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Make your own hairstyle for your wedding guest: 20+ dreamy and wonderful looks to re-style!

The wedding season is in full swing! If that sounds familiar to you: at the latest when we receive the wedding invitation, we start to worry about our styling and outfit. After all, as guests we would like to dress up for a festive occasion. Of course we don’t want to steal the show from the bridal couple, but it should still be pretty, chic and appropriate for the occasion. You may not be walking down the aisle, but you will still be seen in many of the photos. And that means your hair game has to be just as strong as your wedding guest outfit. Okay, which hairstyle should you choose as a wedding guest so that you score with simple elegance? Straight, curly, with hair accessories, half-open, or would you prefer an updo – that is the question here. So that you do not spend money on a hairdresser visit, we have made ourselves smart and show you how you can do a hairstyle for a wedding guest yourself!

Half-open hairstyle for wedding guest

Hairstyle wedding guest half open fast hairstyles wedding guest

The good old half-up look – how much we love it! If you want to do your own hairstyle for your wedding guest and want something simple and uncomplicated, then you would be in good hands with half-open hairstyles! Half of the hair is pinned up while the rest of the hair gently falls down. How about, for example, a loose bun on the back of the head and romantic beach waves? Or you can make two small braids and tie them together at the back. With half-up hairstyles there are absolutely no limits to your imagination and the looks work perfectly with both long and short hair. It becomes even more elegant if you enhance the hairstyle with suitable hair accessories.

Make your own hairstyle for a wedding guest: Chignon instructions

Make chignon hairstyle instructions hairstyle wedding guest yourself

The classic chignon is a real eye-catcher with an elegant dress and therefore ideally suited for a refined wedding guest hairstyle for medium-length hair. What many don’t know: the look looks much more complicated than it actually is. With a little practice and our instructions, you will quickly learn how to make a chignon yourself.

Chignon instructions:

  • Brush your hair well and part deeply on the side.
  • Separate the parted area from the rest of the hair and then tie the hair in a low ponytail.
  • Secure the lower half of the ponytail with a small hair elastic.
  • Create a low bun by twisting the ponytail down. Fix with bobby pins.
  • Now take the front hair and wrap it once over the base of the bun. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Set with hairspray and your elegant chignon hairstyle is ready!
  • So that the look does not look so strict, you can easily loosen a few strands along the contours of the face with your fingers.

Updo hairstyles for wedding as a guest: Elegant herringbone braid

Hairstyle wedding guest yourself make simple updos for long hair

Whether guest or bride: braided hairstyles radiate a special romance and are among the most beautiful wedding hairstyles. Whether classics like the French braid, playful side braids or even for short hair – the selection is huge and there is guaranteed to be something for every taste! Need some ideas for chic yet simple hairstyles for wedding guest? Then this elegant herringbone pigtail as an updo is just right for you!

Herringbone Braid Updo Instructions:

  • Make a deep side parting and comb through your hair.
  • In order for the side herringbone braid to look really nice, your hair needs a little volume. You can either use a volume spray or lightly tease hair at the hairline.
  • Now first part the upper section of hair and form two strands of the same size.
  • Divide one strand into two more sections and place the rearmost strand from the bottom to the front strand.
  • Divide the front strand into two parts and place the front strand from below to the back strand. Add another strand from the outside.
  • Continue to braid the herringbone braid in the same pattern and then fix it with a hair elastic.
  • Next, take the remaining hair and twist it into a loose, low bun. Secure with a rubber band.
  • Take the herringbone braid and place it over the bun, secure with bobby pins.
  • Finally, loosen everything slightly with your fingers to give the hairstyle more fullness and fix it with hairspray.

Elegant cord knot bun hairstyle

what hairstyle as a wedding guest simple updos long hair

Ever heard of the cord knot hairstyle? If not, it’s time to change that! The chic updo is one of the most popular hair trends for 2021 and is styled in less than 10 minutes! The perfect choice for everyone who wants to do their own hairstyle for a wedding guest!

Cord Knot Bun Instructions:

  • Start with straight hair and a center part.
  • Tie your hair in a low ponytail as usual, but don’t pull it all the way through – this creates the loop.
  • Now twist the ends of your hair around the ponytail once to cover the elastic band and secure with bobby pins.
  • Set with hairspray and your wedding guest hairstyle for long hair is ready!

