulder Length Hairstyles – The perfect length for hair styling

Hairstyles for medium-length hair – styles for autumn

Curly hairstyle

hairstyles medium length curls idea playful look styling women

Modern bob with curls

hairstyles medium length mila kunis bob modern waves middle parting

The styling of medium-length hair is suitable for everyday use and based on individual taste and personality. Whether straight, combed back, curly, wild, with waves, volume or in retro chic does not matter. There are no limits when it comes to wearing hairstyles for a medium length.

Hair in rose gold

Medium-length hairstyles-rose gold-blonde-color-hair-cut-thin

Classically sophisticated bob – long or short

Hairstyles medium-long-bob-brown-glitter-evening-dress-Olivia-Palermo-hair

Natural waves and warm brown tones

Medium-length hairstyles-eva-longoria-straight-waves-brown-dark-black

Natural-looking baby highlights frame the face

Medium-length hairstyles -waves-casual-straehnchen-natural-wild

The ombré hairstyle has been reinterpreted

Medium-length hairstyles -babystraenchen-natural-brown-gold-hilary-swank

The eternal classic long bob

Hairstyles medium-long-blonde-long-bob-red-dress-charlise-theron

Hairstyles medium-long-bob-red-copper-nicole-kidmann-

Medium length hairstyles -camilla-belle-long-bob-black-dress-glitter

Combing hair back and gel is not only for men

Medium-length hairstyles-bob-brown-hair-straight-backwards-geksemmt-gelen-Camilla-Belle

Medium-length hairstyles -new-style-fashion-trend-kim-kardashian-blond-hair

Medium-length hairstyles-to-the-back-gel-comb-style-blond

Medium-length hairstyles -bob-long-smooth-classic-Charlize-Theron-

Chic and feminine – short bob

Medium-length hairstyles -christina-aguilera-bob-smooth-retro-chic-glitter-evening-dress-pink

Youthful casual

Medium-length hairstyles-of course-young-bob-pony-short-brown-karley-closs

With the very charming A-line

Medium-length hairstyles-bob-short-delicate-pointed-keira-knightley

Hairstyles medium-short-bob-blond-straight-straight-Reese-Witherspoon

Medium length hairstyles -Rita-Ora-bob-straight-blond-platinum-white-blazer






The fashionable color palette is rich in contrast – from black to white blonde


Platinum blonde with color accents – rose gold, silver, pink, rose, purple 






Medium-length hairstyles-curly-pointed-red-floral-rihanna


hairstyles-medium-length-rose gold-blond-sienna-miller-boho-wild-casual-hair



Hairstyles medium-blonde-platinum-silver-kim-kardashian-new-hairstyle


The latest hair color trends in 2015 – dark brown to black with shades from copper to eggplant






Retro chic with waves and volumes




Medium-length hairstyles -color-hair-trend-2015-geometric-cut-straight-straight