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Make your own graduation hairstyles – 17 simple ideas with instructions

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Complicated, exaggerated hairstyles are nowhere near the trend. Stylists rely on casual hairstyles and well-groomed, shiny mane that falls as naturally as possible and is not “concreted” with hairspray, as it looks in the 60s. Go for an authentic look too and try some of ours Prom hairstyles times off. We offer an overview of 15 ideas and simple instructions.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – imaginative up-dos

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Up-do is a kind of updo that is very natural and loosely tied. There are no precise rules as to how the hair is set and tied. Hair stylists let their imagination run wild and surprise with intricate but at the same time casual hairstyles that you can also imitate on your own.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – Up-do with braided detailed instructions

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Up-dos are characterized by multiple twisted and rolled strands tied at the back of the head. It is advisable to use bobby pins and hair ties with color close to this from the hair. A natural appearance is sought, which is why it would be confusing if the ‘fasteners’ remain visible.

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Make your own graduation hairstyles – Up-do with twisted and rolled strands

Prom hairstyles-do-it-yourself-instructions-up-do-medium-length-hair

Women all over the world love the uncomplicated updos above all because they are very multifaceted, suitable for every occasion, but also for everyday life and last but not least – are suitable for all hair lengths. Try these three great updos for medium length hair.

Make graduation hairstyles yourself – video instructions

Make your own graduation hairstyles – Princess Up-DoProm hairstyles-do-it-yourself-instructions-princess-up-do-long-hair

Every girl with long hair dreams of a princess hairstyle, why then is there long hair at all? There are numerous ways in which you can style the long mane, there are no limits. It is hardly conceivable that you can make your long hair very successful yourself. Check out the video tutorial!

Make Princess Up-Do yourself – video instructions

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With updos or those with pigtails, it looks particularly pretty when the hair is highlighted. Because we emphasize the specific structure, the braiding art in the hair is really visible and beautiful. One can clearly see the different directions of the rolled and twisted strands with the eye.

Do an updo yourself with the help of several small hair ties


Another advantage of up-dos is that the hairstyle looks naturally voluminous. Our tip: you can of course tease one or the other strand, but don’t overdo it. To fix it, use a spray with an extra glow, otherwise the ’normal’ will make the hair appear rather dull.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – updos with a lot of volume


Accents and hair accessories can be incorporated into the up-dos. Romantic flowers, hairpins with crystals or a hair comb for an exclusive touch give the hairstyle a girlish look and a bit of glamor.

Do your own graduation hairstyles – Up-do on one side with twisted strands for long hair


Up-dos and other updos that are tied low at the nape of the neck or to one side achieve light vintage charm. These look very elegant and go particularly well with the dress with a classic cut and silhouette. A fancy example is presented in the picture above.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – messy French twist for medium-length hair


French twist hairstyles are very modern and up-to-date, especially if they don’t look too ‘neat’. Tease the hair and, when you have twisted it, tie it with bobby pins in the hair color and set with hairspray. Which small strands will add a sweet touch to the look, but too many will make your head appear ‘bushy’.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – for long, curly, wild hair


Long and curly hair can be a real challenge to style. Our tip is to divide the hair into sectors and process it that way. Instead of hairspray or setting hair mousse, use oils for hair that give them shine and elasticity.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – messy bun


Moving on to the ‘messy’ look – tie your hair in a ponytail low at the nape of the neck and tease the top of your head a bit beforehand, then twist the ponytail and wrap a bun. Let which small strand fall freely around your face.

Do your own graduation hairstyles – vintage flair for medium-length hair


Vintage look in the 50s style is particularly suitable for women with medium-length hair. These can be easily styled in waves with large hair rollers. Draw a middle parting and twist the bangs to one side and secure with a bobby pin.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – braid as a headband


Using a braid as a headband is always a good idea for a girly hairstyle. It brings some chic and charm to the peg hairstyle. It looks particularly good that separates the bangs from the rest of the hair and ties them at the same time.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – farmer’s wreath for boho flair

Prom-hairstyles-do-it-yourself-instructions-farmer's wreath-simply-easy-going

The peasant wreath is one of the most popular hairstyles for young women. It provides a fresh boho note in your hair and goes wonderfully with a summer outfit. Natural and unobtrusive, this hairstyle really shows off your pretty face. Rely on natural make-up with highlights.

Make your own graduation hairstyles – a braid in the hair


Braided medium length hair is not an easy thing to do. Usually there is a lack of length and the braids cannot really come into their own. A little trick removes the problem. Part the hair in two and braid two braids that you will ultimately tie in one on the side. The trick is, when you join the two braids, you ‘sew’ them together with a thread.

Do your own graduation hairstyles – messy herringbone braids for long hair


Present your long mane with a ‘messy’ braid on the side and add a hair ornament with crystals for more glamor. Hairstyles tied to one side look best with an outfit with bare shoulders. So we put the beautiful female line of neck and shoulders very discreetly in scene.

Effective hair accessories as an accent for a simple hairstyle

Prom-hairstyles-do-it-yourself-instructions-hair accessories-medium-length hair

You can bring variety to the simple hairstyle if you stick a tasteful hair ornament into your hair. Find a relationship between hair styling and jewelry design.

* The full instructions with videos can be found as follows here and here Find