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Make highlights yourself – different coloring techniques

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Spice up your natural hair color with highlights! Whether you have opted for thin, fine highlights that have been kissed by the sun or expressive highlights that immediately catch the eye, your hairstyle will take on a whole new dimension and extravagant look. If you have your Make highlights yourself you can choose from various color techniques. You will find out what they are in the following.

Make your own highlights with a comb


In order to color the hair effectively, you can use comb highlights, hood highlights, foil highlights and also the balayage technique, in which the hair is highlighted by hand. The fastest way to conjure up great highlights in your hair is the comb-streak coloring technique. All you need is a color of your choice and a wide-toothed comb. You can also try out the new L’oreal Préférence GLAM LIGHTS including a comb for beautifully defined highlights and highlights. The reviews online are very positive.

Make highlights yourself with foil


The easiest way to do this is with the help of a friend, as working on the back of your head is very difficult. For this you need a comb with a handle, hair clips, aluminum foil or special highlight foil and paint. Watch the video below and follow the steps.

Make highlights yourself with hood


A classic tool for highlights is the well-known hood. It is made of plastic and already provided with holes or holes in which the user himself determines the position of the holes. In addition to the hood, a highlighting needle is also required so that strands of the desired thickness can be pulled out. Once all the strands have been drawn, mix the color and brush the strands with it. Let it take effect and rinse off the hood. This technique works especially well for short hair. Note that when re-dyeing it is often difficult to get hold of the strands that have already been dyed. As a result, the typical highlight effect could eventually disappear.

Make highlights yourself with freehand technique


This special technique can be used to add beautiful accents to your hair, but it is not easy to use. You not only need a practiced hand, but also a dye prepared in a special way, which has to be quite thick. It is enriched with a powder so that it does not run in the hair. This technique is still known as balayage.

Highlights only at the ends of the hairDo-it-yourself-make-blonde-highlights-long-hair

use two or three shades


Highlights for dark hair


fine highlights

Make your own highlights -without-hood-tips of your hair










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