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Lunar calendar for hair cutting and grooming – beauty tips

Lunar calendar for hair cutting, grooming, coloring beauty tips

Many people swear by the fact that the moon affects not only the tides, but also everyday things. The supporters of the moon phase theory believe that the moon phase influences their health and beauty and align their beauty and styling procedures with the moon’s course. Do you have your next appointment at the hairdresser? Then you can plan the most favorable days for hair cutting according to the lunar calendar, depending on the effect you want to achieve. The moon also has an effect on hair care and coloring. This is not scientifically proven, but trying it out can’t hurt.

Lunar calendar for cutting and grooming hair: The phases of the moon 

Lunar calendar for hair cutting maintain days zodiac signs

The best time to cut and dye your hair is basically the waxing moon. This is the time between the new moon and the full moon. Men and women with a short, short haircut who would like their hair to grow more slowly should go to the hairdresser when the moon is waning or between full and new moon.

Cutting and grooming hair when the moon is waxing

lunar calendar waxing moon moon phases hair care

When the moon is waxing, the hair grows much faster than during the other phases of the moon. In the period shortly after the new moon and shortly before the full moon, care products such as hair color, tints and hair treatments are better absorbed by the hair. This is the best time for people who want long, thick and healthy hair.

Cutting and grooming hair under the full moon

lunar calendar full moon moon phases hair care

When the moon is full, the haircut ensures strong hair growth. The hair looks healthier and falls better. This is the perfect time for a new haircut and a successful change.

Cutting and grooming hair when the moon is waning

lunar calendar waning moon moon phases tips

In the waning moon phase, the hair grows more slowly, but more densely. If you want to let your hair grow longer, then do not visit your hairdresser during this period. On the other hand, if you want to slow down hair growth, you should make an appointment for hair cutting.

Lunar calendar for hair cutting and grooming: New moon

moon calendar new moon moon phases hair care

During the new moon phase, hair grows back very quickly and the day is the perfect time to trim the long hair.

Lunar calendar for cutting and grooming hair: the zodiac signs

lunar calendar zodiac signs moon phases cycle

In general, you can have your hair cut, dyed and cared for both with the waxing and waning moon. It’s about what effect you want to achieve. In addition, the zodiac sign in which the celestial body is currently standing should also be taken into account. According to the lunar calendar, the ideal time to cut and care for hair is in the zodiac sign Leo or Virgo. Leo days ensure fullness and Virgo for a perfect fit. If you want to improve your hair structure and let your hair grow strong and full, then go to the hairdresser when the moon is in Leo or Virgo. The days in Aries or Sagittarius are particularly good for hair treatments. The care products should be better absorbed by the hair.

The zodiac signs have the best conditions and the strongest effect:

Lunar calendar for hair cutting maintain healthy tips

  • Leo for strong hair and volume
  • Capricorn and Virgo for a good fit and hold – perms, elaborate hairstyles
  • Aquarius for cutting tips on long hair, but then the hair will not grow quickly
  • Pisces and scorpions favor dandruff
  • Cancer makes hair unrestrained
  • Maintain or color hair in Leo, Libra, Aries and Virgo
  • Hair products are not well received in Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio days

Lunar calendar for cutting and grooming hair: an overview of the next 6 months

mondkalendr hair cut dye

If you want to plan your visit to the hairdresser according to the lunar calendar, you can use the following dates for the next 6 months:

October 2017:

Best days: October 1st – 2nd; October 14-16; 23rd – 24th.

Bad days: October 3rd – 4th; October 12-13, October 21-22

November 2017:

Best days: November 10-11; November 19-21; November 29th – 30th

Bad days: November 1st; November 8th – 9th; November 17-18; November 27-28

December 2017:

Best days: December 7th – 8th; December 16-18; December 27-28

Bad days: December 5th – 6th; December 14-15; December 24-26

January 2018:

Best days: 03. -04. January 12th – 14th January; January 22-24; 31 January

Bad days: January 1st – 2nd; January 9-11; January 19-21; January 28-29

February 2018:

Best days: February 1st; February 09-10; February 19-20; February 27-28

Bad days: February 6th – 7th; February 16-17; February 25-26

March 2018:

Best days: March 8th – 9th; March 18-19: March 27-28

Bad days: 05. -06. March; March 15-16; March 24-25

Lunar Calendar for Beauty and Health: Beauty Tips 

lunar calendar hair cut perm days

If you want to wave your hair permanently, set the appointment at the hairdresser according to the lunar calendar. Plan the perm for the days on which the waxing moon is in the sign of Aquarius or Virgo and thus ensure an optimal and durable result. The best dates for the next 3 months are: October 28-30, November 24-26 and December 22-23.

lunar calendar washing hair

Regular hair washing is part of elementary personal hygiene. Many people have irritated scalps, which can usually result in poorly tolerated hair styling products, water that is too hot in the shower or hot air with a blow dryer. While the cancer and fish days are considered unfavorable for general hair care and are better avoided, it is advisable to use a dandruff shampoo on these days.

hair care homemade hair conditioner egg yolk oil

In addition, you can improve the structure of your hair by applying the right care on specific days. Pamper your hair with a hair conditioner on full moon and achieve a fuller and shiny mane. On full moon days, the hair absorbs the care products better and the result is more than convincing. You can also create the perfect hair care yourself. To do this, mix an egg yolk with four tablespoons of jojoba oil from the pharmacy or, optionally, the same amount of olive or coconut oil. Add a few drops of nettle tincture to make the perfect homemade hair treatment. Massage it gently into washed hair on a full moon and leave it on overnight. Rinse the next morning and you’re done. Avoid such nourishing procedures on cancer and fish days, otherwise the hair will be dull and stringy.

lunar calendar hair remove body days

Just as the lunar calendar applies to hair cutting, it also works for unwanted body hair. The best way to remove the hair on the body is in the waning moon phase. Then the hair grows slower and is softer when it comes out. On the other hand, the days of the waxing moon are not suitable for sustainable hair removal. For a better effect, you should also choose a day on which the moon is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn or Taurus. In the next 3 months, the following dates offer the best conditions for long-lasting epilation or shaving: 08.-09. October 26-27 October; November 5th, 22nd – November 23; December 1st – 2nd, December 19th – 21st December 29th – 30th. If the moon is in the zodiac signs Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, then you should postpone hair removal for another day.

moon calendar nail care beauty tips manicure

Regular nail care is part of a well-groomed appearance. You can also do this according to the lunar calendar. The best times are the days when the moon is in Capricorn. In October, November and December 2017, Capricorn days are Thursdays after the new moon.

Lunar calendar Cutting hair care beauty tips

If you believe in the lunar phase theory, you can plan other activities according to the lunar calendar. In addition to beauty and care procedures, visits to the dentist and surgery appointments can be scheduled on a suitable day in the calendar.