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Make a cute updo yourself with a bun and effect

Natalia Borges updo with a bun -criss-cross-bun

To this cute Updo with bun and make an interesting twist yourself, the first thing you need to do is make an ordinary, classic bun from the top half of your hair. Then divide the lower part of the hair into two parts. Take one part in the opposite direction, wrap it around the bun and pin it in place with bobby pins. Repeat the same with the second part so that it criss-crosses with the first. With that, your updo is done. It is particularly suitable for teenagers who go to a party. You can also decorate the hairstyle with flower clips or other pretty accessories that you can find at home and that go with your dress. Have fun styling and at the party!

Updo with bun – instructions

Updo with bun topknot cross effect

We hope you enjoy trying them out Updo with bun and we would be delighted if you could show us your finished hairstyle. The most beautiful will be added to this article and everyone else will be posted on our page on Facebook.

Natalia Borges’ hairstyle


You can see how you can do this hairstyle yourself in the instructions above. First create the bun hairstyle from the upper hair pieces. Then divide the lower hair in half and work it crosswise into the bun by wrapping the strands around it and fixing them with clips.

Try a topknot on the nape of the neck – tie it loosely and let the strands fall naturally


This idea works in a similar way, only that with the exception of two strands in the fringe area, you are styling the rest of the hair into a bun. Then use the two strands by pinning them back across the hair bun.

Make a loose bun low on the neck yourself – braided element as a highlight


You can use the same strands even more effectively by interlacing them as desired and only then attaching them to the bun hairstyle. The entire hairstyle should be nice and casual. Nonetheless, the idea would also look very chic in the form of a sleek and stricter variant.