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Make updos yourself – a casual hair banana type “French Twist”


The French twist has always been a popular choice for a DIY updo for weddings and other formal occasions. This pretty and simple hairstyle can be worn by women of all ages, but the hair needs to be a little longer. Make the hairstyle a little more casual and messy to make it look even better. We women are always a little more concerned when it comes to the right make-up and the right hairstyle. But if we leave the hair with its natural texture and flaunt its imperfections instead of styling it perfectly, we get a natural look and a casual hairstyle that still looks elegant. A guide to Naughty Twist Updos do it yourself can be found below.

Make updos yourself for a wedding

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The casual DIY updo French Twist is a hairstyling that you can go about loosely and with which you will look relaxed, while still allowing you to show your style with perfection at the same time. However, it can be the case that women with monotonous hair do not get perfect styling with this hairstyle. Instead, you can try highlights to make the hairstyle a little more attractive. For the hairstyle, it is an advantage if the hair is straight, but it should not be too soft as this could become an obstacle. Since you want the updo to have a messy look, it is better if the hair has a duller texture. But it should still be manageable.

Updo “French Twist”


To with To start making updos yourself, the first thing you need is a surf spray. The Bumple and Bumple Surf Spray was used for these instructions. After applying the spray, you need to blow dry your hair on cold Sruf. Just finger dry them and then work Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun Finish into your hair to soften the tips. Next up is the slightly more difficult part, which involves teasing the hair into a crown for the DIY updo. Use a comb to start this step and to do this, part the hair a little to one side instead of straight back. Tease the tips of the hair well so that they get a perfect shape. Use your fingers to comb the hair backwards as if you were trying to tie it back in a ponytail. The direction in which you want to twist your hair is entirely up to you. You can either run to the left or to the right. With this updo, the direction to the left is usually chosen and the hairstyle is also designed in this way.

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Now, pick up the ends of the hair in your hand and start twisting them in the direction you want. Once you have finished curling and got to the head, check the shape and crown and if there is anything you don’t like that you want to change. Should you be willing to keep the hairstyle as it is, use bobby pins to secure the twisted portion to the hair on the head. As you pin the bobby pins in place, be careful not to flatten the hair banana. Use enough hairspray so that the updo is well set in this shape. And you’re done with that. The DIY updo isn’t that difficult to do, is it?!

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