Updo hairstyles for wedding guests

Updo hairstyles wedding guest wHairstyle wedding guest make yourself

Beautifully casual, strict or in a boho look – updos come in all imaginable variations and give every outfit a special touch. Especially in summer when we want to keep our hair out of our face, it’s super comfortable to wear.

Wedding guest hairstyle long hair quick updos

You want to do your own hairstyle for your wedding guest, but complicated looks are not for you? The classic bun is not only chic and timeless, but also super easy to imitate and still looks incredibly polished! You can wear it either low on the neck or high on the top of the head and spice it up with a nice hair accessory.

Ponytail hairstyles just always go

Hair towels hairstyles ponytail variants updos for wedding guest

When we talk about simple hairstyles for wedding guests, then of course the classic ponytail must not be forgotten! What is so special about it, you might ask yourself now? Well the truth is that it goes great with all hair lengths, has endless variations and is very easy to style. To do a quick wedding guest hairstyle yourself, all you have to do is tie your hair in a low ponytail low at the nape of the neck. For a more elegant look, we use a hair scarf or a bow instead of a hair tie.

Hair accessories guest wedding which hairstyle as wedding guest trend hairstyles 2021

Are you invited to a beach wedding? Then your hairstyle as a wedding guest can also be a little more casual. Classic, not too formal and yet very chic – the Messy Ponytail is easy to style and the perfect solution for anyone who has little patience or time for their hair. To give the updo a modern touch, put the ponytail in soft waves and top it off with a statement piece of jewelry.

What hair accessories as a guest at a wedding?

Hair accessories guest wedding updos for wedding guests

Yes, you can wear hair accessories as a wedding guest and hair accessories are arguably the easiest way to add a touch of glamor to your hairstyle. For example, the classic bun can be refined in no time with chic brooches and hair clips. For a casual wedding, you can opt for a playful boho look and braid a few flowers in your hair. Bows also exude a romantic feel and have recently become very popular for simple hairstyles for wedding guests. For a harmonious look, it is best to coordinate the hair accessories with the rest of the outfit.

Wear your hair open

easy hairstyles wedding guest gelly bob hairstyle pictures

If you don’t have time for elaborate braids and complicated looks, you can of course wear your hair open. Beautiful and well-groomed hair always looks great. But that’s too boring for you? Here, too, you are welcome to use accessories such as hair clips or headbands to spice up your look a bit. Or how about the elegant and at the same time very simple Gelly Bob hairstyle, which is currently very trendy?

Make your own hairstyle for your wedding guest: the most beautiful looks to re-style!

simple hairstyles for wedding guests short hair hair accessories guest wedding

Bubble braids are among the trending hairstyles for 2021

Bubble Braids Braid Hairstyle Instructions Easy Hairstyles Wedding Guest

The classic Dut as a wedding guest hairstyle for medium-length hair

Bun hairstyle variants of simple updos wedding guest

Simple hairstyles for wedding guests short hair

Hairstyle wedding guest half open short hair style pictures

The half-up is arguably one of the easiest hairstyles for a wedding guest

Hairstyle wedding guest half open fast hairstyles medium length hair

Use hair accessories for an uncomplicated yet very polished look

Hairstyle wedding guest yourself make quick hairstyles for short hair

There are few styles more classic than romantic Hollywood curls

Hair accessories guest wedding simple hairstyles wedding guest long hair

You can’t go wrong with a girly braided hairstyle for a wedding guest

Braided ponytail hairstyle wedding guest make yourself

Open hairstyles also look classy and chic

Hairstyle wedding guest yourself make quick hairstyles for long hair

The low ponytail is the perfect wedding guest hairstyle for long hair

Wedding guest hairstyle long hair ponytail variants

Side braids for pretty and easy hairstyles for wedding guests with short hair

Wedding guest hairstyle medium length hair trend hairstyles 2021

The ponytail works just perfectly even on curly hair

Ponytail variants for curly hair easy hairstyles wedding guest

Make your own hairstyle for your wedding guest: Braids always work!

Wedding guest hairstyle medium length hair braiding hairstyles do it yourself instructions